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A Rackspace Cabling specialist with a  desire to incorporate the physical side of SAN/dSAN infrastructure, by learning to support their logical counterparts. 

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Cabling Specialist

Rackspace inc

Manage/trouble shoot infrastructure and custom cabling for Customer/Internal enviornments, DC floor and DC facility.  This includes planning new networks/enviornments, working with 3rd party vendors to install new infrastructure, and decomissioning these cables/infrastructure after churn, migration or EOL

Document, update and maintain training and Wiki documentation pertaining to fiber optic/copper testing, leased line (3rd party dedicated line) deployments, SAN/dSAN deployments and TOR/aggr deployments.  

Manage and maintain all SAN infrastructure (zone and aggr panels) as well as frequent manaual port audits of all shared switching directors using SAN Tracker. 

Maintain and expand exisiting fiber optic and copper infrastructure throughout the facility and DC floor. 

Ensure all DC/Facility cabling meets or exceeds current BICSI, NEC, TIA and Rackspace standards, codes and best practices.

Currently spear-heading a project to allow DC Inventory teams to terminate and certify all custom lengths of fiber in house. This will remove contractor lead times reducing cost and unecessary delays to sensitive customer deployments. 


Jul 2005Aug 2008

Support Manager

Ze-Net inc.

Manage helpdesk and field service technitions. Including interviewing, hiring and scheduling. 

Design, manage & support hotel in room Internet connection, infastructure & gateway servers on site and over the phone.


Currently studying EMC ISM v3


BISCI Technition LVL1&2, Fiber optic
May 2001

L.D. Bell High Shool.