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Accomplished academic leader with a distinguished business creation and corporate management track record. Demonstrates a robust blend of advanced education and impact research skills. Proven expertise in dynamic leadership roles, university-level instruction, and engaging public speaking. Highly skilled in fostering innovation and translating academic theories into practical business solutions.


Jan 2023Present

Director, Center of Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Africa Business School
  • Established and led the Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CEIE) at the Africa Business School (ABS), positioning it as a premier knowledge hub and a pioneer of best practices in innovation and entrepreneurship within the institution.
  • Oversees the growth and development of the CEIE, ensuring its alignment with the institution's strategic goals and objectives.
  • Leads recruitment efforts for increasing ABS innovation and entrepreneurship expertise, including permanent and affiliate faculty, center staff, and domain expertise in green/renewable energies, digital transformation, agri-business, social innovation, and industry 4.0/5.0.
  • Drives academic education and comprehensive training programs, equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Conducts multidisciplinary research initiatives that address key challenges and opportunities in the Moroccan and broader African ecosystems, focusing on delivering meaningful societal impact.
  • Provides strategic advisory services to promote sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, supporting the growth and success of startups and businesses within the UM6P, Moroccan, and African ecosystems.
  • Collaborates with industry leaders, government entities, and other academic institutions to create a vibrant and supportive innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Ensures clear and effective communication of the CEIE's initiatives and achievements to stakeholders, avoiding jargon and technical terms for better understanding.
  • Maintains accurate documentation of the CEIE's activities, research findings, and strategic plans, ensuring professionalism and consistency in all communications.


  • Project Eureka - Secured approximately USD 500,000 applied research grant and internally funded project, the first of its kind for Africa Business School. Project Eureka aims to understand and increase the effectiveness and impact of the Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem, mindset, and innovation culture. The three-year effort will provide an assessment framework and tools with implications for Morocco's policymakers, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship stakeholders, ultimately positively impacting its coordination and effectiveness.
  • World Bank/International Monetary Fund "Voice of Africa" - Led development and implementation of the "Unleashing Africa's Potential for a Sustainable and Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem" workshop and central theme events. The workshop session created recommendations via expert presentations and roundtable discussions, serving as a foundation for the annual meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund. Developed and implemented a collaborative ABS/UM6P framework for engagement and measurement, fostering knowledge-sharing among ecosystem stakeholders.
  • World Economic Forum/Young Global Leaders - Served as the academic director for a week-long exploration and learning event and session leader for entrepreneurship and innovation topics.
  • Business Transformation and Innovation Management Program - Led the development of an ABS-branded innovation initiative. This program provides organizations with a unified and coherent methodological framework to manage change and innovation initiatives across three horizons of innovation: immediate operational improvements, medium-term evolutionary changes, and long-term revolutionary transformations.

  • IEEE ICTMOD Conference - Co-sponsored the annual conference, hosting participants for the technology entrepreneurship and innovation portion. Led the session, "Bridging the Gap: Fostering Collaborative Impact through Academia & Industry Partnerships."

  • AIB Middle East & North Africa 2023 Chapter Conference - Member of the proposal committee that secured the hosting bid. Chaired the session, "Collaborative Synergies in International Business and Entrepreneurship."
Mar 2022Present

Academic Director, Executive Master of Business Administration Program

Africa Business School
  • Direct and oversee the flagship executive education program, the EMBA, in partnership with Columbia Business School, ensuring its successful implementation and delivery.
  • Enhanced the EMBA curriculum to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of leadership, strategy, management, and innovation, resulting in a more impactful learning experience.
  • To create an engaging and dynamic learning environment, utilized cutting-edge and hybrid pedagogical approaches, such as flipped classrooms, Africa-centric case studies, and immersive simulations.
  • Tailored the program to meet African professionals' and influential decision-makers' unique needs, addressing specific challenges and opportunities in the African business landscape.
  • Collaborated with faculty and industry experts to develop and deliver high-quality educational content, ensuring its relevance and applicability to real-world business scenarios.
  • Maintained clear and effective communication with program participants, faculty, and stakeholders, providing guidance and support throughout the program.
  • Implemented rigorous assessment and evaluation processes to measure the effectiveness and impact of the program, continuously improving its quality and relevance.
  • Ensured consistency and clarity in all program materials and documentation, avoiding jargon and technical terms for better understanding.
Sept 2021Present

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Africa Business School
  • Championed the establishment and growth of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation cluster at Africa Business School, transforming it into a comprehensive multi-disciplinary academic initiative.
  • Expanded the scope of the cluster to include impact-driven executive education, master's level curricula, and undergraduate programs in fields such as International Management, Quantitative Financial Management, Agri-Business, Computer Sciences, and Hospitality Business and Management.
  • Led the development and implementation of innovative curricula, ensuring alignment with industry trends and best practices.
  • Oversaw the recruitment and management of a diverse team of faculty members, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.
  • Developed strategic partnerships with industry leaders and organizations, enhancing the school's reputation and creating opportunities for students and faculty.
  • Maintained clear and concise communication with stakeholders, explaining complex concepts in a manner easily understood by students, faculty, and external partners.
  • Ensured consistency and clarity in all academic materials and documentation, avoiding jargon and technical terms.
April 2021Present

Associate Researcher

Business Science Institute
  • Provide mentorship and thesis advising to doctoral students in the online Executive Doctorate of Business Administration program at the Business Science Institute, ensuring their academic and research success.
  • Guide students in developing research proposals, conducting literature reviews, and designing rigorous research methodologies, resulting in high-quality doctoral theses.
  • Facilitate online discussions and seminars, fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment for students.
  • Maintain regular communication with students, providing timely feedback and guidance on their research progress and academic performance.
  • Maintain a professional and supportive approach in all student interactions, promoting a positive and conducive learning experience.
  • Stay updated with the latest research trends and methodologies in business administration, continuously enhancing my knowledge and expertise to better serve students.
Jun 2020Aug 2021

