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Cheryl L Bisque

Technology / Operations Executive

Results-oriented leader with 30 years of experience in the engineering, IT, operations, and customer service arenas. History of success in executive management and principal engineering roles. Compelling qualifications in knowledge management and change management. Highly technical with working knowledge of more than 20 operating systems and 25 programming languages. Proven expert in identifying and exploiting cost-reduction opportunities through automation, remote access, etc. Additional core competencies include:

  • People and Project Management
  • Technical Strategy and Architecture
  • IT Operations / IS Operations
  • Software Design and Development
  • Product Development Methodologies
  • Process Improvement
  • Customer Contact Center Operations
  • Web-Based Self-Service
  • eCommerce and Fulfillment / Distribution

Professional Overview

Board Memberships

  • 2016 to Present: Engineering and Computer Science Advisory Boards for Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University (Fort Collins and Pueblo), University of Colorado (Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs), and University of Denver
  • 2016 to Present: Rocky Mountain MESA Board of Directors
  • 2015 to Present: Washington MESA Board of Directors
  • 2014 to Present: Amazon Women in Engineering Executive Board


    • 2015 to Present: Chief Technology Officer for Consumer Electronics
    • 2013 to 2015: Director of Operations Technologies

    CenturyLink (Formerly Qwest)

    • 2010 to 2013: Director of eBusiness Solutions

    Western Union and Corporate Express

    • 2007: Executive Consultant


    • 2005 to Present: President / Chief Executive Officer

    Insight America

    • 2004 to 2005: Chief Information / Technology Officer

    Sun Microsystems

    • 2002 to 2004: Director of Systems Architecture
    • 2000 to 2002: Senior Manager of Intranet Engineering
    • 1999 to 2000: Chief Engineer for the Services CTO
    • 1998 to 1999: Senior Program Manager for Knowledge Management

    Denver Technical College

    • 1996 to 1998: Faculty Member

    Bell Laboratories (AT&T and then Lucent)

    • 1995 to 1998: Technical Manager for Services R&D
    • 1992 to 1995: Member of the Technical Staff for Software
    • 1989 to 1992: Senior Technical Associate for Hardware

    Key Accomplishments

    2015 / 2016

    Built a large product management and engineering organization to own the entire lifecycle of technical programs for Amazon’s $35B Consumer Electronics (CE) business and Amazon's $4B Heavy/Bulky (HB) business, expanding programs to other businesses once proven successful in CE/HB. Ask me for details about major programs.

    2013 / 2014

    Developed a strategic roadmap and built a large engineering organization to implement technical solutions aimed at putting the right people in the right places at the right times to optimize operation of the world’s largest fulfillment network. Solutions included:

    • automated planning and scheduling for hundreds of thousands of associates, avoiding an estimated 135 million dollars annually.
    • performance management software to automatically determine strengths and weaknesses and initiate related actions.
    • systems to engage and motivate fulfillment associates and managers alike via both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

    2010 / 2011 / 2012

    Managed a large organization (up to 275 onshore and 250 offshore resources concurrently) in the design, development, and delivery of CenturyLink's ebusiness and self-service programs, including all customer-facing and sales-force portals, and led CenturyLink's efforts to enhance its online presence by:

    • providing a global perspective of the ebusiness landscape via technical expertise and a personal network of technology leaders.
    • identifying, evaluating, and selecting new and emerging technologies to improve competitiveness and profitability.
    • partnering with other CenturyLink leaders to identify and implement ways in which to increase online revenue.

    2008 / 2009

    Increased ERI profits tenfold by transforming the company from a technology-driven brokerage to also become a major technology provider in the real-estate industry via:

    • automating the retrieval of contact information from numerous sources for 1.5 million US real estate agents.
    • use of the retrieved agent information to advertise and sell property-listing software originally developed only for ERI agents.
    • use of the same information to architect, develop, and advertise a fully-automated nationwide real-estate eflyer web service called MountainBytes and a related ecard web service called StreamingCards.


    Served as a consultant for executives at Western Union and Corporate Express, subsequently leading initiatives to:

    • develop a strategy for Western Union’s Call Center and IT Operations Division, using ITIL standards and enterprise architecture techniques and appropriately reorganizing the 1500 associated resources to effectively achieve the new strategy.
    • identify outsourcing and offshoring opportunities at Western Union and Corporate Express, also selecting appropriate outsourced / offshored resources and managing the transition of work at Corporate Express.
    • manage application development teams (consisting of internal, contract, and offshore resources) for the first project at Corporate Express to use a service-oriented architecture and an agile development methodology.


    Led ERI from the start-up stage to become an extremely successful discount real-estate brokerage in California, Colorado, and Massachusetts (with an annual sales volume in excess of 100 million dollars) by:

    • developing an only-pay-for-what-you-get business model for real estate listings.
    • preparing a technical strategy to enable the business model and directing implementation of the strategy, including development of internet-based and intranet-based automation mechanisms and creation of a small call center in support of the model.
    • obtaining real estate broker licenses in three states in order to manage teams of agents in implementing the model.


