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I have enjoyed a spectacular career path with wonderful opportunities. I find myself living in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, Coeur d'Alene, ID. My primary employer, Gonzaga University, affords me many of the benefits and opportunities I have sought. Yet, my position allows me the time and energy to pursue entrepreneurial interests.

My objective is to seek out opportunities to help organizations and individuals achieve their goals and objectives.


Inspired by the field of Sports Medicine as a teenager, I found a unique path in the field which suits my unique capabilities. My science-based education in exercise physiology help me to develop my scientific and creative capabilities. The nature of the scientific process allowed me to develop an understanding of systems.

Work experience

Mar 2001Present

Exercise Physiologist / Strength & Conditioning Coach

Steve Conant

Lifestyle, Prevention, Performance - That is my tagline!  I help individuals, groups and teams to improve their lives through a focus on fitness.

How am I different form the rest of the fitness industry, here are a few striking differences:

  • Education - A Master's degree in the field is a rare, yet necessary baseline for a professional that will serve you as a health and fitness consultant.
  • Athletics - Aside from a being an elite outdoor athlete, I have coached diving, gymnastics and freestyle skiing. This background lends itself to a detailed understanding of the physiological demands of any sport.
  • Delivery - After ten years of experience in the field and my fascination with technology, I have the ability to customize the way I share knowledge with you. I have a solution for you and your group, regardless of your location, facility or socioeconomic background.

Check out my website for more information on how I can help you. 

Sep 2009Present

Specialist & Instructor

Gonzaga University - Department of Human Physiology

Fifteen contact hours each week are spent teaching in the lab setting, The remainder of the time is spent insuring the all of Gonzaga's Human Physiology labs are functioning as safe and productive learning environments. This charge includes but is not limited to procurement, design, installation and maintenance of equipment.  

May 2014Present


Northwest Storytellers

Every company has a story, but now it requires technology to tell your stories effectively and reach your customers. We are information design specialists.

Northwest Storytellers is focused on the fact that a competitive advantage can be maintained by a company through the utilization of pertinent Social Media and Information Technology tools.

Sphyrna.IT allows a company to focus on the core competencies, while the right technology package is designed to improve the way your company interacts with your customers. 

Jan 2011May 2014

Adjunct Instructor

Gonzaga University - School of Business Administration

Developed a course called Social Media & Technology for Business. The class is focused on strategic analysis and implementation of Social Media and Information technology tools allowing a business to maintain a competitive advantage. A decision making paradigm focused on the POST (People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology) analysis, first proposed in the  book Groundswell will be used.

Feb 2006Feb 2010

Regional Chapters Committee Representative - Northwest

Serves as a liason between the northwest regional chapter and the american college of sports medicine.

Feb 2005Feb 2006

Member-at-large - fitness

American College of Sports Medicine - Northwest

Represented the fitness industry for the American College of Sports Medicine - Northwest.


Interpersonal & Communication
Strong troubleshooting and analytical skill
Oracle 11g   Access   Wild Apricot   Excel
Management Information Systems
Conference Planning
Comfortable in developing business relationships. Led sessions to teach others how to improve networking skills. Not intimidated by any social professional event. Greatly enjoys opportunities to network.
Exercise Prescription
Designs effective exercise programs to reduce risk of injury and disease and improve performance.
Metabolic Testing
Proficient using a handful of metabolic systems including Viasys, Parvomedics and Sensormedics. Conducted over 200 metabolic tests. Performed tests in clinical, research and industry settings. Testing experience included diseased individuals to elite athletes.
Advanced Computing
Adapts well to new programs that allow for advanced design, creation and collaboration. (photoshop, joomla, drupal, and  web-based colaborative software)   Familiar with HTML, XHTML and XML code.   Worked with a enterprise solution software start-up in Bozeman.
Basic Computing
Proficient command of basic computing skills including but not limited to word, excel, power point and publisher.


Not seeking degree

Gonzaga University

I am taking one or two classes a semester in classes that strengthen my capabilities in information systems, information technology and computer science. So far I have received completed the following coursework:

BMIS 235 - Management Information Systems

BMIS 331 - Problem solving & Programing Technique

CPCS 441 - Smart Phone App Development

MBUS 626 - MIS Theory & Practice

MBUS 699 - Database 




Mar 2001Present

Health Fitness Specialist

American College of Sports Medicine
Jul 2001Present

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

National Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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