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Africa Business School
  • Excelled in teaching and applied research as an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Africa Business School, Rabat, Morocco, since June 2020.
  • Developed and implemented interdisciplinary academic content for research, webinars, and student supervision, fostering innovation and impactful contributions to Morocco and Africa.
  • Catered to a diverse range of clients, including executive clients, Ph.D., masters, and undergraduate students, as well as community-based entrepreneurship programs.
  • Formulated and executed a comprehensive three-year research plan for the ABS Entrepreneurship & Innovation cluster, focusing on four main themes: the entrepreneurial ecosystem, entrepreneurial mindset, gender, diversity, and youth, and high-growth/scalable startups.
  • Secured a prestigious U.S. Embassy grant for the implementation of Open Startup Morocco, a platform for innovation, pre-incubation, education, and mentorship. The program facilitated cross-cultural exchanges between the US and Moroccan startup ecosystems, in partnership with Columbia University Engineering and Business Schools and Columbia Global Centers.
  • Successfully attracted over 400 students from 26 Moroccan universities and engaged over 70 coaches/mentors from throughout Morocco, contributing to the growth and development of the startup ecosystem.
Jan 2020May 2020

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Western Carolina University (WCU)
  • Designed and delivered entrepreneurship courses in both residential and online formats, utilizing an experiential learning model to enhance student outcomes in entrepreneurial skills and self-efficacy.
  • Developed and implemented innovative teaching strategies, fostering an engaging and interactive learning environment for students.
  • Mentored and guided students in developing business plans and entrepreneurial projects, providing valuable feedback and support.
  • Collaborated with colleagues to continuously improve the curriculum, incorporating industry trends and best practices in entrepreneurship education.
  • Maintained clear and effective communication with students, ensuring they understood course objectives, expectations, and assignments thoroughly.
  • Utilized various assessment methods to evaluate student performance and provide constructive feedback for growth and improvement.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to professional development by staying updated with the latest research and practices in entrepreneurship education.
Aug 2016June 2017

Lecturer, Management & Accountancy

University of North Carolina - Asheville

Asheville, North Carolina

  • Responsible for entrepreneurship and marketing courses.
  • Piloted the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, an experiential problem-based learning program designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide.
  • Designed and implemented "The Presidential Campaign Project - click here" and "The Tiny House Project - click here," and "Latitude Software - A Company in Crisis - click here," three innovative programs that combines integrated marketing communication plan concepts with ethical practices in politics and the workplace.
  • "Best in School" student ratings for all measured criteria, including instructor and courses (for results, click here).  Top ratings also include "gaining knowledge," "understanding ideas," and "developing creative capacities." Student comments include:

“Unlike any professor I have ever had in my college career. He keeps every student engaged and actively involved in class.”

“Phenomenal instructor! I would say he's the best one I've had thus far. He can relate all of the course material to our future professions.”

“Really good at creating a great learning environment that challenges one to think and be creative."

"Only teacher I have had that actually had a real-world job, so it's nice to see actual application rather than theory I get from every other class.”

"Really pushing students to be the best.”

"Essential to the growth of real-life, marketable student creations so they can realize them through perseverance and the willingness to push through failures. Through him, we can move beyond seeing a failure as a failure, but as another reason to continue our pursuits with new ideas and different thinking.”

“One of the most engaging professors I have ever experienced in higher education. He has a way of presenting the material that makes you interested and excited to learn more. He is highly approachable and considering his real world marketing/entrepreneurial experience is a great resource for anyone interested in these areas of study/business.”

“Does an amazing job of teaching the material engagingly and collaboratively. He has clear expectations for his students and reflects what a UNCA professor should embody. He challenges students to work together, lead class, and respect others.”

Aug 2013May 2016

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship - Clinical Practitioner

Western Carolina University (WCU)
  • Leveraged relevant entrepreneurial experiences and academic knowledge to deliver transformative learning experiences, earning a reputation as a well-respected and innovative faculty member.
  • Reviewed and enhanced course content to provide students with value-added instructional materials and timely feedback, maximizing their potential in entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial endeavors.
  • Introduced a case-based curriculum methodology, developing and implementing a series of cases that addressed key challenges faced by entrepreneurs during the launch and development of new business ventures.
  • Led the research and implementation of a four-year plan for all WCU entrepreneurship students to utilize the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) toolset. This assessment tool, based on a comprehensive study of entrepreneurial traits, motivations, and skills, enhanced the entrepreneurial capacity and skill sets of WCU students.
  • Received consistent praise from students and peers, being recognized as a brilliant educator who creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment.
  • Actively involved students in class sessions, utilizing hands-on experiences and real-life examples to reinforce textbook concepts.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and passion for teaching, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.
  • Maintained a high level of preparedness and willingness to work with students, creating a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.
Jan 2009May 2011

Director, Coggin Pilot Program for Innovation and Slade Entrepreneur in Residence

University of North Florida (UNF) - Coggin College of Business
  • Conceptualized and implemented innovative programs for entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity, fostering a culture of forward-thinking and transformative learning at the University of North Florida (UNF) - Coggin College of Business.
  • Developed and executed a community leadership model for enterprise creation, providing students with valuable social and business experiential opportunities, thereby enhancing the value of a UNF degree.
  • Raised awareness of entrepreneurship across the campus through dynamic and participatory education, engaging students and faculty in exploring entrepreneurial concepts and practices.
  • Established a technology commercialization process, facilitating the transfer of UNF research and technology for public use.
  • Successfully negotiated and signed two multimillion-dollar commercial licensing agreements, marking a significant milestone in the university's 42-year history.
  • Maintained consistent and effective communication with stakeholders, clearly articulating the benefits and impact of the programs and initiatives.
  • Ensured clarity and comprehensibility of all program-related materials and documentation, avoiding technical jargon and industry-specific terms.
Sep 2000May 2011

