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Chris Michaelides

Software Developer / Technical Project Leader


Innovative technology leader who can translate ideas to action and results. Effective team participant/leader skilled in communicating technical concepts and gaining support for new ideas. Customer advocate recognized for commitment to usability and ability to develop new capabilities from existing technologies. Quick learner eager for new professional challenges.

Ardent believer in the power of technology to communicate ideas and advance human endeavors.

Work experience

Jun 2017Present


Villa LuxL

Located in Mesaria, Santorini Greece, Villa LuxL is housed in an old winery offering traditional apartments and houses. It has been reconstructed in 2016 and features a 170-m² terrace with a pool, while free WiFi and satelite TV is available in all areas. 

Jan 2017June 2017



Online Backup & Antivirus Solution for websites.
Securing the world wide web against malware.

Dec 2014Dec 2016



Klipsam was a startup project aiming to create a web community of users posting, sharing, and storing their online activity through a central hub. It provided revolutionary features, but inadequate investor support has put this project on hold for now.

Jan 2008Sep 2013


AXXIS Internet Solutions

Quickly established AXXIS as a major player in the Joomla world, serving components, applications, and extensions in general, for the world's leading CMS solution.

Providing quality services to customers, such as web-application design and development, SEO solutions, upgrades and customizations, along with our Joomla products, translated in more than $100,000 annual revenues for the company.

Until 2013, AXXIS served more than 40,000 customers worldwide, while the company page got a traffic averaging to 12,000 UNIQUE(24,000 total) visitors, and 1,000,000 page views from around the globe monthly!

Sep 1999Aug 2002

Software Support

Germanos S.A.

Brought on board to strengthen base of technical skills for the company's front-line customer and point-of-sales support, which I was part of.

Developed new training protocol that cut new-hire onboarding time from 3 weeks to 3 days.

About Me

My web developing skills include PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript/AJAX and I have worked on frameworks such as jQuery, phantomJS, Bootstrap, etc.

I founded one of the most successful Joomla 1.5-2.5 extension providing companies worldwide. I have developed various websites and social networks throughout the years of my career. I've also developed an online virus scanner for websites and servers as a SAAS product. I've worked on REST APIs and also developed some from scratch. Right now I'm working on a social network for posting, sharing, and archiving user online activity.

I've been developing on the web since 2007, both on my own projects, as well as for clients. My expertise is social network developing.


Looking for a new challenge!

I am passionate about ideas that change the world, or at least make people's lives a little bit better, and I want to be part of a team where everyone shares the vision and works hard to achieve it. Although I've been successful at both large and small companies, I prefer working within a smaller project team where I have the chance to step outside my designated area of expertise; I don't enjoy a rigid hierarchical structure and like to pitch in wherever I'm needed.

My greatest skill is envisioning "what might be" within the realm of available technology; I understand what's mainstream, what's cutting edge, and what is yet to be perfected, with the result that the vast majority of products I've contributed to have been easy to manufacture and quick to bring to market. I do have strong technology skills and can contribute to the detail work as needed, but I prefer to be in a strategy or leadership role where I am driving the development and not just executing it.

My ideal role would be as a Product Development Manager for a company with a strong technology component. I can lead product teams from concept through design, testing, and product launch, and I am particularly good at motivating my team through sticky challenges, whether technical, financial, business, or interpersonal.

I would anticipate competitive pay based on the value I offer. I enjoy the dynamic environment of a start-up or early-stage company provided there is sufficient upside potential. That doesn't mean I reject job offers from large corporations; especially if they are about a division where I can play a lead role in developing new products that are not only visionary but practical.