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Christiane Broussard


Upper-level Undergraduate student seeking a work study position, focused in one or more of the following areas: native plant propagation, ecological restoration, landscape design and horticulture.

Work experience

Apr 2014Sep 2014

School Garden Educator and Coordinator - Internship

The northwest montessori school
  • Designed and established a wildlife habitat garden in schoolyard using native plants specific to the site's ecosystem and relative location.
  • Developed and taught school garden curriculum to children ages 3-7 years old.
  • Created plant identification signs and points of interest in the garden for children to learn and interact with. 
  • Worked with key members of the organization to carry out desired objectives and learning goals. 
  • Organized garden work days for parent and local volunteers to assist in initial and on-going work and preparation. 

*This internship was chosen by the National Wildlife Federation as an Eco-School's USA case study. Article can be found by following the link below.

Sep 2013Sep 2014

Substitute Teacher

The Northwest montessori school

Worked cohesively with lead teachers and assistant teachers in absence of regularly appointed teachers. 

Sep 2011May 2012

Edible Schoolyard - Volunteer

baltimore montessori public charter school

Worked with faculty and staff to develop an edible schoolyard garden. 


Jan 2014May 2016

Bachelor of Science

The Evergreen state college

Focus in Natural Resource Management and Geographic information Systems (GIS). 

Sep 2006May 2009

Direct Transfer Program, A.A.

Bellevue College

Focus in Environmental Studies and Community Organization.


Jan 2014May 2014

Learning ArcGIS Desktop 10.0


An ArcGIS web course with 8 modules, covering the following topics: Creating map symbology, referencing data to real locations, organizing geographic data, creating and editing data, introduction to GIS analytics, geoprocessing, map creation and design.

Research experience

Undergraduate Research Project - Forest Ecology 

Effects of Light and Temperature on Understory Germination in Temperate Rainforest Canopy Gaps and Closed Canopies.

  • Used data-loggers to record light and temperature in selected canopy gap and enclosed canopy plots in The Evergreen State College Forest Reserve.
  • Transported soil collections from each plot to a controlled greenhouse environment to monitor for understory germination.
  • Surveyed and recorded each plot for understory germination throughout the early spring growing period. 
  • Compared and analyzed each research method, formed a conclusion and wrote a research paper.

Research paper can be found by following the link below:

Skills and Qualifications

  • Environmental education.
  • Surface land mapping (GIS).
  • Native plant restoration methods.
  • Pacific Northwest native plant identification.
  • Land surveying and recording.
  • Pest and disease control.
  • Firm knowledge of soil ecology and composition.
  • Ability to lift over 80lbs.
  • Landscape design (Sketchup) and maintenance.
  • Exceptional organization and communication skills.
  • Work well with teams.
  • Follow instructions carefully and effectively.
  • Passive solar greenhouse design, construction and maintenance.
  • Plant propagation.


  • Paul Przybylowicz 

Faculty, Evergreen State College

Former Professor and Internship Sponsor

(360) 867-6476

  • Barbara Madson 

Director, Northwest Montessori School

(206) 524-4244

  • Lari Johnson

Internship Feild Supervisor

(206) 245-9198