Chairperson of Students in Free Enterprise (ENACTUS) Board and Student Advisor

University of North Florida - Coggin College of Business
  • Led the strategic transition of the UNF Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE, now ENACTUS) program to a University-wide level, developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy that resulted in regional award-winning status for 11 consecutive years and national top-twenty program recognition for five years.
  • Served as a faculty advisor and mentor, guiding and supporting students in the program and fostering their personal and professional growth.
  • Established a successful partnership between ENACTUS and the US government, leading Tunisia's development and implementation of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Initiative (ESBI). This program provided real-world skills development, training, and mentorship in entrepreneurship and business understanding to various stakeholders, including government and private entities and unemployed and disadvantaged communities.
  • Designed and delivered a workshop series targeted at members of the Centre Des Jeunes Dirigeants D'Enterprise (CJD - Young Entrepreneurs Society) in Tunis, Tunisia. These sessions covered entrepreneurship, leadership, and communications, empowering participants with essential skills and knowledge.
  • Contributed to designing and implementing the CEL (Connect, Educate, Lead) program, which repurposed shipping containers into portable classrooms for use in third-world countries. Initiated the program in Pananao, Dominican Republic, providing expanded educational opportunities through computer/internet technology and access to collegiate educational resources.
  • Maintained clear and concise communication with stakeholders, ensuring a shared understanding of program objectives and outcomes.
  • Developed and delivered presentations and reports, effectively conveying the impact and success of the program to various audiences.
Aug 2005May 2008

Adjunct Professor

University of North Florida - Coggin College of Business
  • Ranked as a highly esteemed adjunct faculty member at the Coggin College of Business, University of North Florida, recognized for exceptional teaching and contributions to the entrepreneurial degree program.
  • Conceived and developed two pioneering courses, Entrepreneurship and Professional Development, as part of UNF's transformational learning approach, providing students with practical business experiences and preparing them for their careers.
  • Received outstanding student evaluations, with ratings double the university average, highlighting my unique teaching style and expertise in the field of business.
  • Engaged students through dynamic and interactive teaching methods, fostering a stimulating learning environment that encouraged active participation and critical thinking.
  • Provided personalized guidance and mentorship to students, helping them align their academic knowledge with real-world business practices.
  • Maintained clear and concise communication with students, ensuring they understood complex concepts and could apply them effectively.
  • Actively sought feedback from students and incorporated it into course improvements, continuously enhancing the learning experience.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to professional growth and development, staying updated with the latest trends and advancements in entrepreneurship and business education.


Research Agenda

Focuses on using specialized entrepreneurship and innovation expertise to help mitigate some of society’s most pressing economic, social, human, and environmental problems.

  • To result in transformative change, the research adopts a multi-stakeholder approach that combines parties with complementary skill sets to address deeply complex issues, focusing on impact collectively.
  • The approach blends basic research to inform and assess the issues and applied research for tailored interventions. It acts as a catalyst for bringing together multiple stakeholders from the Moroccan and African ecosystems.
  • The efforts aim to result in a positive impact on society and produce high-quality global knowledge and academic publications.

Primary Focus Areas

  1. Entrepreneurship and innovation research impacting Morocco and Africa, resulting in global "best practice" content.
  • This research stream is focused on understanding and improving the entrepreneurial mindset in Morocco and Africa and the entrepreneurial ecosystem's resources and support services. The research takes a multi-faceted approach and has both individual and collective impacts. It includes basic and applied academic research and practical activities in the field. The aim is to provide theoretical and practical contributions to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem, mindset, and national culture of innovation.

2.   Extension of entrepreneurship to "entrepreneurial."

  • This research endeavors to expand the concept of entrepreneurship, extending its scope beyond the traditional boundaries of founding new ventures. It emphasizes the importance of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset in various contexts, including within established organizations and in addressing societal challenges. By embracing innovative thinking and entrepreneurial strategies in existing roles, individuals can significantly contribute to the evolution and success of corporations. Furthermore, this approach is vital for equipping individuals with the skills and perspectives necessary to navigate and influence the changing work landscape. The ultimate goal of this research is to make a tangible impact on corporate success and effectively prepare individuals to be proactive agents of change in the ongoing transformation of the workplace.

Work in Progress

Project Eureka - I serve as the principal investigator for a three-year 500,000 USD grant-funded project, the first Africa Business School project to receive external funding. The interdisciplinary research combines basic and applied research to transform the Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem, value network, and mindset. The research focuses on two societal needs: 1) the development of an African-centric ecosystem-building framework for driving transformation in complex environments through leveraging the strengths of diverse stakeholders to create more compelling, comprehensive, and sustainable solutions, and 2) diagnosing and developing the entrepreneurial mindset & future workforce skills needed to improve productivity & ensure sustainable development of the countrys entrepreneurial economy.

  • Expected Outcomes – Substantial societal impact through increased value output of the Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem and increased abilities of the workforce to participate in the transformation of Morocco in its New Development Model. Academic outputs include high-quality, impact-oriented articles, practical contributions in publications such as the Harvard Business Review, and policy position papers.

Collaborative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building  In collaboration with Dr. Nasiru Taura, Bournemouth University, this project aims to create an African framework to improve collaborative knowledge sharing and ecosystem evaluation. It emphasizes three essential areas: identifying obstacles to knowledge exchange (What?), comprehending the reasons behind collaborative strategies (What for?), and mapping critical collaborative partners and stakeholders (Who?). The main goal of this framework is to promote a more effective and inclusive knowledge-sharing environment in Africa that encourages innovation, economic growth, and social development. 

  • Expected Outcomes Increasing the impact of the African entrepreneurial ecosystems value output. Academic outputs include a unique toolset for collaborative ecosystem building, high-quality, impact-oriented articles, practical contributions in publications such as the Harvard Business Review, and policy position papers.

Foundation X Collaborative Innovation Cluster This in-the-field research combines fundamental and applied research (proprietary research action methodology) to upskill facilitators and entrepreneurs and position Foundation X as the catalyst for developing a unique innovation cluster amongst the private, public, and NGO stakeholders.

