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It’s an exciting time to be a developer!  With the emergence of the cloud, we have a new set of tools at our disposal to build loosely-coupled, highly-available, scalable applications.  I have over 15 years of experience as a key player in early-stage through late-round startups.  I’ve built everything from Windows services to an Ad API that can handle 10,000 requests per second per node.  This experience allows me to architect solutions to complex problems with the right set of technologies.  I can’t wait to see what problem I’ll be solving tomorrow!

Work experience



Escalante Cloud, LLC
  • Built BETA's (eVTOL) cloud infrastructure following Amazon's well architected framework. 
  • Architected and developed an event-driven cloud-native solution for a real-estate SaaS to handle lead routing and 3rd party integrations.

Cloud Architect

Data Innovations
  • Led cloud initiative to migrate to AWS.
  • Develop Infrastructure As Code (IaC) pipelines using AWS CDK and Serverless Framework.

Solutions Architect - Twilio Flex

  • Managed migration of 300-agent contact center from Genesys to Twilio Flex.
  • Designed and developed Perficient's Twilio Recording Manager which pushes call recordings to customer managed storage for compliance requirements at a significant reduction in cost. (Twilio Functions, AWS Lambda, S3, DynamoDB).
  • Designed and developed custom Twilio Flex solutions for clients that integrate with AWS to provide outbound appointment reminders, collapsed IVRs and detailed DNIS info (Twilio Functions, AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, DynamoDB).

Software Architect

  • Designed and implemented Virtual Private Cloud on AWS for migration of legacy applications(VPC, Site to Site VPN, OpenVPN, Security Groups, Subnets, Routing Tables, EC2, RDS, S3,Storage Gateway, AWS Lambda).
  • Rapid prototyping for sales/demo purposes.
  • Designed and developed multi-tenant VueJS application with a blend of new and legacy APIs(AWS Lambda, API Gateway, .NET, NodeJS, VueJS).
Mar 2016Oct 2017

Software Architect - DevOps

  • Lead Architect on DevOps Team
  • Designed and Developed Azure ARM Templates for automated deployment of SiteCore to dev, test and production environments
  • Developed 'serverless' content server solution leveraging Azure to replace inefficient/expensive legacy solution
  • SME for Cloud (Azure and AWS)
Jul 2014Mar 2016

Senior Software Engineer

  • Led migration of complex multi-tier application from Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Implemented auto-scaling data collection API on AWS with a 2,000%+ increase in performance at a nearly 20x reduction in cost over the legacy application. (EC2, ELB, Nginx, Go, Linux, SQS)
  • Architected Elastic Map Reduce solution to replace multi-server C# / SQL Server hourly aggregation process. (EMR, S3)
  • Implemented deploy/rollback and graceful shutdown processes on EC2 (EC2, S3, Python).
  • Created RedShift Data Warehouse with hourly data loads to provide near real-time Business Intelligence. (RedShift, S3, Node, SNS).
Jul 2012Jul 2014

Software Architect - Measurement

  • Designed and implemented enterprise-wide tag management solution on six multi-tenant SaaS applications. (Google Tag Manager).

  • Designed and implemented cookie matching solution for connecting 3rd party advertising platforms with internal data warehouse. (C#, ASP.Net)

  • Dev assistance for ad campaigns including ad fraud (bot) mitigation.

  • Performed extensive audit and revision of Google Analytics implementation including update to Universal Analytics to support cross-device measurement.

  • Led internal Web Analytics team.

  • Architected internal analytics reporting dashboards.

Oct 2011Jul 2012

Web Architect Developer

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  • Performed extensive technical site audit of eCommerce platform and implemented several recommendations.
  • Led selection process for tag management solution.
Dec 2004Oct 2011

Senior Software Engineer

  • Conceived and built a new customer acquisition channel - a store landing page SEO platform which has generated a substantial number of new customer acquisitions. (ASP.NET C#, MVC)

  • Tech lead for social grocery platform built on Windows Azure (MVC3, Azure Table Storage, SQL Azure).

  • Designed and led development of consumer packaged good product and recipe landing page site to drive net new customers. (ASP.NET C#, MVC, SQL Server).

  • Managed and developed brand loyalty site for the largest grocery retailer cooperative in the United States. This required tight integration with client's SOAP APIs to serialize and deserialize business objects (ASP.NET C#, SOAP, SQL Server 2000).

  • Overhauled client facing reporting system. Converted outdated excel email reports generated by T-SQL to reporting dashboard built on SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).



AWS Certified Developer - Associate


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate




B.S., Management Information Systems

University of Vermont