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Making the jump from mining to my hobby and passion of programming was an easy decision. I am now a  junior developer looking for a team to learn and grow with. Logical, step by step thinker, who loves a clean minimalist UI . Familiar with object oriented languages and TDD. Enjoys learning new stacks, programming languages, frameworks and new technologies across the board. Builds incrementally and takes a make it work first approach, also strive to write easy to read code. 


Forum where voters can ask questions to their politicians based on their location and  have discussions amongst themselves in different forum threads.

  • Freelance project
  • The Docs ( built with slate )
  • View the front end  that consumes the API
  • Built a RESTful API using JWT's for authentication.
  • Used Node, Express, Mongo and RethinkDB for realtime queries.
  • Parsed large CSV files to add to Rethink and Mongo.
  • Provided API docs for any future participants to the project.
  • Implemented Angular boilerplate, for the front-end team.


  • View the code
  • Worked in a group of 3 to create a web application to find current wait times of restaurants nearby.
  • Sinatra for the back end.
  • Designed and implemented relational database with Active Record as a ORM and a PostgresSQL Database.
  • Implemented Google Maps JavaScript API,  Google Maps Static image API for better UX.
  • Used Google Places API to feed information to our database.
  • Helped troubleshoot and debug front-end to back-end communications.


Freelance Project

A site where you can find and view someone picks on any given sporting event. You can choose to subscribe to a handicapper for more detailed information on picks, subscriptions or packages.

My Responsibilities:

Building a front end to consume the API, using React.js along with Redux to manage state.
Setting up Node/Express.js servers to comunicate with Varnish.

PodCastAddict (React Version)

I re made a old project that was built with Jquery to see the differences between React and Jquery. I use this site every weekend to check up on new podcasts! In this project I used React, Redux, React-router, redux-react-router, redux-sagas and material-ui. 


A dynamic quiz widget.

  • Freelance Project
  • Check out out on CodePen
  • Takes in JSON to generate a quiz
  • Built to work on a site on ( a CMS )
  • Used Jquery to dynamically create elements
  • Used Bootstrap for basic styling


  • View The Code
  • Using phaser library for an engine
  • Node.js, and Express.js.
  • Using for chat and Player Vs Player.

Punch Drunk Allies

  • View the code
  • One page app built for client.
  • Materialize for the front end.
  • Node.js and Express for the back.
  • Ajax used to populate the episode field.


  • View the code
  • App that presents you with top 100 podcasts and lets you search for specific results.
  • Completely front end, JavaScript and Jquery.
  • Itunes search API.
  • Ajax for updating the content.
  • Dynamic one page app.

Express-RESTAPI-Bable Generator

I made this script to quickly scaffold RESTfull API's using. I'm planning to make it into a npm package or a yo generator script. Stay tuned !


Feb 2016Apr 2016

Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs

Full-time immersive.

Jun 2015Jul 2015

Intro To programming in Java

Athabasca Open University

Part-time course, online.

Work experience

Aug 2016 Present

Freelance Web Developer

Self employed
May 2016Aug 2016

Web Developer


Help implement a RESTfull API using Node, Koa, and couchDB. Used React and React native along with D3.js to build a admin dashboard for the web and IOS respectively. Helped migrate app from a Parse server to the newly created Koa based server. Small team of developers, worked closely with IOS team during integration. Implemented fan out algorithm that allowed me to bring SQS, couchDB and Redis together and quickly update users of an update.

Mar 2012Jan 2016

Heavy Equipment Operator (Jackpine Mine)


Working closely with geology, maintenance and mine planner teams to to ensure proper elevations were being kept on dumps and shovel pits. In constant communication with team leaders to formulate plans for the days scheduled tasks. Main responsibilities included managing a slop dump, by coordinating haul truck operators to proper destinations and maintaining dump area. 

Jun 2011Mar 2012

Shipper Receiver


Assisted with organizing and receiving of orders in the Gescan warehouse.  Main responsibilities included  operating forklift, managing inventory and helping contractors find a suitable product for the job at hand.

Jun 2007May 2011

Line Cook


Working with a team to prepare food on time, in a fast passed environment. My duties included food prep, inventory ordering and of course cooking.