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Caitlin is a full-stack web developer and data analyst. She is passionate about communicating science and data using interactive graphics and applications. She programs in Ruby, Javascript and R, and has experience using Rails, Node, Sinatra and Shiny Apps. She loves the outdoors, craft food + beer, and jazz.

Work experience

Discourse Media


Independent Contractor

Contributing to a digital journalism project designed to inform the general public about the transit referendum in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Head of the data analysis and visualization team.

Pacific Salmon Commission


Assistant Sampling Coordinator

Temporary full-time position assisting the coordination of in-season sampling of sockeye salmon. Collected biological data and samples at fish plants and onboard test fisheries. Tracked samples and managed their shipment and delivery. Maintained records of sampling activity. Obtained test fishery data and updated Access database with daily catch, bycatch and effort estimates.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada(DFO) and Ocean Health Index


Independent Contractor

Identified the pathways of effects to ecologically valued ecosystem components for the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area(PNCIMA) as part of the Level 1 Risk Assessment for PNCIMA with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Performed a literature review on Index Number Theory, and assessed how this methodology may be applied to ecological indices Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Aggregated a large set of fisheries data as part of the Ocean Health Index measuring the state of the ocean globally.

University of British Columbia, Biodiversity Research Centre


Assistant Program Coordinator

Assistant Program Coordinator Coordinated the Biodiversity Research: Integrated Training and Education Internship Program Facilitated the application process for student and BRITE partner organization internships. Administered clerical services and developed organizational abilities. 


Lighthouse Labs


Web Development Immersive Program

Nine week web development bootcamp

Simon Fraser University


Master of Resource Management

Quantitative fisheries management

University of British Columbia


Bachelor of Science

Mathematics, conservation biology, policy


Caitlin was involved in a data journalism project by Discourse Media called Moving Forward. The project’s objective was to dive deeper into the data surrounding the 2015 transit referendum, and communicate this information to a broad audience through data visualizations, interactive apps and maps,  infographics and written content. The project was a finalist in the 2015 Knight Foundation’s data journalism awards for Best Journalism Website of the Year. The visualizations and apps were embedded in the websites of many media organizations, including The Atlantic, The Vancouver Sun and CTV. The visualizations were produced in Leaflet JS, D3, Highcharts and R. 

Web Dev

Caitlin completed the Web Development Immersive program at Lighthouse Labs, where she improved her programming skills in Ruby, Javascript, Rails, and more. She hopes to use these skills to improve data and science communication.