  • Expected Outcomes The research will increase the impact of this Moroccan regions entrepreneurial ecosystem value output. Academic outputs include high-quality, impact-oriented articles, practical contributions in publications such as the Harvard Business Review, and policy position papers.

Company X Innovation Management This applied research project involves both fundamental change management and practical research aimed at enhancing the innovation management capabilities of a large global corporation with multiple entities and more than 20,000 employees. The initiative collaborates with the company and ABS advisory to develop the most effective practices for all three stages of innovation.

  • Expected Outcomes The research aims to develop and implement a comprehensive innovation management strategy and evaluation of results for a leading global organization. The academic outputs of this project include high-quality articles with a significant impact, practical contributions in publications like the Harvard Business Review, and policy position papers.

Systemic Mindset Collaborating with Dr. Zeinab Hmama, Africa Business School, this project involves researching and developing an ABS-branded toolset to evaluate and enhance a systemic mindset encompassing growth, innovation, strategic thinking, customer-centricity, and dialogic approaches. The primary objectives of this research are multi-faceted and designed to be a comprehensive resource for organizations seeking to cultivate a more holistic, forward-thinking, and adaptive approach to their operations and culture.

  • Expected Outcomes ABS is positioned as a leading innovator in assessment toolsets to improve corporate performance globally. The academic outputs include high-quality journal publications that cover the development and use of the toolset and practical contributions of the research in publications such as the Harvard Business Review.

UM6P France Entrepreneur Accelerator Program The research goal is to create a customer-centric entrepreneurship accelerator program for UM6P France, the first international branch of the University. The program will be developed, implemented, and evaluated for effectiveness. The research will include direct training for entrepreneurial mindset and foresight and indirect interventions for best content practices. A forward-thinking evaluation process will be used to diagnose and adjust program content in real time, helping to ensure optimal results.

  • Expected Outcomes Developing a new customer-oriented framework for new venture acceleration. Academic outputs include policy papers that present a call for action to enact supportive legislation and funding mechanisms. The contributions of the research are targeted to impact publications.

Luxury Yachting: The Case of Tetouan This multi-disciplinary project combines the collective knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation, urban planning, and hospitality and tourism. The research aims to assess and determine the critical success factors used in Italy for transforming the Mediterranean port region of Tetouan into a luxury yacht destination. Small to medium enterprises play a crucial role in the luxury yachting industry, including customization and retrofitting, maintenance and repair services, and supply and provisions.

  • Expected Outcomes The project expects significant outputs, including a comprehensive strategic development plan to transform Tetouan into a luxury yacht destination, detailed economic impact analyses, and targeted strategies for SME engagement in the yachting sector. Additionally, the project aims to offer practical policy recommendations, urban and infrastructure development plans, and hospitality and tourism integration strategies. These outputs are designed to enhance the academic understanding of the economic and regional impacts and provide actionable insights and frameworks for local stakeholders, policymakers, and businesses to drive economic growth and establish Tetouan as a critical player in the luxury yachting industry.

Publications in Progress

Book Chapter, “Transformative Entrepreneurial Learning: A Cutting-edge Framework for Amplified Effectiveness and Value Assessment, accepted for publication in "Reimagining Education through Entrepreneurship: "An International Showcase of Leadership and Collaboration to Educate for a Sustainable Future," Edward Elgar Publishing UK. A collaboration with Drs. Zeinab Hmama and Nada Rih, Africa Business School. 

  • This case study explores the challenges faced by academia, industry, and society in Entrepreneurial Education, discussing both the theoretical discourse and practical hurdles in assessing its purpose, value, and impact. It features two innovative frameworks from the Africa Business School - an "Art and Science" model to enrich entrepreneurship teaching and a multi-assessment approach for evaluating Entrepreneurial Education. These frameworks aim to expand the reach and enhance the effectiveness and value of entrepreneurial education by focusing on diverse teaching methodologies, concept understanding, practical applications, and skill development.

Journal Article, "Entrepreneurial Readiness: A Career Development Framework for Moroccan Females." Collaboration with Dr.Siham Lekchiri, Western Carolina University, Dr. Nada Rih, Africa Business School.

  • This research investigates the entrepreneurial readiness of Moroccan women, utilizing the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) as a pivotal instrument. The EMP, a comprehensive tool, is employed to refine and enhance entrepreneurial education and training programs. The primary objective of this study is to strengthen and amplify the entrepreneurial intentions among Moroccan women. By doing so, the research envisions a significant increase in their participation and engagement in creating new business ventures. This heightened involvement is expected to empower Moroccan women entrepreneurs and contribute to the broader economic development within Morocco.

Case Study, "AuthentiK Shoes: Do Profit and Societal Impact Align?" Collaboration with Dr. Nada RIH and Pr. Sanae El Ouali, Africa Business School, submitted for publication with The Case Centre. 

  • This case study explores the complex challenges and dynamics of launching and maintaining a new business venture, emphasizing balancing financial viability, societal impact, and environmental sustainability. It explores how entrepreneurs navigate the often-competing demands of profitability, social responsibility, and ecological stewardship in a startup context. This analysis aims to provide insights into the strategies and decision-making processes that enable a business to thrive economically while contributing positively to society and minimizing its environmental footprint.

Journal Article, "The Effects of Democracy on Entrepreneurial Activity: A study of the MENA region." Collaboration with Dr. David Yoon, University of Leeds, Adeshina Adeniyi, Africa Business School

  • A comprehensive study examining the impact of democracy on entrepreneurial activity in the Middle East and North Africa region, utilizing country-level democracy indicators from the V-Dem datasets and individual variables from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). This research aims to uncover the intricate relationship between political systems and entrepreneurial dynamics in diverse political environments.

Journal Article, "Activating Entrepreneurship - An Analysis of the Moderating and Mediating Effects of Entrepreneurial Dimensions on Self-Efficacy and Initial Intentions to Launch," Collaboration with Dr. Zahed Subhan, Drexel University, Target Journal - International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research

  • This research advances the understanding of entrepreneurial intentions with a detailed analysis that challenges existing literature by revealing the nuanced relationship between self-efficacy and the intention to launch entrepreneurial ventures. The study highlights the significance of additional variables, including independence, risk acceptance, idea creation, future focus, limited structure, and execution. The findings provide a more comprehensive framework for evaluating entrepreneurial intentions, shifting the focus from self-efficacy as the primary driver to a multi-faceted approach.