    Enabled a 20% increase in profitability in six months at Insight America by (among other things):

    • reorganizing technical resources into R&D, Product Implementation, IT Operations, and Security and Compliance departments.
    • establishing a new RUP-based development methodology, revamping key IT support procedures, and centralizing call centers.
    • stabilizing the product line (which provided web access to public records) to drastically reduce maintenance and support efforts.

    2003 / 2004

    Spearheaded the creation, dissemination, evolvement, and enforcement of the technical vision and architecture for Sun software, server, workstation, storage, and service offerings by:

    • driving the Sun Systems Architecture Council, a team of 30 Vice Presidents and Directors responsible for making executive-level architectural decisions for the entirety of Sun.
    • establishing Architecture Review Committees and managing the activities of eight such groups to ensure architectural reviews by subject-matter experts for all technical projects in given stages of the waterfall-based product life cycle.
    • launching Strategic Working Groups and managing the activities of 19 such groups to ensure forward-looking investigation and policy development by subject-matter experts in critical technical areas for Sun.

    2001 / 2002

    Led Sun in leveraging the intranet as the primary platform for supporting business processes and knowledge management by establishing and managing a mid-sized department to:

    • architect, implement, deploy, maintain, and provide support via a global call center for a business-critical, Livelink-based tool to meet Sun employees' needs for intranet-based document management and collaboration.
    • deploy, maintain, and provide global call center support for the web servers and the general web content architecture required for a stable, navigable, and useful intranet for Sun's Services Division.

    1999 / 2000

    Guided the creation of a compelling technical architecture for Sun's Services Division by:

    • identifying, investigating, and prototyping cutting-edge, service-related technologies (such as CRM, CTI / ACD, email management, remote access, systems management, and web-based live help technologies).
    • architecting, managing, and leading the development of NetConnect, a web-based solution for remote monitoring and management of Sun products that avoided an estimated 50 million dollars in yearly field service costs alone.


    Developed and initiated execution of an extensive strategy for knowledge management in the Services Division by:

    • launching and leading a team of 40 management, engineering, and customer service employees to identify and analyze the needs for call-center-related knowledge management, then developing prioritized plans to meet such needs.
    • architecting and managing / leading the development, deployment, and content teams for a case-based reasoning system that enabled front-line service providers to resolve five percent more issues (saving nearly 23 million dollars annually).

    1995 / 1996 / 1997

    Performed management and lead engineering functions simultaneously for a group in Lucent’s Services R&D Department to architect, develop, deploy, and maintain numerous service-related solutions, including:

    • expert systems to monitor customers' voice and data communications systems remotely and, as possible, resolve system problems automatically, thereby reducing service / call-center costs by an estimated 37 million dollars annually.
    • a knowledge management system with integrated case-based reasoning and electronic documentation components to aid service providers in Lucent’s call centers in resolving issues, saving approximately 14 million dollars annually.
    • a report generation system that automated the previously-manual retrieval of customers' service-related information and the compilation of related reports, reducing costs by more than three million dollars yearly.

    1992 / 1993 / 1994

    Greatly impacted AT&T’s service- and manufacturing-related operations by architecting, developing, and deploying databases, software, etc., including:

    • software to create PDF documents (with linked indexes, etc.) from many other document formats with minimal manual effort, thereby reducing the staff size needed for a service-related electronic documentation effort by 95 percent.
    • a comprehensive database of recommendations for resolving all known types of failures for voice communications systems, along with a web-based interface to allow AT&T’s service providers to search the database via the intranet.
    • a full-featured software package (including a GUI, back-end database, etc.) for managing the inventory of components for Colorado-based manufacturing and many scripts to automate aspects of PROM programming in manufacturing.

    1989 / 1990 / 1991

    Assisted with the design of AT&T communications systems by inspecting new board schematics and developing simulations for circuit packs, as well as installing, configuring, supporting, and providing training on Sun systems, Amdahls, PCs, and software.

    Professional Recognition

    Real-Estate Industry Awards - 2005 to 2008

    • Received numerous industry awards for ERI's top performance in listings, closings, and sales volume.

    Stock Options - 1998 to 2004

    • Received nearly 30,000 stock options during tenure at Sun in recognition of outstanding work.

    President's Award - 1998

    • Received a Lucent President's Award for developing solutions that drastically reduced costs and improved customer service.

    Golden Pyramid Award -1997

    • Received a Bell Labs Golden Pyramid Award for exceptional process and quality improvement contributions.

    Change Leader - 1997

    • Selected to be a Lucent Change Leader in recognition of superb skills for driving and managing change.

    Speed Award - 1996

    • Received a Speed Award for rapidly responding to customer needs on an ongoing basis.

    Great Performance Award - 1996

    • Received a Great Performance Award for achieving outstanding business results.


    University of Colorado - 1992

    • Master of Science, Electrical Engineering
    • GPA:  3.78
    • Thesis:  Design of the Initialization, Failure Detection, Routing, Mutual Exclusion, and Election Algorithms for a Distributed System Configured as a Complete or Incomplete Hypercube

    University of Southern Colorado - 1989

    • Bachelor of Science, Electronic Engineering
    • GPA:  3.72
    • Final Project:  Design of an Educational Game (Winner of a 1989 IEEE National Student Paper Contest and Published by the IEEE)