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Dana Cleveland

Software Engineer III


    I am a seasoned developer, System Administrator, and Engineer with passion, dedication, and the heart of maverick. I strive to provide the foundation and infrastructure that empowers teams to do their work better.  I am constantly learning  through iterative development and architectural collaboration.

    Work experience

    Software Engineer III

    Principal Financial Group

    Technology Strategy

    • Collaborates with Information Security and Business Unit IT teams to help drive initiates for better security and management of our “Cloud footprint" across the organization. 
    • Maintains in-house tooling to perform an inventory of resources in each cloud instance.
    • Provides consulting and SWAT Team services to Business Unit IT to improve existing processes and develop manageable automation.
    • Experiments with emerging technologies new to the company and provides evidentiary results and recommendations

    System Administration

    • Manages provisioning and basic access for cloud instances, including AWS, Azure, GCP.
    • Provides foundational/baseline guardrails such as security, access, audit enabled by default for each cloud instance through a set of pipelines using a combination of Terraform, Python and other scripting technologies.

    IT Analyst - Lead

    Principal Financial Group

    Technology Strategy

    • Provided crucial input to teams across the organization as we developed strategies for use of Drupal, PHP, Ruby, Docker, Azure, and AWS.
    • Crafted a rollout and maintenance strategy for Unix based tools supported by a centralized department and used by developers across the entire organization which resulted in increased manageability and improved uptime. 

    Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

    • Subject Matter Expert for Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Fisheye/Crucible tools, including troubleshooting failed builds, consulting on build configuration, managing agent capabilities, and general developer support.
    • Worked closely with architects to help shape tactical and strategic plans for CI/CD adoption.

    Multi-Platform Developer

    • Developed add-ons used across the Atlassian ecosystem as well as plugins for Maven, Sonar, and Jenkins including:
      • Kerberos based SSO capabilities with and without Crowd
      • In-house deployment solutions for automated builds, 
      • Automatic archiving of repositories before deletion. 
    • Created, maintained a preventive control service (Change Management) integrated into production deployment pipelines, still in place after 15 years.
    • Created, maintained and modernized a pre-Ajax, fully responsive, cross-browser compatible front-end for Mainframe impact analysis tool, replacing the Windows based client.  Saving the company $500K annually. Key functionality included:
      • Impact Analysis using an expandable relationship tree.
      • Web-based comparison tool for source code.
      • Version restore from backup to the mainframe. 

    System Administration

    • Maintain servers for the entire Atlassian ecosystem on premise(Data Center), including installation, upgrades, and capacity planning.
    • Administer 80+ Unix and 10 Windows servers to support 10,000+ globally distributed users.
    • Support infrastructure for tools such as Nexus Pro, Jenkins, ClearCase, Subversion, and Sapiens Decision.
    • Administrator and developer of a mainframe focused fully distributed IDE and project lifecycle system called Maestro II supported by an OODBMS running on AIX supporting 1000 users.

    Freelance Software Developer


    Hobby company writing useful and entertaining mobile applications including:

    • Cover Your Assets - Bitbucket Server (Data Center) plugin which gives a Project Admin a quick and hassle free option to recover a deleted repository. Listed on Atlassian Marketplace. 
    • EngineerBuddy – Pipe and PipeLT that assists civic engineers with pipe flow calculations released on both Apple and Google Stores.

    “20+ years of experience developing, supporting and administering tooling for development teams across seven business units in a globally distributed Fortune 500 company.”


    Bachelor of Science: Computer Science

    Minnesota State University (Mankato)

    Minor in Electronic Engineering Techology

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