  • Zahlan, A., Prakash Ranjan, R., Hayes, D. "Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Healthcare: Literature review, exploratory analysis, and future research directions." Technology in Society (Q1), Elsevier Limited.

    • Artificial intelligence (AI) innovation in healthcare has emerged as an increasingly significant area of research. AI, digital data collection, and computer infrastructure advancements have empowered humans to address complex healthcare challenges. This study conducts a systematic literature review (SLR) of peer-reviewed journal articles at the intersection of AI, innovation, and healthcare to offer research directions for scholars and leaders in healthcare management. This research adds to the scope of previous investigations by aiming to 1) emphasize the most crucial AI-based healthcare applications, 2) explore challenges associated with AI integration in healthcare, and 3) examine student adoption and incorporation of AI into existing healthcare curricula.

  • Zahlan, A., Prakash Ranjan, R., Hayes, D. "AliveCor & Neurobit: AI Healthcare Data Accessibility Strategies," accepted for publication, Ivey Publishing.
    • This teaching case is designed for undergraduate and graduate students in various fields, such as healthcare management, business, entrepreneurship, health informatics, and data science. The case covers the complexities of data acquisition and management.
  • Hayes, D.W., Subhan, Z., Herzog, L. "Assessing and Understanding Entrepreneurial Profiles of Undergraduate Students: Implications of Heterogeneity for Entrepreneurship Education." Springer Nature Switzerland AG: Entrepreneurship Education.
    • The present research uses exploratory quantitative methods to assess and understand the entrepreneurial profiles of undergraduate students as a driver for initial entrepreneurial intention. The authors do this by examining entrepreneurial skills, self-efficacy, and personality traits, focusing on differences between students who select entrepreneurship as their academic concentration and those who do not. Results demonstrate the heterogeneous nature of student group profiles, with significant differences observed among the various student groups included in the study. In particular, entrepreneurship majors differ from most other student majors, mainly other business students, regarding the personality traits of independence, limited structure, risk acceptance, action orientation, and the entrepreneurial skill of idea generation. The study's findings have theoretical, empirical, and practical implications, including designing and assessing undergraduate entrepreneurship education.

  • Hayes, D.W., Lekchiri, S. "Entrepreneurial Readiness: A Career Development Framework for Moroccan Females," Interdisciplinary working paper, published in the Academy of Human Resource Development 2021 Conference Proceedings.

  • Hayes, D.W., Subhan, Z., Lakatos, J.P. “Encompass Software: Getting started, the first months, and fueling growth.” Whitney Press, Candler, NC: Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies.
    • A three-part case study covering entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial marketing, and leadership in an entrepreneurial context.
    • The publication uses an innovative chronological approach to address several key issues entrepreneurs face when launching and developing new ventures. Explores critical tasks that must be undertaken in a startup business (a technology firm focused on developing and commercializing software for scheduling patients in a healthcare setting). Encourages students to consider the priorities that need to be established during the first six months of operations—the most critical timeframe for an entrepreneur, where future success depends on the choices made in a time of considerable uncertainty.
  • Hayes, D.W., Subhan, Z., Brooksbank, R. "Encompass Software: Entrepreneurial Managing Growth." Institute for Global Business Research, Candler, NC: Global Business Pedagogy.
    • The case concerns entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial marketing, and aspects of product development. Addresses critical issues that arise when transitioning startups into successful long-term ventures. Specifically, the case explores the essential tasks needed in a business (a technology firm focused on developing and commercializing software with utility in scheduling patients in a healthcare setting) and encourages students to consider priorities for continued success.
  • Hayes, D., Richmond, B. "Using an Online Assessment to Examine Entrepreneurship Student Traits and to Measure and Improve the Impact of Entrepreneurship Education." Whitney Press, Candler, NC: Journal of Entrepreneurship Education.
    • The paper concerns Entrepreneurial Education and the application of an online assessment tool to benefit student selection, retention, and development, and measure and improve entrepreneurship curriculum success. Using an innovative testing and mentoring approach, it is hypothesized that universities can assist students in becoming self-aware of their unique entrepreneurial traits and then facilitate the development of skills required for future success. This paper reviews initial student-reporting data at Western Carolina University (WCU) and draws conclusions on whether entrepreneurship students differ from other students in both personality and skill traits. It also discusses the implications of these results for measuring and enhancing university entrepreneurship programs.
  • Hayes, D. “Assessing and Understanding the Entrepreneurial Potential of University Students through the Use of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile” at
    • The paper presents an overview of doctoral thesis research using exploratory quantitative and qualitative methods to assess and understand the entrepreneurial capacity of university students as a driver for intention by examining undergraduate entrepreneurial skills, self-efficacy, and personality traits.
  • Hayes, D. “Assessing and Understanding the Entrepreneurial Potential of Undergraduate Students.” 2019 USASBE Annual Conference Proceedings.
    • The quantitative and qualitative exploratory work examines the differences between students who identify entrepreneurship as their choice of academic studies and those who do not and explores differences in entrepreneurship, other business, and non-business students in entrepreneurial skills, self-efficacy, personality traits, and initial intentions to launch as components of entrepreneurial capacity.


  • 2022 Eastern Academy of Management Conference presentation titled, ""Entrepreneurial Readiness: A Career Development Framework for Moroccan Females," Hayes, D.W., Lekchiri, S., Germain, M.L.
  • 2021 Academy of Human Resource Development Conference presentation titled, "Entrepreneurial Readiness: A Career Development Framework for Moroccan Females," Hayes, D.W., Lekchiri, S.
  • 2019 American Educational Research Association presentation titled, "Understanding and Developing the Entrepreneurial Capacity of University Students." Hayes, D., Subhan, Z., and Herzog, L. (2019). Presented as part of a Research-Practice Symposium: Understanding, Applying and Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset Amongst Students and Leaders in Education.  Toronto, ON, April 2019.
  • 2019 USASBE Entrepreneurship Everywhere Conference presentation on “Assessing and Understanding the Entrepreneurial Capacity of Undergraduate Students."

