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Olulade Danisa

Control System Engineer


    • A competent professional with 14 years of experience (including 10 years of experience in Oil and Gas industry) in Instrumentation & Control, Process Enhancement, Reliability Assurance and Commissioning Activities
    • Verifiable experience in driving the successful rollout of plant operations with accountability of defining scope, analyzing requirements, prioritizing tasks, identifying dependencies and evaluating risks & issues as per safety norms
    • Implementing maintenance schedules for plant machinery, conducting periodic checks and handling technical documentation for the same
    • Displayed prowess in installing and configuring new field devices, clearing errors and enhancing device performance in case of degradation
    • Acknowledged for steering efforts in reflecting true design intent by performing in-house modification of the Yokogawa DCS
    • Proficient in performing reviews of the project documents including manuals and function block diagrams, loop diagrams and PEFS, PFS and PEUFS
    • An out-of-box thinker with proven track record of establishing processes, streamlining workflow and creating work environment to enhance productivity 

    Work History

    System Engineer

    2014 -08till present
    Shell Petroleum Development Company

    Process Automation, Control and Optimization

    • Provides support for Controls systems engineering activities in Bonny Oil and Gas terminal
    • Planned and corrective maintenance of the DCS system,
    • Maintenance of the safeguarding PLC system. Yokogawa ProSafe PLC and Prosafe SLS
    • Installation and configuration of new field devices
    • Troubleshooting of existing devices. Clearing of errors and monitoring of the device performance in case of degradation
    • Initiates and enforce change control to ensure the engineering practices are in compliance with the Shell’s Design and Engineering Practice.(DEP)
    • Liaised with process operations team to identified areas where improvements could be made.
    • Daily carrying out of Routine checks around the Installation
    • Carrying out of Preventive maintenance
    • Develop and review Maintenance Job routines
    • New system upgrade scoping and development of Basis for design
    • Development of Functional specification for new projects and upgrades
    • In-House modification of the Yokogawa DCS to reflect true design intent.
    • Troubleshooting of the Yokogawa ExaQuantum system to communicate with the subsystems
    • OPC communication protocol configuration and troubleshooting
    • Managing various changes in the plant according to the Management of change process (MOC)
    • Upgrade of old Fuel gas plant system from traditional 4-20mA to the Foundation Fieldbus (FF) system and integrating same in to the existing Yokogawa DCS.
    • Troubleshooting and maintenance of the Hitachi Gas Turbine control system Mark VI.
    • Alarms Rationalization implementation in Bonny terminal to reduce alarm count from over 10000 alarms per day to 2 to 3 alarms per day per console
    • Maintenance of Bentley Nevada Vibration monitoring system (SYSTEM 1) server
    • Maintenance of Siemens Gas compressors with CCC controller and SMAR Control system
    • Troubleshooting of the MULCOM and the whole Prosafe SIS system
    • Troubleshooting of the Profibus system to correct communication between the Electrical system
    • Contributes to building a positive team spirit; Able to build morale and group commitments to goals and objectives; Supports everyone's efforts to succeed.
    • Ensure General Compliance to HSE policy and procedures.
    • Conducting of preventive maintenance programs and keeping maintenance records.


    Technical Custodian of Instruments

    2008 -062014 -08
    Shell Petroleum Development Company
    • Control and verify the status of Maintenance Overrides and Inhibits on the system. Ensure that the recording systems are in place and will stand audit.
    • Control the access to all the PSC and other computer systems.
    • Control the back-up set of system databases and configuration.
    • Supervise and guide vendor support, facilitate and provide assistance for all related computer systems.
    • Responsible for the monitoring of the spare parts inventory against an agreed list.
    • Communicate to and instruct operators and other relevant parties about changes in the systems and their impact on systems operations.
    • Responsible for the integrity and safe operation of the integrated Production Safety Control System and all PLC systems
    • Produce training packages and deliver training to operators  on all PSC  systems.
    • Participate in Asset-team improvement groups as and when required.
    • Review, analysis and closeout reports on all PSCS related shutdowns and repetitive breakdowns.

    Maintenance and Reliability Technician

    Shell Petroleum Development Company

    Work experience

    • Troubleshooting and maintenance of field instruments
    • Execution of maintenance plan as generated my SAP
    • Raising of Notification and Completing of work orders according to SAP system
    • Reading and interpretation of Instrument loop drawings , Process and Engineering flow scheme and Process and Engineering and Utility Flow Scheme
    • Condition based monitoring of the plant equipment and units
    • Troubleshooting and maintenance of Solar Gas turbines
    • Troubleshooting of maintenance Hitachi Gas turbine
    • Troubleshooting and maintenance of the Burner management system (BMS) with Allen Bradley PLC
    • Troubleshooting and maintenance of The Khrone Oil Metering system
    • Troubleshooting of various level transmitters from manufacturers like Khrone(BM 100), Yokogawa (EJA 110), Rosemount etc, Endress+Hauser
    • Troubleshooting of various Flow transmitters from manufacturers like Khrone(Ultrasonic Meters), Yokogawa (EJX, EJA), Rosemount 3051S, GE Ultrasonic meters
    • Tank Gauging system maintenance
    • Test electrical and electronic equipment and components for continuity, current, voltage and Resistance
    • Troubleshoot, maintain and repair industrial, electrical and electronic control systems and other related device.
    • Best understanding of a permit to work (PTW) system
    • Ensure Good housekeeping and proper communications.


    Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning (PC&C)

    2006 -062007 -02
    Shell Petroleum Development Company
    • Provided Pre-commissioning checklist for the project
    • Checked field instruments and wiring according to the project design documents
    • Identified problems during pre-commissioning phase and addressed the problems through punchlisting
    • Commissioned the project Unit by unit till the whole terminal was commissioned
    • Commissioning of the Yokogawa DCS in phases which enable the old and the new terminal to co-exist during the process of handover 

    OR&A (Operations Readiness and Assurance):

    2005 -122006 -06
    Shell Petroleum Development Company

    Project Bonny Terminal Integrated Project (BTIP)

    • Provided Quality assurance monitoring for the BTIP project which was an upgrade of the old Shell Nigerian Oil terminal to Foundation Fieldbus DCS system.
    • Worked with the project team to deliver quality project
    • Reviewed the Project documents including Manuals and function block diagrams , Loop diagrams and PEFS, PFS and PEUFS
    • Identified the punch list items and ensure they are closed out before commissioning

    System Administrator

    Chellarams Nigeria Limited

    System Administrator: responsible for mail server and web gateway maintenance, ensured all the client computers are up and running with the latest patch.

    QA/QC Inspector

    2000 -032001 -03
    Promasidor Nigeria Limited

    Quality assurance inspector on the produced goods, to ensure all production meets acceptable standards and minimize returned goods from distributors


    Chigozie Nwajiuba discipline lead Instrumentation and controls Shell Nigeria



    Olibale Samson: Terminal Installation Manager, Bonny Terminal

    Shell Nigeria