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I am a passionate and enthusiastic individual striving to succeed in everything I do and continuously challenge myself on a daily basis. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to become the best at everything I set my mind to, ensuring that I put 100% in every task. Once I had left college, I was granted a place within a well-respected university within the UK, however, I chose to go straight into sales as I thought this would be the type of environment I would thrive in as I relish competition. I have been working within sales since the age of 18 and at 19 I decided that recruitment is the field of work I could excel in and become number 1. I take pride in the work that I do and thoroughly enjoy new business and business development where I can build and maintain relationships with clients and candidates.

Work experience

November 2017 present

Director | Software & Mobile Engineering Recruitment

Intelletec LLC (Los Angeles, USA)

I am currently the Director of Intelletec in the United States based in Los Angeles, California. 

I am hands-on with billing and management, running the entire US operation from scheduling and conducting interviews to onboarding and management. I have been top biller for the past 3 years and specialize within business development having brought on over 50 clients to date within mobile and software across the US.

Billings to date: $1,540,000

JULY 2016October 2017

Career Break (Travelling)

Starting in Italy and then moving onto Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Phillipines, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, USA & finishing up in Scotland.

FEBRUARY 2013July 2016

Principal | Team Lead - Mobile Engineering Recruitment

Gravitas Recruitment Group (London, England)


I previously worked within the Digital division of Gravitas. I was the most Senior Recruitment Consultant within Gravitas internationally outside of management. I was  working on a Principal Recruitment Consultant structure and I was an acting Team Lead Consultant. My job as a Principal | Team Lead Recruitment Consultant in the managerial sense entails mentioning junior recruitment consultants and running training sessions once a week from ‘How to bring in new business – Client Pitching’ to ‘360: The full life-cycle of recruitment’ and organising meet-ups/events in various cities in Europe.

Recruiting-wise, I was targeted to place a certain amount of developers within a month/quarter and the amount of clients I bring in for my team and the London office.

I started at Gravitas as a Junior Recruitment Consultant working within web development (HTML5, CSS & Javascript). I was promoted within 3 months breaking the record for the quickest sign off to Recruitment Consultant. I was awarded ‘Rookie of the week’ 9 out 10 weeks. I worked within this market for 11 months where I billed £97,000, I was given the opportunity to work within the mobile division and head up the android permanent team.

I am a big fan of technology and an Android user so I jumped at the chance and started hosting only mobile events, which was a great success and lead me to be the sponsor to some of the most well-known technology events in London such as Droidcon & Digital Dumbo. I have now been working in the Android market for two years and I have placed over 50 Android Developers and made Gravitas in excess of £500,000.

August 2014, I was promoted to Senior Recruitment Consultant and I targeted myself to be promoted to the next level in under a year having a target of £200,000 billing, I was voted MVP 5 out of 11 months and as a result promoted to Principal | Team Lead Recruitment Consultant.

Feb 2013July 2016

Events Organiser

Gravitas Recruitment Group (London, England)

When I started at Gravitas, it became obvious to me very quickly that job ads don’t work effectively when searching for the best talent in the industry and face-to-face meetings were always preferable and undeniably strengthens relationships and commitment.

My colleagues and I sat down and spoke about the best way to source candidates for our clients and we noticed that every week developers attended talks/events that were of interest to them so we started to attend these until we were recognisable faces within the community, however, we did not push the developers to leave their jobs, we wanted to become embedded within the community and be a recognisable faces so developers would approach us.

We then started to host our own events, inviting developers that we have found jobs in the past and it proved to be really successful as we made it quite fun by paying for drinks and food, the first event had 15 attendees. We continued to host the events and by the 3rd event, we had 100 developers/designers which due interest from clients and event organisers in London due to the events, I started working with Novoda exclusively an Android-only software house and went on to sponsor Digital Dumbo, Droidcon & Mobile World Congress. I recently went to Barcelona, Bucharest, Prague and Budapest to host Digital Gravitas events and sponsor Droidcon. I also became the first recruiter within the UK to sponsor Droidcon, London.

I personally hosted and organised the last 2 events in which I signed terms and secured roles for team Digital as well as having 2 different clients sponsor.

Clients that I have sponsored events alongside include: Kweekweek, ASOS, Silicon Milkroundabout & We Work.

This was not actually part of my job requirement, however, I thought it would be an effective way to build a brand around my business to ensure the company would stand out amongst the competition.

