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David M. Zubrzycki

Operations Management | Deep People & Performance Focus


    Business Continuity

    Workflow Management

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Event Logistics

    Brand Integrity

    Broadcast Media

    Tactical Problem-Solving

    Public Speaking & Presentations

    Communicating Strategy

    Process/Policy Best Practices


    CAREER OVERVIEW: Inherently optimistic take-charge leader who sweats the details – others avoid – to tame operational chaos. Steadfast career record leading with high visibility, transparency, amity. Exceptional communicator recognized for the ability to convey action steps in a clear, concise manner.

    Progressive career trajectory includes 4 promotions attributed to laser focus on 3 key principles:

    • Mature Leadership
    • Integrity
    • Accountability

    IMPACT: Strategic thinker with execution-focused mindset, history of capitalizing on opportunities to sharpen performance. Polished, confident communicator, consensus builder championing culture and engagement.

    PEOPLE AND CAPABILITY BUILDER: Reputed for interpersonal expertise, mentoring, high-performance teaming. Curbed talent flight. Anchored employee retention at 90%.


    Studio Production Manager, reporting to SVP, Operations & Engineering

    MLB Network/NHL Network, Secaucus, NJ                                       April 2013 – Present

    Award-winning TV networks devoted to live game telecasts, original/special event programming, highlights, analysis.

    Hired to work lockstep with show directors, production, technical, engineering teams. Heavy emphasis on spearheading solutions, orchestrating workflow, fostering engagement with >45 freelance personnel daily in ever-changing live TV environment. Implement contingency plans with calm, systematic approach.

    Seized operations linchpin role. Marshalled below-the-line crew for breaking news, pre-tapes, talkbacks, demos. Freed up overburdened Director, Studios Operations from administrative detail.

    Revamped ineffective crew call sheets (15 per week) across a multi-shift operation for 30+ direct reports. Strategically analyzed workforce planning. Instantly improved staffing schedules for 10-16 hours of LIVE programming per day. Boosted staff morale, eliminated ambiguity.

    Self-initiated, proactive dialogue resolved previous issues integrating studio operations capabilities with Senior Production Team requests and brought actionable plans to fruition. Supported 90+ hours of live programming per week. Strengthened camaraderie, trust.

    Took on additional scheduling role (via MediaPulse) in response to Covid-19 staff crises. Matched available staff to shifts (24 shifts per week), minimized avoidable overtime, contacted and redeployed staff to fill call-outs.

    Mobilized logistics for tech checks, special event show rehearsals. Set stage for flawless execution against highest industry standards in programming, production, presentation excellence.

    Two-time Sports Emmy Award recipient (Outstanding Technical Team Studio). Honor bestowed in recognition of excellence in sports TV programming among industry peers ESPN, FOX, TNT, NFL.

    NBA Entertainment, Secaucus, NJ  

    Global media company that manages NBA, WNBA, G League TV, film, music, digital media, photos, footage licensing.

    Senior Director (October 2001–July 2011)          

    Director (October 1999–October 2001)                                                                           

    Operations Manager (October 1996–October 1999)

    Rose through ranks providing senior-level leadership in multi-faceted positions linking employee, vendor, client relations, operational streamlining. Key senior management liaison on multiple steering committees, tentpole event working groups. Reported to Senior Vice-President.


    NBA All-Star Weekends (1994-2011)

    NBA Finals (1992-2011)

    NBA Global Games (2006, 2007, 2010).

    Took on pre-planning logistics reins for >10 domestic, international NBA/WNBA/USA Basketball events per year. Assignment Desk lead to NBA Events for lodging, meeting space, catering, IT infrastructure. On-site troubleshooter

    Facilitated prudent strategic, business, operational planning steering credible insights, counsel, value added recommendations to senior management.

    Jump-started soured internal relationships to halt years of interdepartmental friction. Ramped-up networking efforts, revived essential communication pipelines. Within 3 years, all but eliminated entrenched us versus them staff mentality.

    Tightened compliance controls. Counseled 6 core business units to meet aggressive, overlapping event deadlines. Achieved 100% compliance >10 years.

    Fueled cultural change efforts restoring fiscal responsibility. Slashed carefree event spending, enforced revised financial protocols, despite staff’s intense resistance to change.

    Authorized $200K in purchase orders annually, ushering in new accountability culture in budget management, planning, forecasting, financial transparency.

    Saved $144K annually in staff retraining costs. Overcame high industry turnover challenge. Built success culture through employee engagement, won loyalty.


    Mini-MBA Business Essentials- Rutgers University

    BA in Communications- Rowan University (Cum Laude)


    I’m consciously aware of the “leadership shadow” that I cast upon others and act in accordance with my values. I strive to be consistent in my leadership position: passion, operational efficiency, performance excellence, lifelong learner.