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About Me

I love solving problems, no seriously, I love it, almost to the point that it is a problem in my life.  See what I did there? 7 Years ago, while double majoring in Physics and Chinese at the University of Utah, I saw a problem in the smart phone industry. I would see countless people with expensive broken devices but at that time there were no options to repair them. I used my passion for problem solving to start the 1st smart device repair company in Utah. We were recognized by the state as the 2nd Fastest Growing Company in 2012, and formally congratulated by the University President for these achievements. 2 semesters before graduating however, my business had grown so much and so fast, I had to leave school. I recently returned to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Chinese and now am pursuing  an MSIS degree..

I enjoy developing businesses around breakthrough solutions, specifically IT solutions. Over the past 11 years I have solved problems in my own businesses and worked at the executive level of other corporations to assist them in solving theirs. I am a highly intelligent, passionate, creative man. These three traits provide me with the confidence to work on any project, with any team, in any industry. I am looking for opportunities to apply my skill sets in synergy with other like-minded companies, teams, organizations, and individuals.




  • Built a hyper-secure Operating System, HYV OS, that is at the forefront of Blockchain Technology, Distributed Applications (Dapp's) and Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO's)
  • Leased software making company cashflow positive in less than 90 days and with no further obligation to maintain or work on servers or software.
MAY 2015JULY 2016

Chief Information Officer
  • Assembled, trained, and inspired IT team to hit new goals and focus on new objectives which increased online revenues by 145% in the first 3 quarters. 
  • Established stable supply chain by coordinating and communicating clearly and consistently with strategic manufacturing partners in China.
  • Developed management workflow with Lean Six Sigma principles to drastically reducing waste.
  • Created new sales channels using eCommerce platforms to break into new markets.


  • Perform due diligence analysis and recommend investment opportunities to hyvmind team. 
  • Applied understanding of Chinese language and culture to negotiate a $36MM (USD) Chinese trade contract down to $29MM.
  • Expanded project sales channel from $500k to $1.2MM in less than a year by creating marketing strategies that developed brand awareness.
  • Mentored a new entrepreneur on P&L management to slash their expenditures and flip their net income from a loss of ($23k) a year to a net profit of $61k the following year.
JAN 2013APRIL 2015

Chief Technology Officer

Tricked Out Accessories
  • Deployed new eCommerce sites and brands to diversify company revenue streams netting company an additional $2.6MM.
  • Pioneered new industry manufacturing techniques, 
  • Led development of financial forecasts that utilized APIs from multiple platforms to provide aggregated business intelligence.
  • Reduced company shrinkage by 62% by leading the IT team in building specialized in-house inventory software and implementing technology-based safeguards.
AUG 2009DEC 2012


Fix A Phone
  • Founded and managed the first stores in Utah that specialized in the repair of mobile devices. Oversaw all aspects of the business.
  • Recruited skilled employees and provided coaching and opportunities for long term advancement. 
  • Managed P&L to plan a successful organic growth strategy without taking on any debt. 
  • Expanded to 23 stores and were acquired on January 1st, 2013. Coordinated integration and merger operations. 
  • Named 2nd Fastest Growing and Most Profitable Utah Business by Utah Business Magazine in 2012. 
AUG 2006NOV 2007

IT Engineer, Web Designer, & Developer
  • Recruited, managed, and motivated a dynamic team to rapidly resolve critical bugs.
  • Maintained accounting software and servers. 
  • Performed penetration tests to analyze security in company networks and business processes.


IT, UX, & Analytics

4+ years of data analysis and design on a range of platforms. Comfortable coding in VBA/Advanced Excel and C/C++, and with a general familiarity of MEAN Stack Development. Skilled at working with business intelligence and accounting softwares/API's to turn data feeds into critical information. Proficient at data mining and creating algorithms that analyze raw data in order to find trends and opportunities. Creative at combining a variety of modern IT and statistics techniques to build complex process models in order to compile information for intelligent decision making. Prolific in developing strong digital security business practices. 

Sales & Marketing

6+ years of experience in implementing successful sales strategies and motivating highly galvanized teams to produce significant bottom-line results in retail, distribution, and eCommerce channels. Distinguished background in recruiting and developing “A Players” to drive revenue. Efficient at designing and executing effective sales strategies to optimize market opportunities. Experienced in developing new brand awareness and increasing existing brand image by creating aesthetic visuals that attract and acquire more customers.

Business Strategy

Innovative, profit-oriented entrepreneur with proven success in revenue generation, capturing market share, and achieving cost reductions. Adept at analyzing the competitive landscape, conducting research and attaining continual profits through focused workflow, staffing and process analyses. Exemplary change agent with the ability to analyze issues, devise improvements and incorporate new process initiatives to streamline operations and decrease expenses with limited resources.  Consistently identifies and accelerates strategic measures to strengthen performance with sustained results. 

Management & Leadership

Expertise in leading and building cohesive cross functional teams and collaborating with senior executives in implementing corporate policies. Skilled public speaker and presenter. Can quickly motivate team members by aligning vision and goals. Recognized for talents in providing corporate vision by communicating complex information clearly. Have worked closely with a variety of owners/executives to achieve operational optimization across diverse industries in both national and international operations. 


Chinese (Mandarin) 中文

Professional Proficiency

Fluent in speaking and listening. Moderate proficiency in reading and writing. 6+ years managing importation and manufacturing in China. Skilled at navigating the cultural gap while working with Chinese employees/partners.



Master of Science in Information Systems

University of Utah

Chinese, B.A.

University of Utah

Studied the history, development, and modern uses of the Chinese (Mandarin) language. Focused on language applications in business environments. Thorough understanding of Chinese business customs, contracts, expectations, laws, and regulations.