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An entrepreneur, sports nutrition specialist, and marketing whiz with a rich professional background, Chris Ashenden currently serves as Business Growth Manager for Athletic Greens and runs the popular fitness website, Born and raised in New Zealand, he grew up traveling around the world with his family and playing rugby, reaching an elite level of the sport. Educated in Sports Science at the University of Auckland, Chris Ashenden went on to launch a highly successful entrepreneurial career after college, with a wide range of achievements as a fitness trainer, nutrition adviser, and personal growth mentor.In 2009, Chris Ashenden joined the team at Human Performance Specialists, where he spent the next year as Director of Marketing for the diversified athletic coaching, testing, nutrition, and training organization. In tandem with his work at Human Performance Specialists, Chris Ashenden began an enduring professional relationship with Athletic Greens, which offers a revolutionary concept in athletic nutrition supplements to consumers in the United States, Canada, and beyond. With the Superfood Cocktail, he and his colleagues at Athletic Greens connect all types and levels of athletes to a vital source of health-, energy-, and immunity-boosting nutrition rich in vitamins, raw superfoods, natural extracts and antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. As an official spokesperson for Athletic Greens, Chris Ashenden makes it his mission to help people everywhere live healthy and fulfilling lives.Most recently, Mr. Ashenden launched, through which he sheds light on common habits that lead to poor health, depression, and financial losses, and he offers proven solutions to break them. To read more about Chris Ashenden and his work, please visit

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Business Growth Manager

Athletic Greens
Sep 2011Present

Oct 2009Dec 2010

Director of Marketing

Human Performance Specialists

Chris Ashenden


Feb 1995Mar 2000


University of Auckland

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