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For over 15 years, I’ve delivered award winning operations leadership -- dramatically accelerating income generation while commanding cost savings. I am a local, national, and international industry trailblazer who focuses on the right practices, right people, and right solutions for any client or company need. I am a groundbreaking mastermind in market research and development, project management, and fiscal finesse. I am uniquely qualified to propel every aspect of operations, employee development, and customer care. The secret to my success is diagnosing and discovering core issues and consistently solving the real problems -- accelerating revenue growth of 200% in 12 months for one client alone. I’ve catapulted team sales by over 35% in only 60 days by training personnel to strategically align their efforts to company objectives. I am an executive committed to excellence and will make the necessary call, not the easy one. If you’re ready to rise above your competition and are looking for a powerhouse to take you there, let’s have a conversation about how my talents can help you achieve your goals.


Creative Management and Sales Initiatives

Incomparable Relationship Development

Operations Turnaround and Training Specialist


Key Skills: Charismatic leader, mentor, and collaborator ◆ Natural instincts for income generation ◆ Leverages technology to solve complex problems ◆ Pioneer in model development ◆ Cultivates sales and deliverable systems through team and relationship focused strategies ◆ Impeccable integrity ◆ Dedicated teamwork and communication

Work experience


Business Operations and Sales Coach

■ “Always client first” approach naturally develops rapport and trust.

■ Successfully transformed one company’s operations, causing more business results in six weeks than the previous six years combined.

■ Leverages relationships to open previously unavailable expansion opportunities.

■ Regularly sought out as a consultant or an industry expert to make a profound difference in growth and expansion.


National Account Manager

Grantham University

■ Rescued another agent’s $100K client account through personal and proactive communication.

■ Business Development Manager, Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center, Overland Park, KS, 2009-2011.

■ Designed and executed unique sales processes, closing a previously impossible $250K contract and an unpredictable $1.1M grant.

■ Led sales by over $100,000.

■ Introduced new product offerings to diminish client costs and boost retention, resulting in customer savings of over $350K.

■ Notorious for finding missed market opportunities for explosive development.