Feb 2012Feb 2013

Lettings Negotiator

Ashtons (London, England)

This was my first job within sales where I gained high communication and negotiating skills. I developed skills on how to negotiate using the property as a focal point. My daily responsibilities included developing an understanding of customer requirements, negotiating under pressure and creating a successful outcome for both the customer and my company. Through training, telephone experience and face-to-face interactions, I successfully learnt to qualify clients.

My punctuality was vital. This was shown as I met various clients on a daily basis along with scheduled conferences calls. Working within property required me in having to be on the telephone for long period of time throughout the day qualifying and selling to clients as well as conducting various viewings during working hours and outside of working hours, both of these aspects of my job I relished as I enjoy speaking to new clients and meeting new people.

My key responsibilities and achievements whilst working at Ashtons included; Arranging as well as conducting viewings for rental properties. Covering highly desirable areas in North West London including; Primrose Hill, Marylebone, Hampstead, St Johns Wood, & Mayfair. Prices ranged from £600 per week to £2,000 per week.

Constant relationship development with clients ensuring I kept regular contact before and after renting a property. Dealing with every aspect of the property, from arranging viewings, to calculating commission rates and recording statistics on databases. Writing contracts, offer letters, breakdown of costs and obtaining references and payments.

My trainee cycle was terminated after one month as I demonstrated my knowledge and understanding of the industry. I became top biller in my office soon after and maintained throughout, I achieved this by securing deals on a regular basis and hitting monthly targets set by my employers.


Sep 2009Jul 2012


West Herts College (London, England)

Business BTEC National Extended Diploma: Distinction, Distinction, Merit

Business National Diploma Level 2: Merit

ICT Functional Skills Qualification

English & Maths Key Skills

Business BTEC First Diploma: Merit

Sep 2005Jun 2009


JFS (London, England)

English Literature
English Language
Religious Studies
Physical Education


    • UK: Top new business consultant of 2015 - £300,000 (Third year in recruitment).
    • 36 deals in 12 months (2015).
    • Averaging 3 deals per month at £8,300 with a monthly billing of £24,900.
    • Top new business consultant of 2014 – £202,950 (Second year in recruitment).
    • Quickest ‘pulled and placed deal'.
    • Quickest lunch club.
    • Quickest promotion to full consultant, senior consultant & principal and the youngest person to do all three at every stage.
    • Rookie of the week 9/10 weeks & Rookie of the month 3/4.
    • Voted Gravitas MVP award 14 times, which is their highest-ranking award split internationally between 5 offices.
    • 29 deals in 12 months (2014).
    • Consultant to have agreed terms with the most new clients in London from start-ups to corporations.
    • Hosted 7 digital events in London each having circa 100 developers & designers.
    • Hosted/sponsored events in Bucharest, Romania – Barcelona, Spain – London, England – Budapest, Hungary.
    • Helping other consultants within the business by passing over a requirement or a candidate, which made Gravitas £207,000.
    • 17 deals in 4 months (5/4/5/3) in 2 company holidays being hit.


I have been collecting recommendations from clients and candidates since I joined recruitment to ensure I stand out from the 'typical recruiter'.  Currently over 150 recommendations can be viewed on my LinkedIn profile. I have listed a few below.

CEO (Client)

"Daniel was arguably the best recruiter we have worked with. His attention to detail and understanding of our objectives was brilliant. Fundamentally, the quality of candidate he sent through was unparalleled to any other recruiters.

We will definitely use Daniel again and couldn't recommend him more"

Managing Director (Client)

"Daniel helped us place a few excellent people at Touchnote. He's timely, effective at sourcing candidates, and communicates effectively with our hiring team.
They say that 90% of recruiters give the other 10% a bad reputation. Daniel is definitely a 10%-er."

Internal Recruiter (Client)

"Daniel has always gone out of his way to understand our needs. Having worked with him in my previous company also, I can confidently say that he always provides candidates of the highest quality which have resulted in several hires. Would certainly recommend to anyone on the lookout for Android Developers!"

Developer (Candidate)

"Daniel has exceptional talent. He is a perfect example of the skills and professionalism a recruiter should have. His combination of integrity, passion and connections are rare which make him a unique asset.

He's a win win situation"

interests & hobbies

I am an avid football fan and a strong believer that Arsenal, truly are; the best team in the world. 

During my spare time, I enjoy learning about certain topics that spark my interest due to this, I can spend hours watching documentaries on the environment, technology and historic world events.

Personally, I enjoy reading books that are relevant to my life and can help me succeed in what I want to do. They include: The Secrets of Closing the Sale, How to Win Friends and Influence People & The Definitive Book of Body Language.