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Daniel Penny

Hard Working & Extremely Motivated

  • Houston - Texas
  • 713-855-9725

Work experience

Mechanic & Owner

Bavarian Race Werks

BMW Service and Performance, bolt on upgrades and ECU tunes. Supercharger and single turbo build specialist.

A/V Tech

Houston Audio/Video Innovations

Audio/Video Design & Installation - Commercial and residential automation system design and programming. Multi-zone audio/video project planning and integration. 

Sales & Marketing

Sprint Auto

Walkin Sales & Finance, Internet & Social Media Sales, Service & Detailing


Manheim auto auction

Auto Tech

Ron Craft Chevrolet

Auto Service & Oil Lube


Automotive Pro-Tech

OSU Okmulgee

Automotive Technician

San Jacinto College


The Woodlands High School

A Glimpse at My Work Ethics

Personal Style - Daniel is an adaptable realist, relying on what he sees, hears and knows for himself. He expects his goals to be attained, and he wants to be recognized for his own accomplishments. Daniel is seen by others as pragmatic, dependable and able to get things done. He is a good initiator of new projects.

Articulate and thinking, he tends to be matter-of-fact and practical. He likes a fast pace and is adept at using functional devices and procedures. He likes to make sure that he knows what is going on and tries to make sure that everyone is pulling their weight. He is usually neat , tidy and orderly, both at work and at home, He relates to, remembers and builds on positive experiences. Although he has a tendency to undertake too much, somehow everything get done on time.

Once a desired objective is fixed in his mind, he moves into action without procrastinating. People with whom Daniel works are aware of his excellent organizational qualities and commercial aptitude. He works to see ideas and systems translated into realities. He constructs a code of rules embodying his own judgement about the world. He then acts upon the basis of his judgment. He is often successful in improving efficiency and reducing time wasting in others.

Whenever he is asked to assume responsibility, his desire for control leads him to say "Yes". By slowing down occasionally he is more able to gather relevant data and consider both practical and personal ramifications of his actions. He tends to be disinterested in subjects for which he see not practical application.

As he lives by a rather strict set of rules he may expect other to do so as well. He is usually less interested in new principles and theories than new projects and processes. He dislikes confusion, inefficiency, half measures and anything he sees as aimless or ineffective. He is a disciplinarian who can be tough when the situation calls for it. Both alert and outspoken, Daniel can see the fatal flaw in a proposal or position. He often pushed others as hard as he pushes himself and tends to be a challenging adversary. He likes to have control of most situations and can speak out clearly and forcibly when he sees the need to do so.

Interacting with Others - Seen by most as being outgoing, flexible and fearless, Daniel can rise to meet any challenge. Daniel is alert to changing situations and will act quickly to get results, giving direction or instructions to others as he thinks necessary. Daniel can turn his talents to many jobs, but finds more satisfaction from work that allows him to use his creativity and interpersonal skills. His communication style is honest, direct and to the point and he prefers other to be similarly candid with him. Daniel's work style is down-to earth, assertive and persuasive.

Decision Making - Daniel is willing to admit the truth about people or things that are important to him, is very alert to problems, and seeks to find solutions himself. He would often rather make an decision than no decision at all. He see himself as realistic, practical and matter-of-fact, he is adaptable but constantly needs to get results. "Do it now" is his motto. Daniel can usually get to the heart of any situation and implement an effective solution. Daniel's tendency to think "out loud" enables other to follow his line of thinking.

Key Strengths
• Values truth and high ideals.
• Readily accepts authority.
• Articulate and competitive self starter.
• Enthusiastic leader - drives for results.
• Good situation analysis.
• Ingenious thinker with great ability in long range planning.
• Assertive, strong communicator who thinks on his feet.
• Displays certainty and self-confidence.
• Embraces changes readily.
• Runs a "tight ship".

Value to the Team
• Daniel is always ready to offer service to colleagues.
• Will never be influenced by emotions alone.
• Can be relied upon to pull more than his weight.
• Tackles problem solving in a systematic way.
• Is unlikely to get side tracked by peripheral items.
• Can negotiate practical solutions.
• Provides an anchor to reality.
• Challenges existing methods if he feel they are inadequate.
• Considers the practicalities of any issue.
• Always delivers on time.