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Work History

January 2020Present

DevOps Engineer

Willis Towers Watson


  • Designed and implemented the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Cluster infrastructure.
  • Automated the helm chart creation and deployment pipeline.
  • Automated the image creation using Packer, Ansible playbook for package installation, and terraform to orchestrate the VM Scale Set for provisioning and image roll-out.
  • Implemented the Infrastructure as a Code of self-service application service provisioning using Terraform.

Technologies used:

  • Azure cloud
  • Terraform, Helm, Ansible, Packer
  • Azure DevOps, Azure App Config, GitHub
  • Bash shell scripting
January 2019December 2019

Platform Engineer III

U.S. Autoparts network inc.


  • Migrated the application services from Kubernetes KUBE-AWS to KOPS.
  • Cost optimization of unused and underutilized cloud resources.
  • Used Jenkins and AWS tools for continuous automated BlueGreen deployment.

Technologies used:

  • AWS cloud, Rancher
  • Kubernetes, Docker, Kops
  • Jenkins, Terraform/CloudFormation
  • Bash shell scripting
October 2012December 2018

Application Development Team Lead

Accenture Philippines

Project: Global SCM (Software Configuration Management)

(February 2013 – February 2018)

Project role:  Software Development Ops Representative


  • Handled maintenance and upgrade of the Client Hosted SCM Tools.
  • Handled support requests from users  of the Client Hosted SCM Tools.
  • Performed validation and testing of the GSCM tool enhancement.
  • Created a utility tools using Shell Script and Python Script for file and database manipulation including automation of manual data processing to generate metrics.
  • Reviewed installed cron jobs before and after the deployment.
  • Handled outage calls and provided documentations detailing changes and resolution made during the incident.
  • Creation of status report and accomplishment report to the management.

Project: CVS to SVN migration

(February 2014 – October 2014)

Project role: Developer, Tester and End-User


  • Development of the CVS to SVN automation migration scripts.
  • Migration of CVS repositories to Subversion. 

Technologies used:

  • Jira, Stash, Bitbucket, Fisheye, Crucible, Jenkins, Maven, SVN
  • UNIX SunOS, HPUX and Linux Platform
  • Shell scripting, Python scripting, Perl scripting
  • MySQL DB, sqlplus, Oracle DB
October 2010May 2012

Junior Software Engineer

Hypercom Asia Ltd. acquired by Verifone

Project: Platform Software Development (October 2010 – May 2012)

Project role:  Platform Developer


  • Company's framework classes bug fixing and enhancement
  • Logging API Library bug fixing/enhancement
  • Migration of framework classes from Nucleus(windows) to POSIX(linux) platform
  • Creation of unit test classes of company's proprietary framework
  • Unit test reviewer – from validation team unit test classes
  • Creation of Interoperability test classes application. 

Technologies used:

  • C++ programming language
  • Scrum/Agile SDLC, Open Suse 11.4 64-bit
  • Putty, Eclipse in linux, SVN, TortoiseSVN
May 2008October 2010

Assistant Research and Development Engineer

Advanced World Solutions Incorporated

Project: Mainframe Assembly to C conversion (May 2010 – July 2010)

Project role: Programmer

Tasks: Unit test plan creation, coding, test plan execution, debugging.

 Technologies used:

  • C programming language
  • Eclipse IDE using CDT plug-in, MinGW compiler


Project: UIv5 Multi-Function Printer Panel Application (June 2009 – April 2010)

Project role:

  • Programmer from June 2009 up to December 2009.

Tasks: Detailed design creation, unit test plan and component test plan creation, coding, unit test and component test execution and debugging.

  • Project sub-leader from January 2010 up to April 2010.

Tasks: Detailed design review, unit test plan and component test plan review, code walkthrough, unit test and component test execution review.

Technologies used:

  • C++ programming language
  • MFC framework, Visual Studio 2006 IDE, CVS

Project: Internal Banking System (May 2008 – August 2008)

Project role:   Programmer (tasks: coding, testing and debugging)

Technologies used:

  • Java, Javascript, SQL
  • WAC’s framework, DB2 database, WebSphere Application Server