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Executive Summary

Committed compassionate and results-focused professional offering over 16+ years of broad based experience in specialty pharmacy.  Known for unparalleled commitment to provide quality services by developing an executing comprehensive strategies, that are cost effective but provide an unmatched quality of service individually tailored  to meet the needs of diverse individuals with chronic disorders/disease.   Recognized for talents in strategy development and providing corporate vision.  Possess medical and pharmacy benefit acumen and financial analysis proficiency.  Demonstrates strong leadership ability and mentoring staff and personnel while collaborating with patients, colleagues and other professionals.  Display effectiveness in patient advocacy and education, along with personal valuable insight offers a unique skill set that successfully produces optimum results and positive impact in pursuit of organizational goals.  High level of personal belief in the organizations value and commitment in achieving and promoting excellence to the wellness and quality of life. 

  • Diversified background in operations of all areas of pharmacy.  Strong skills in leadership, contract negotiations, licensing, networking, marketing, compliance, billing and recouping monies owed as well as seeing all clients needs are met with a high set of standards and unparalleled level of care.  Creative problem solving, well informed continually researching upcoming developments and active in many high organizational groups.  Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy for over 10+ years, worked hands on in every department of the pharmacy to gain knowledge and skill to properly oversee or personally work if needed. 
  • Offers innovative solutions to operational challenges and leverages decisiveness to implement solutions while minimizing risk and maximizing performance while keeping high office moral among co-workers and promoting excellent teamwork.
  • Expert in transforming strategic plans into tactical initiatives for many programs. Worked with start up company and brought it to multi-million dollar status in short amount of time, obtaining the majority of clients on service.  Consultant work in many specialty pharmacies of various types of disease states in many areas depending on current needs.  Would take over the A/R with an outstanding record of recouping past high dollar claims, viewing the operation from intake to payment, reviewing compliance and making recommendations to CEO.  Successfully recouped over 2 million dollars of outstanding monies owed in three month time frame.
  • Motivator and coach combining business acumen with analytical depth to align operational efficiency with corporate goals.  Background in public speaking,  publishing medical newsletters, advocacy, organizing and participating in many charity events, ongoing education, strong leadership skills and strategic planning with substantial research to gain various viewpoints and insight in the industry Hospital well as personal knowledge.  Reputation of creative innovations and a standard of quality of care which is above all competitors, along with extreme motivation, compassion and determination to find ways to better the lives of those in need. 

Professional Experience


Specialty Pharmacy Consultant Specialist

Independent Pharmacy Consulting Firm

  • Rendered exemplary service to the medical billing and insurance department
  • Responsible for handling the A/R functions as well as assessing in detail any area assigned to review in detail current functionality,
  • identify any errors, correcting issues  and assuring that company compliance and procedures were being followed properly,
  • identifying any issues that may create risk for the company
  • .Thoroughly assessed patient charts to ensure accuracy and conformity with the established guidelines, to expedite payment of high dollar claims to be received in a timely manner .  
  • Filed grievances and appeals needed for outstanding claims, successfully recouping monies owed with a 99% success rate.
  •  Took an  A/R of over 2 million dollars of unpaid claims and resolved each claim bringing the company all owed revenue and discovered other errors which resulted in over screens of monies written off as loss in a three month time period.
  •  Reviewed claims to determine proper coding was applied as well as any additional information needed  to clarify dosage of various medications , proper preauthorizations  were obtained and all information was properly applied per guidlines
  • Conducted a comprehensive review of operation from intake through billing and receivables, reviews of all areas to assure company policies and procedures were being  adhered too as well as directly working on the different benefit levels and authorizations for various medical claims directly working with all major insurance companies,  PBM's, Medicare /Medicaid , all private and state insurers necessary
  • Assumes complex functions, such as accurately identifying and presenting operative actions to resolve issues in any department reporting directly to the CEO
  • Actively participated in preparation of various accreditations  the  individual   pharmacy was actively perusing. 

Vice President / Administrative Assistant

New Life Home Care, Inc.
  • Leveraged industry expertise in handling the pharmacy network development and management, including program development, quality assurance and risk management, along with sales, marketing, training and planning.
  • Managed and coordinated the daily business operations, encompassing financial results and accountability, while also providing on-call 24/7 service to handle any patient emergency.
  • Developed highly productive staff by hiring and training competent individuals, creating an open channel of communication between departments to achieve optimum results and reach organizational goals.
  • Strong advocacy skills and personal knowledge, addressed client issues on an individualized basis to ensure a level of care tailored to meet their specific medical needs.
  • Obtained pharmacy licensing to service clients in 48 or the 50 States.
  • Created marketing material and company presentation displays, organized and planned all events from the national level to smaller chapter events in various states, personally attending and signing the majority of clients in which we serviced.
  • Active in maintaining strong personal relationships with various industry leaders, doctors and other vital healthcare professionals.
  • Spearheaded successful contract management and negotiations that yielded significant cost savings and profitability to the organization.
  • Ensured attainment of continual growth by developing and applying goals and plans to set company direction, resulting in a multimillion dollar nationwide pharmacy.
  • Earned fast-track promotion from executive assistant to vice president within four years, with highly defined skills in all areas of specialty pharmacy.
  • Gained reputation for taking on new challenges that had a positive impact on the business' profitability and improved the quality and care of patients lives.

Certified Phlebotomist / Lab Technician

Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital Physician Laboratory
  • Phlebotomy technician in high traffic physician lab
  • Began clinical training prior to graduation and was immediately hired
  • Accurately performed various phlebotomy blood specimen collection procedures
  • Capable of understanding medical data/instructions for executing specimen collection procedures properly
  • Adherence to safety standards, committed to ensure well being of patients while performing blood collection with minimum discomfort
  • Performed other duties with accuracy, coordinated appointments and sorted patients' queries
  • Assisted physicians in maintaining accurate records of patients and their blood samples, properly labled and recorded data
  • Maintained sanitation standard in lab



Specialized Associates Degree

Allied Medical Institute

Course Study:  Medical Assistant/Phebotomy/Lab Technician

Graduated with a 4.0 Average

Board Certification:  National Phlebotomy Association in Washington DC

Examination November 9, 1991 -  License #-01-686y91

Honored at graduation as recipient of The Highest Achievement Award

Prior to the completion of my clinical study, I was offered a full time position at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital Physician's Laboratory

Certified HIV/AIDS Educator


American Red Cross

Traveled all across the U.S. speaking to educate and bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  Presented Sir Elton John with the first annual Christopher Robinson Memorial Award given to honor an individual for their outstanding efforts in promoting HIV/AIDS awareness.  This award is named in honor of my oldest son, Christopher Robinson 11/26/81 - 2/2/00, who went public with his HIV/AIDS status at the age of 13 to help  individuals who had the virus accept it and to educate others how to prevent spreading the virus.  He was infected through his Factor VIII product used to treat his Severe Hemophilia A at age 5.


Wyoming Valley AIDS Coalition

Board of Directors

1995 - 2002

Wyoming Valley AIDS Council

Board of Directors

1994 - 2005

Active Memberships:                                         

National Hemophilia Foundation

Hemophilia Federation of America

1981 - Present