    • This presentation outlines research into understanding the entrepreneurial capacity of university students as a driver for intention by examining personality traits and skills differences between entrepreneurship students and other undergraduate students. An exploratory analysis of 1,154 undergraduate students shows well-defined differences in entrepreneurship students compared to other majors, particularly most business students. The research fills in gaps and limitations within the extant literature. It provides recommendations for future consideration, including offering and positioning entrepreneurship programs within the university, marketing all university programs, and developing and delivering teaching methodologies tailored to student personalities.

  • 2016 USASBE Entrepreneurship Everywhere Conference on “Measuring the Impact of Entrepreneurship Education Through the Use of an Online Assessment.” Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile Practitioner - Scholarship of Discovery.
    • This presentation deals with entrepreneurial leadership and applying an online assessment tool to benefit student development and measure the success of Western Carolina University's entrepreneurship curriculum. Using an innovative testing and mentoring approach, the paper details a methodology for helping students become self-aware of their unique entrepreneurial traits and then for better assisting in developing skills required for future entrepreneurial success.

Academic Committees/Task Forces/Webinars & Panels

  • 2023 - International Research and Innovation Seminar IRIS, Panelist, "Bridges between Research and Industry."
  • 2023 - Present: Pedagogy Committee. Member of the group tasked with assessing and implementing customer-focused tools and methods for improving the dissemination of academic content.
  • 2021 - Present: Academic Standing Committee. Serves as a committee member for reviewing students' academic standing.
  • 2020 - Present: School of Collective Intelligence Master Program Management Committee. Responsible for the overall direction of the degree program.
  • 2021 & 2022, Africa Business School, ABS Diversity Week l The Evolution of Gender Equality - Where We Were and Where We are Headed: Served as moderator for panelist discussion.
  • 2021, January - Present, Africa Business School Doctorate of Business Administration Taskforce. Continuing role as review and development member of the school's DBA program.
  • 2021, January, Africa Business School Ph.D. Symposium: Served as faculty review member for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ph.D. student presentations from Moroccan universities.
  • 2020, December, RUFORUM Series: Two-hour presentation to an Africa-wide group of budding entrepreneurs with 250+ participants.
    • Refining entrepreneurship, ideas & opportunity discovery, design thinking, discovery canvas process, and the entrepreneurial mindset

    To view the session slides, click here

    • 2020, December, Open Minds Series: Entrepreneurship, Opportunity Discovery & the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Two-hour presentation to a cross-campus group of 60 undergraduates from Mohammed VI Polytechnic University.
      • Refining entrepreneurship, ideas & opportunity discovery, design thinking, discovery canvas process, and the entrepreneurial mindset

      To view the session slides, click here.

      • 2020, October, Africa Business School open faculty positions interview panel: Recurring role as faculty research and teaching reviewer for open positions.
      • 2020, October 2020, SKEMA Business School: Doctors Speak to DBA Candidates. Served as a panelist member.
      • 2020, September, Business Science Institute AMBA Accreditation Process: Participated in AMBA accreditation training and served on review panel accreditation sessions.
      • 2020, September, Leadtech Program: Provided opening remarks and served as a jury panelist for female-led new venture pitches.
      • 2020, September, U-Founders Series: Two-hour presentation to 50 Mohammed VI Polytechnic University U-Founders participants

        • Refining entrepreneurship, ideas & opportunity discovery, design thinking, discovery canvas process, and the entrepreneurial mindset

      To view the session slides, click here.

      • 2020, July, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Mini-MBA Entrepreneurship Program: Served as reviewer and feedback jury member.
      • 2020, June - Present, OCP White Book Project: Participation as chapter(s) writer and final editor of the book highlighting a multi-national organization's actions during the COVID pandemic.
      • 2020, May, ABS Reading Series: Online book recommendation/review for ABS audience.
        • Daniel Pink - "A Whole New Mind"

      To view the video recording, click here.

      • 2020, May: Mohammed VI Polytechnic University Research Integrity Principles Handbook: Reviewed and edited handbook for final distribution

      Academic Courses Developed and Delivered


      • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Inspires and engages students in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide. This class enables students to learn directly from the firsthand knowledge and experience of successful "unlikely" entrepreneurs—ordinary people who transformed a simple idea into a sustainable success. The course uses The Ice House Program materials, inspired by the life story of Pulitzer nominee Clifton Taulbert and the entrepreneurial influence of his Uncle Cleve. Finally, the class is based on eight fundamental concepts that can empower anyone to succeed. To view the course syllabus, click here.
      • Introduction to Entrepreneurship: A student's first step toward preparing for the new emerging career future. Designed for all students, the course provides insights into the importance of entrepreneurship and the principles of starting and operating an entrepreneurial venture. To view the course syllabus, click here.
      • New Venture Leadership: Focuses on developing an effective entrepreneurial leader. The course reinforces the concepts underlying entrepreneurship and examines the role of the entrepreneur as a leader of the enterprise. To view the course syllabus, click here.
      • New Venture Creation: Introduces students to developing a business plan for a new venture. The course focuses on working ON a business rather than IN a business. It provides students with the analytical tools for reviewing the "big picture," interpreting this information, and crafting a strategy by carefully reasoning about strategic options, using what-if analysis to evaluate action alternatives, and implementing a plan. To view the course syllabus, click here.
      • New Venture Growth: Builds upon the knowledge gained in New Venture Creation by using an innovative case study approach to illustrate how to execute the business plan from the initial startup period to six months and then three years later. The course includes obtaining the necessary physical, financial, and human resources, marketing and promoting the venture's products, and monitoring the progress of the business to ensure innovation and sustainability. To view the course syllabus, click here.
      • Entrepreneurial Funding: Provides students the necessary tools for monitoring the progress of a business, including accounting and financial reporting systems. It helps students learn the importance of managing cash in the company and introduces students to the options to fund a new business or grow an existing business. The course also helps students learn how to establish relationships with bankers, angel investors, venture capitalists, government financing/guarantees, and other sources of capital. Finally, ENT 401 provides the tools to value an enterprise and understand the process of harvesting the business. To view the course syllabus, click here.
      • Entrepreneurial Consulting: Offers students an opportunity to acquire no-nonsense, real-world techniques and skills needed to operate a new venture successfully. Students can experience the inner workings of local companies needing assistance. The primary focus of this course is the analysis of a specific problem, research regarding potential solutions to solve the problem, and the preparation of recommendations to be presented to the company. To view the course syllabus, click here.
      • Entrepreneurship: Provides a dynamic, practical, hands-on approach that encourages students to immerse themselves in the vision, research, and planning aspects of a new venture. The course is designed to teach students how to research, develop, and write detailed business plans, which can be used to create successful businesses. Students learn effective entrepreneurial practices from the founder's perspective that can make a difference in the ultimate success or failure of the enterprise. To view the course syllabus, click here.


