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I am a results driven, passionate and experienced professional with a history of consistent accomplishments in diverse, competitive markets.

I own a proven record of strong sales management abilities in leading FMCG companies , with a solution oriented mindset, strong analytical skills and a pragmatic approach to priorities and resource management.

I have proven abilities to build strong business relationships (internal and external), to influence and drive decisions with a focus on achieving results and creatively creating value.

My strong interpersonal skills got tested in multi-cultural environment, delivering results while working cross-functionally in 7 countries.

I consider to posses a fully commercial DNA, enriched (due to specific of last position) with additional expertise related to Supply Chain, Customer Logistics, Business Planning, Advanced Financials and S&OP.

Work experience

Jul 2014Jan 2017

E2020 Commercial Regional Coordinator

Coca-Cola Hellenic

Key Responsibilities:

  • "Internal consultant" role with the mission to improve performance in 7 countries ( AT, HU, CZ, SK, CH, IT, RO) across all commercial areas (Key Accounts Mgmt, Field Sales Mgmt, In-Store Execution, Customer Care Centers, Wholesalers Mgmt, Route to Market, Commercial Assets Mgmt, etc)
  • My role is to produce an impact:
    • long term - improve countries commercial capabilities to deliver healthy and sustainable  growth and to ensure long term competitive advantage
    • short/medium term - drive positive impact on financials and other critical business KBI's
  • End-to-end cross-functional involvement within countries to improve performance , from diagnose phase to delivery :
    • identify process/capability gaps 
    • develop  the "picture of success" and the joint action plans to reach it
    • co-ordinate the needed cross-functional local and corporate resources
    • set the right routines to efficiently track, follow-up and deliver results
    • involve in targeted development of  skills and capabilities of countries commercial teams
  • Deploy and support implementation of standardized solutions related to key commercial processes within countries

Key Achievements:

  • Lead the way to full Certification (improve KBI's, adjust processes and structures, implement new tools) for Czech&Slovakia, Hungary and Italy for Execution Excellence, JVC and Commercial Policy.
  • Successfully managed (as a project owner) the roll-out of XTel implementation across all countries (KA Mgmt Tool - the biggest IT tool to implement across CCH since SAP)
  • Contributed to development (as RO was a pilot) of the new Group Commercial Policy (complete redesign of the commercial trade spend matrix- from trade terms to promo spend) . Also in charge with roll-out and certification across the region

Jan 2013Jun 2014

Key Accounts Group Team Leader (Carrefour, Metro, Selgros, Mega Image)

Coca-Cola Hellenic Romania

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead a team of 3 Key Account Managers (2 Seniors)
  • Develop the channels strategy and customers strategy with their roles within their respective channels
  • Develop the investments plan to successfully address customer needs, fit consumer profile and shopping habits, while fulfilling company "picture of success" for the channel
  • Responsible for delivering above and below the line targets with the customers
  • Responsible for negotiations strategy / collaboration frame with all customers
  • Advocate internally / externally to provide needed resources for the KAM's to deliver results

Key Achievements:

  • Full turn-around of customer profitability of major KA customer (from 7 figure negative to 6 figure positive) while gaining market share within customer and strengthening long term partnership
  • Developed campaign idea for Carrefour Romania that won the First Prize in Carrefour Global Meeting Bruxelles 2014, to later be adopted by Coca-Cola Company and rolled-out globally in 2015
  • Over-delivered main KBI's with all customers
  • Developed and implemented disruptive customer-tailored projects (e.g. Beverage World in Carrefour, Coke&Meal platform in Mega Image etc) that enabled reaching all-time highest market shares in CRF (SSD's, Juices), Mega Image (SSD's, Icetea, Juice) and Metro (SSD's, Juice)

Jan 2012Dec 2012

Senior Key Account Manager

Heineken Romania

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop the strategy to win with my customers (Carrefour, Billa, Cora, Mega Image, Kaufland) and build the plans to reach the business objectives with them
  • Identify opportunities and get cross-functional support to adress them
  • Deliver yearly volume and profit targets
  • Build easily executable plans for the field sales team to implement

Key Achievements:

  • Deliver most targets with all customers
  • Created new way of working with field sales team that proved to be more efficient

Jan 2010Dec 2011

Field Sales Manager South Romania

Procter&Gamble Romania

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage the field operations (IKA's) for South Romania (aprox 45% of the business) with a team of 5 Key Account Managers and 100+ merchandisers
  • Staff, train and motivate the team to deliver monthly/yearly business objectives (quantitatively and qualitatively)
  • Help the team deliver daily best in class implementation of company in-store strategy: not only execute centrally agreed initiatives but also go beyond that and create extra value at store level

Key Achievements:

  • Developed 3 direct reports to get promoted (still strong assets in the company at the moment)
  • More than 2,000,000 Euro worth of displays obtained free of charge at store level during FY10-11 (biggest ever in Romania, record still standing)
  • Developed and implemented a tool (Store JBP) to help KAM's during daily job and prepare them for next assignment (with great results)

Jan 2007Dec 2009

Unit Manager - Account Handler (Carrefour & Billa)

Procter & Gamble Romania

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage the Beauty part of the business with the 2 national retailers
  • Classic Key Account Management responsibilities

Key Achievements:

  • Won 2008 "Sorin Mustatea Award " - highest P&G Balkans distinction, awarded annually for the most important business contribution in the Balkans
  • Over-delivered the internal objectives for both customers in all fiscal years
  • Delivered agreed customer targets for 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • Developed and managed implementation of several major initiatives that brought disproportionate results and received Global recognition (Fusion Launch in Carrefour, Olay Launch in Carrefour, Beauty World in Carrefour)
  • Consistently grew Market Share in 6 out of 8 categories with Carrefour , with outstanding results in Shampoos and Male Grooming

Jun 2005Dec 2006

Key Account Manager (Sales Executive) NW Romania

Procter & Gamble Romania



Facultatea de Informatica

Universitatea Bucuresti

Personal & Hobbies

I am married, with no kids. We have 3 dogs (1 Labrador + 2 rescued stray dogs)  and 2 cats happily living together :)

  • Football - my lifelong passion. I enjoy watching, playing and also coaching (I coach P&G Female football team - amateur level, of course)
  • Tennis, Hiking, Running - plenty of sports, in general. And nature
  • Traveling - I enjoy going off the beaten track to capture the real flavors
  • Fishing - my personal carp record is a 12.5 kg. I hope I will update this soon  :)
  • Self Development - I know, such a cliche for a CV... Well, it really is an important part of who I am so I will have to mention it.