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Returning to Edmonton at start of 2015.

Shortly after receiving the Bachelor of Commerce in 1999, I moved to Japan. Some of my results in 15 years in Japan…

  • Built a consulting business assisting various domestic companies incl. Toyota, Panasonic, & Mitsubishi
  • After 3 months of part time employment, offered and accepted a position in the Presidents office; annual sales: $300 million USD
  • Built an event series averaging from 50-350 attendees, year 1; 900+ attendees, year 2; 1200+ attendees
  • Planned and grew the social events of the Japan Canada Society, from 2 events to 25 events and from 130 annual attendees to over 850 attendees in two years
  • Conceived of, launched and delivered the Canada Means Business series, from 1 event to 4 seasonal events, 10 attendees to over 250 attendees in two years. 250% growth; 2008-2009
  • Used company products + my own tracking system to prove their efficiency, in 3 months; lost 25lbs in body weight, reduced Body Fat by 38
  • Instituted several company wide improvement projects, i.e. time logs, improving company wide time management
  • Sourced, marketed and retailed Japanese art online and auctions, initial investment of $2000, consolidated final collection valued over $35,000
  • Self-taught myself multiple software applications and all relevant social media applications to obtain a professional understanding of inbound marketing including: twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, blogspot, wordpress, and hootsuite, plus Microsoft Office, Adobe Video authoring CS4, Photoshop CS4

In Japan, you are forced to be independent and flexible, so I created my own success. Accomplishments are satisfying but what is important is the ability to invest in the process and review results for consistent improvement.

Work experience

Sep 2001Feb 2015


True Japan Spirits

Nagoya, Japan

  • Deliver seminars on communication and social skills to small and large groups
  • Hold private consultations with institutional and corporate Directors for communications consulting
  • Manage lead generation, marketing, brand & website development for Japanese companies
  • Assist with trade show preparation, meeting preparation, cross cultural training
  • Contracted Corporate Clients: Toyota, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic, Denso, Japan Foundry Services, Lanchester Management
  • Institutional Clients: Daido Hospital, Iwata Hospital, Chubu Rousai Hospital, City of Nagoya
  • International Sales - True Japan Spirits (USA Sake Project, 2010-2011)        

    • Sourced and prepared eight Sake and Shochu breweries for export to the USA
    • Held formal meetings and negotiations between Japanese breweries and American importer
    • Prepared to launch new exporting business in conjunction with American and German partners
    • Visited and built relationships with several regional producers of hand crafted sake and spirits
Oct 2011Dec 2014


Kakemono Arts

Nagoya, Japan

  • Created new business entity to purchase local art and antique items
  • Art procurement and detailing artist information
  • Selling art to global customers via e-commerce Designed and built company website and all social media channels
  • Utilize social media marketing to penetrate international audience
  • Blog about Japanese culture, business and history to international audience through videos and social media channels
  • Manage all aspects of creating and managing an export business including marketing, procurement, cataloging, online sales, shipping and customer service
Nov 1999Mar 2001

Area Manager

Chuo Publishing

Matsuyama, Japan

  • Solo-Teaching English to over 1000 children (2-15 years old)
  • Promoted to Area Manager two months after hire
  • Managed teachers from various countries across Ehime Prefecture
  • Proposed teaching, sales and administrative improvement ideas in monthly leadership meetings
  • Balanced needs of independent contracted teachers with management objectives

Parks Canada-Bar U Ranch National Historic

Parks Canada-Bar U Ranch National Historic
Site Calgary
Sep 2006Oct 2009

Assistant to Chairman

Oak Lawn Marketing

Nagoya, Japan

  • Coached International Best Practices to Directors and Senior Managers
  • Team Leader; Global Best Practices Division
  • Assisted the President and Chief operating Officer with all Executive level corporate planning plus Annual General Meeting preparation
  • Managed the Asia Committee of the Electronic Retailing Association
  • Acted as liaison to American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) for President and Central Japan Chairman
  • Managed communications for international suppliers doing business with Japan
  • Planned, managed and oversaw all scheduling of President and Chief Operating Office
  • Coordinated negotiations, and meetings with overseas suppliers
  • Planned and participated in Executive Meetings
Apr 2001Mar 2007

Nagoya City Teacher Manager


Nagoya, Japan

  • Conducted communications seminars to elicit English fluency in junior high schools
  • Taught Japanese teachers of English international best practices at teaching English as a Second Language
  • Managed 10 teachers and advised teachers on adjusting to life in Japan
  • Created semester curricula, and summer school programs for teachers
  • Created ‘Guide to living in Nagoya’
  • Taught students about Edmonton/Alberta/Canada culture and family life
  • Have instructed over 10,000 students in Nagoya region
  • Instructed teachers on best practices of teaching English as Second Language
  • Team taught with over 150 Japanese teachers (almost zero English skills)
Sep 1995Jul 1997

Volunteer Coordinator

Heritage Canada - Government of Canada

Longview/Calgary, Alberta

  • Promoted the site at local trade shows including the Calgary Stampede
  • Coordinated events and volunteer work between the Bar U NHS and the Friends of the Bar U Ranch Association
  • Checked, cleaned & Inventoried over 1000 artifacts at Curatorial services
  • Worked on database of artifacts for Parks Canada curatorial services MS Access
  • Created trade show, on site and museum programming for visitors
  • Created and managed the logistics plan for Grand Opening ceremony


Sep 1994Jun 1999


University of Calgary

Graduated; Bachelor of Commerce

Major: Tourism & Hospitality Management - Co-operative Education; 5 year Degree

Minor: Psychology

Coursework: Finance, Accounting, Operations Management, and Economics


Project Management
Have managed several significant projects for medium to large enterprises
Japanese Business and Consumer Culture
Strong understanding of Japanese culture, can advise on several tactics and approaches
Japanese Language
Intermediate level of communications, working on fluency
Social Media Inbound Marketing
Have a strong working knowledge of what it takes to set up and utilize several social media channels
Communications Consulting
Conducted private and group seminar training on best practices within branding, marketing, communications, accounting, and management feilds