      • Marketing Principles: Provides insights into the importance of marketing, which permeates everything we do. The course aims to demystify the marketing process and encourage the proper and ethical use of marketing in many forms. To view the course syllabus, click here.
      • Marketing Strategy: Allows students to learn about selecting and evaluating the appropriate marketing mix needed to achieve the overall objectives. The course integrates all marketing elements in a strategic planning framework. It emphasizes areas of vital importance, especially those with significant implications and relevance for marketing policy decisions in competitive situations. To view the course syllabus, click here.


      • Introduction to Business: An introductory course in business strategy. The course applies the fundamental principles of management, marketing, organizational structure, communication, and basic accounting principles to issues of the contemporary business environment. Methods include lectures, case studies, group projects, simulations, video clips, and discussion of various text-­­ and periodical-­­based readings. To view the course syllabus, click here.
      • Professional Development: Provides students with a "hands-on" opportunity to make a difference and develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through learning, practice, and teaching the principles of free enterprise. This objective is accomplished through real-world outreach projects involving the community. Students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership capabilities by assisting others in business ventures by applying the principles of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise, now Enactus). To view the course syllabus, click here.


            • Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner. Trained in advanced data-driven interactive tools and methods for organizations to succeed with the fast shifts and transformations the world now undergoes.
            • ICSB GLOBAL Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship
            • Certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile. Practitioner.
            • Certified Ice House Entrepreneurship Program Facilitator. The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset as an essential life skill.
            • Certificate in Business Research from SKEMA Business School, The Business Science Institute, and Jean Moulin Lyon University - September 2018


            Ph.D./DBA co-supervisor for:

            • Anjali Prabhu, Higher education focus, in the SKEMA/Business Science Institute DBA, 2019 -
            • Nisrine TAHRI, Craft Artisan Ecosystems, Africa Business School Ph.D., 2019 -
            • Ahmed Zahlan, AI Healthcare Startups, Africa Business School Ph.D., 2019 -
            • Oumaima AitHammou, Organizational Ambidexterity, Africa Business School Ph.D., 2019 -
            • Zineb Achmoul, The Paragon of Change Model, Africa Business School Ph.D., 2020 -
            • Peace Anaba, Digital Financial Services, Africa Business School Ph.D., 2023 -
            • Sidi Ali Maelainin, Entrepreneurship, Africa Business School DBA, 2022 -

            Advisor to numerous undergraduate entrepreneurship students. 

            • Available year-round (despite a 9-month contract) to attend to various student needs, including entrepreneurial mentoring, degree evaluations, and course scheduling strategies.
            • ln addition to direct advisees, spent significant time mentoring students during and after university hours. As a result, named a 2014, 2015, and 2016 First Year Experience Advocate at Western Carolina University:

            “An advocate is someone who you know has your best interest in mind and someone who cares deeply about your success in and out of the classroom, someone you can count on to give you sound advice and someone you know will be in your corner.”
            – Criteria given to students when voting for a faculty member

            • Mentored student group "Tipster" placed first and was awarded "People's Choice" in 2016 EPIC competition: WCU Student Initiative Encouraging Entrepreneurship through Elevating Potential, Imagination, & Collaboration.
            • Student Club Faculty Advisor to the Catamount Motor Club, Western Carolina University.


            Community engagement/consulting/mentorship with internal and external entities to support organizational effectiveness, economic development, and social responsibility.


            • 2020, July - Present, New Venture Review: Spotter - Providing mentorship and advisory services to technology startup for electronic check verification in Morocco.
            • 2020, July - Present, United Kingdom Entrepreneurial Mindset Academy: Mentoring nascent entrepreneur on developing and implementing entrepreneurial mindset programs designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success.
            • 2020, June - Present, Kwayria: Mentor for the development and implementation of Kwayria, a platform that uses sports to educate the next generation of Moroccan citizens. The Kwayria mission fits into the ABS gender, diversity, and youth initiatives and provides the school with the potential of collaborating on an innovative program that can transform education.
            • 2020, August, EMBA Final Project Mentoring: Provided assessment and advice to EMBA "traffic logistics" team concerning final project written report and presentation.
            • 2020, July, AI/Cloud Native Solutions: Review and feedback of startup proposal by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University faculty members.
            • 2020, June, SBAT/OPEE Database: Review of SME quantitative and qualitative database for use and collaboration with ABS faculty.

            Startup Development Officer 
            National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2)
            September 2017 – Present

            Network of executives, angel investors and serial entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and experience in startups development, who will sit on boards of directors and boards of advisers to help guide companies from startup through successful milestones to a significant market impact.

            Business lncubator Project, Asheville, NC

            April 2015 - June 2016 

            Program provides entrepreneurial expertise to local startups to help spur economic growth in the region. Provided over 150 hours of service.

