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Work experience

Mar 2016Present

Director of Influence

MSMU - MainStream Media Unplugged
Darren's role at MSMU is to drive influence and downloads. His responsibility is to cultivate authentic relationships, run campaigns on multiple social platforms, engage with traditional media, share show timing and consistently organize events.
Apr 2015Present

Founder, Merchandising Director

In 2015, as the self-balancing scooter became known as the first generation "hoverboard", Darren quickly designed and built an online hoverboard dealership, by himself. The first of its kind, Hüüvr has set out to serve the public with top quality robotic transportation including design, parts & service. Living the brand everyday and personally training over 1,000 people (between the ages of 6 to 86), Darren believes in the robotic transportation revolution that has begun. Hüüvr puts its customers first. As a result, the website attracts top tier buyers in North America, everyday. Darren's responsibilities include online merchandising, shipping and design. He also oversees a small team of customer service reps and can often be seen servicing hoverboards himself. Sharing the wealth, Darren sometimes works with his mother and 6 year old daughter who can be seen installing batteries and hovering on the socially integrated website, The site did so well in its first 6 months, its already started selling related products like hot sauce, bags and socks. What's the common factor amongst all these items? They are all family products. Darren has already set an audacious goal of one hoverboard in every household. 2016 looks even more promising with new models, colors and styles of hoverboards and robotic bikes.
Jan 2010Present

Mobile Marketing Director

IMC Indusblue
Mobile apps, interaction and memorable user experiences make for higher than usual engagement. Brands must create catalysts to participation in activities that are familiar to their intended audience. Location and targeted behavior are becoming more important to advertisers everyday. My job, is to make sure our digital and mobile platforms deliver way past a brands campaign to create meaningful relationships that convert to happy customers.
Oct 2012Present

Advertising & Merchandise Director

Gorgeous Gangsters
Gorgeous Gangsters is a branding and marketing agency that happens to have one of the most famous clothing brands in American culture. With a growing fan base around a brand that came from Hozea Massiah's simple but ingenious realization that people are addicted to things. Giving the lifestyle brand the name, Drügs, with the acronym, Do Right Ü Gain Success, has garnered the attention of major artists, athletes and heavy influencers in the entertainment industry. On Instagram, where pictures and video are posted over 1,000 times per second, Drügs lives vicariously through Hozea Massiah and our team of gorgeous gangsters who can be seen through various parts of the process of the company's multiple production cycles. This includes picking up raw materials, creating campaigns on the fly, printing, pressing, sowing, packing, shipping, shooting, editing, writing and a whole lot of travel via planes, trains and auto mobiles. Customers feel a very strong connection to the brand and have a sense of pride for two reasons; 1) because they have a piece that nobody else has 2) a sense of being part of a revolution where to do right is to gain success Drügs is not available in stores, except: Land of Flyy, Atlanta, GA Unik Style, Washington DC All Season Sneaker, Charlotte
Dec 2014Present

Happiness Officer & Partner

Comic Flix
It's simple. The mission is to create comics from your favorite movies, TV shows and music videos. We're helping independent writers and producers have an alternative medium to engage with their fans. Ever wanted to remember that one liner from a show, or wondered what your favorite movie scene might look like as a comic? Comic Flix is an entertainment company built to promote reading and literacy through comics. I'm motivated by innovative ways to tell stories. Everyday.
Jun 2014Present

Road Manager to Hozea Massiah

Gorgeous Gangsters
Being on the road, you have to have morals, values and principles. You have to value time - Your own as well as the team you represent. My responsibilities include being the liaison between vendors, artists, concert promoters, models, photographers, video and production teams, corporate executives and attorneys. Paperwork makes the paper work. Relationships are everything and your word is all you have. Being handy with an iPhone to record all my adventures is fun. Look for @everydaydarren on Instagram
Jan 2012Present


Swagg News International
Swagg News is a monthly news publication that covers fashion and entertainment. Physically distributed in LA, Atlanta, Miami, New York and Toronto, Swagg News is also available on the iTunes AppStore. Download all the issues. Visit for everyday updates. Streets Will Always Get Gwop. The only thing high-end is the lifestyle. Gorgeous Gangsters is the clothing line. D.R.Ü.G.S Do. Right. U. Gain. Success.
Oct 2002Present

Co-Founder & President

Indusblue Inc.
Darren Pereira is Director, New Business Development with Indusblue, the Toronto-based interactive advertising agency he co-founded with his brother, Dayton in 2002. Darren’s role is to find the leading brands that will benefit from Indusblue’s unique talent for inventing, producing and executing powerful and persuasive online strategies and stunning creative. Darren was born in India, educated in Dubai and India and holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. In 2006, Darren found another outlet for his entrepreneurial desires and launched Smoke & Mirrors, his own hip-hop recording label, which has gained a following in Toronto and the US.