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Introducing Unrecognized Significant Advantages for Midwest Business Owners 

About Dee Vogt

Professionally, Dee works as Major Accounts Executive at ISI Group. She introduces strategic ways to find substantial cash, to protect business owners from liability (not insurance), to improve profit margins through special techniques used by the fastest growing companies.  She has assisted business owners, who were struggling to keep the doors open, implement strategies producing significant cash and that enable them to completely turn around the business in a short time frame. Often, a business owner wants to sell a business when all it has is liquidating, "cents on the dollar", value....when there is no  real business value.  She shows them where they can quickly increase their value to get as much as possible for their business.  She finds all these situations as particularly rewarding.  She  represents the largest  firm operating with 11 times the  solutions and fresh ideas in all the challenges of the business owner.  Thousands of Testimonials (with first and last names) are on the above websites

For more information visit her twitter @ddvogtISI     

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Major Accounts Executive, Strategic Tax Planning, Exit and Succession Planning


Strategic Transitional Tax, Strategic Business Tax Planning, Exit and Succession Planning, Strategic Profit Tools, Strategic Productivity Tools,  Immediate Cash Flow Strategies, Tools and Strategies for the many challenges of business. 

Jan 1995Present

Business Advocate

Business svcs

Introducing unrecognized significant advantages for the generational business owner.   Presentations to Professional Groups, Women's Groups, School Groups with the most popular being "Tax Planning for the Affluent" and  "Small Business-Big Risk...Now"



J.D. Concord

Cand. Multi State Doctorate Degree


2 Bachelors of Science - double major

University of Minnesota and Kaplan University