            Asheville Cottage Initiative, Asheville, NC
            June 2013 – December 2015

            Advisory group focused on community-based efforts designed to increase the quality and standard of living within the Asheville urban core. Only available affordably priced housing initiative in urban core. Over 180 hours devoted to the project.

            University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA) 
            Student Social Responsibility Project, Asheville, NC 
            October 2014 – April 2015

            Mentored student team on social entrepreneurship project designed to reduce sexual assault on college campuses. Team won UNCA competition and 2015 University of North Carolina State System competition. Contributed over 120 hours to the effort.

            Consultant, Sports Technologies Concussion Mitigation Project, Jacksonville, FL
            January 2012 – December 2014

            Responsible for startup operational and funding business strategies for Sports Technologies LLC, a research and development startup that has created innovative, patented helmet technologies for the dissipation of collision impact energy to prevent or mitigate human trauma, such as brain concussions. Provided over 300 hours to the effort.


            Tempus Software, Inc., Jacksonville, FL

            President and CEO, Founder, Advisor, and Board Member
            • Founded Tempus, a top-ten ranked leading healthcare information systems company, and served as president and chief executive officer. Transformed the front-end of healthcare processing through the development of the industry’s first patient access management product suite, now a half a billion dollar per year market. Early adopter of networked, PC-based Internet technologies. Directed all aspects of corporation, including business creation and initial seed capital raise. Responsible for operations, sales, marketing, and technical management. Led formation and growth of partner alliances. Secured multimillion secondary round of strategic-based capital. Grew company to multimillion annual revenue generator and secured more than 450 hospital customers throughout the US and Canada.
            • Returned to Tempus in 2002 and revitalized the company. Restructured corporate finances and redirected product development and marketing. Bolstered customer service and quality assurance. Re-established relationships with partners and vendors. Negotiated sale of Tempus to QuadraMed Corporation (formerly NASDAQ: QDHC) for $16.5 million in June 2004.

            Serendipity Design Studios, LLC, Jacksonville FL

            President and Managing Partner

            Provided expertise and mentorship to entrepreneurs in turning concepts and ideas into profitable business endeavors.

            • Wide range of advisory services included all phases of company life cycle: market evaluation, business planning, and creation; capital-raising and corporate financing; product, job, and revenue growth; board advisory services; and exit strategy planning and execution.
            • Developed corporate strategy for eCycle Security, a $180 million per year, first US plasma gasification electronic waste initiative.
            • Conceived and developed the Center for Innovation project, a unique sustainable economic development and job creation partnership between the private sector, academic institutions, and government. 

            National Basketball Retired Players Association - Houston Chapter

            Advisory Board Member
            • Advisor to retired National Basketball Association players. Responsible for establishing and implementing the organization’s leadership and player development strategy.

            Luv-It Wellness Foundation, Jacksonville FL

            Vice Chair of the Board of Directors
            • Early guide and mentor to nonprofit health management organization focusing on preventing the causes and health risks of childhood obesity through early childhood and adolescent education.

            eOptimize Advanced Systems, Inc. (TSE-CDNX: EOP), Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

            Board Member and Consultant

            Active advisory and operational role.

            • Assessed and innovated company’s intermediate and long-term product plan. Spearheaded establishment of US healthcare market. Negotiated strategic alliances, including the company’s largest licensing agreement for $5 million with Eclipses Corporation, a $255 million, former NASDAQ-traded company. Company was a Microsoft Enterprise Company award winner and an industry-leading provider of .NET real-time, intelligent scheduling solutions for corporations.

            Patient Placement Systems, LLC, Atlanta, GA

            President and Board Member

            Responsible for initial development and growth of e-based healthcare commerce company.

            • Led successful program to raise first and secondary rounds of seed capital. Recruited an experienced management team. Established name recognition and market presence. Became the industry’s leading provider of web-based patient placement systems for hospitals and long-term care facilities. Merged with Jackson Healthcare ( in 2002.


            Served as Executive Director of Outpatient Services for Baptist Health, Jacksonville, FL. Responsible for strategic planning at Memorial Health System, Jacksonville, FL. Started career at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida as a Management Consultant.


            Numerous presentations to organizations and universities. Lectures and hands-on sessions for innovation and creativity, future educational and career trends, entrepreneurship, and business ethics. Examples include:

            • Conceived and implemented panel discussions on innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Developed key workshops for UNF Student Summit, including leading “A Whole New Mind,” an interactive program designed to help students master professional success and personal satisfaction.
            • Panelist on “Failure Is Not a Four-Letter Word.”
            • Keynote speaker for the UNF Alumni Association as well as the IndUS Chamber of Commerce Northeast Florida.
            • Presentations on technology and industry trends to regional and national organizations, including Florida Hospital Association, Central Florida Healthcare Information Management Systems Society, National Association of Healthcare Access Managers, and National Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.
            • Appearances in television and radio media. Featured in WJXT-Channel 4 “UNF scientists want to market sensors that help detect viruses” and in WJCT-Public Television broadcast highlighting entrepreneurship at UNF. Discussed technology commercialization and transformational learning on WJCT-89.9 FM Public Radio program "In Context."
            • Quoted in article "Business College Students Find Value in "Green" Marketing Plan
            • Guest appearance on TV show "Speaking of Business," produced by The Florida Small Business Development Center.



            Doctorate of Business Administration

            SKEMA Business School


            Research emphasis in entrepreneurship with the thesis "Understanding the Entrepreneurial Capacity of Undergraduate Students"

            AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA accredited

            Graduated September 2019


            CASES - PUBLISHED

            Encompass Software: Getting Started, the First Months, and Fueling Growth

            Encompass Software: Managing Entrepreneurial Growth

            Using an Online Assessment Tool to Examine Entrepreneurship Student Traits and to Measure and Improve the Impact of Entrepreneurship Education

            Assessing & Understanding the Entrepreneurial Potential of Undergraduate Students


            Reports, recognitions, student experiential learning, and private sector announcements.