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  • Prepared comprehensive written reports on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of industries, sectors, trends, and the economy.
  • Developed and presented investment thesis, risks, and buy recommendations, to financial services industry professionals on the SMIF Advisory Board.
  • Skillfully utilized the FCFF model, and Multiples approach to accurately estimate a one-year price target for a biotechnology company.

Work experience


Financial Services - Equity Research

Equity Research. Business Analysis. Portfolio Management.

Investment thesis, risks, and buy recommendations, to financial services industry professionals and clients. Reports based on industry analysis, fundamentals, DCF and comparable model development, visits to companies to talk with business owners or investor relations.

Xvena - Multimedia

Jan 20102016


Event Management Company. Multimedia Consulting for large corporate events

Awarded best entrepreneur venture for 3 consecutive years.

Millennium BCP Aplauso 2014, 2015, 2016


CFA Institute

Jan 2015Present

CFA Level I Candidate

finance specialization


Sep 2008Sep 2011

Electronics, Telecommunications and Computers Engineering (Night Class)

Engineering (BA) degree in electronics, telecommunications and computers,

Track Record and general approach

Zooplus and my Cat Story:

I look around to see how society works.

People need a lot of things. They are becoming increasingly introverted and disconnected from the usual day-by-day.

Currently there are more than 95% entrepreneurs that operate from home.

It makes sense to see the companies that provide services through the Internet, and not just technology.

For people staying home there are a lot of services being provided such as pet care. People need emotional stability and get that from their little friends. That was the story with Zooplus (ZO1:ETR)and how i got to the stock.

It went from $13.00/share in 2009 to $146/share in 2015.


Business Analysis Approach

Love solving difficult challenges, since i have my own particular way of seeing things.

Tackling a particular challenge everyday until it is solved is an absolute joy.


Some of my favorite books and authors:

Warren Buffett - every single book, cartoons and interview. All of the  Annual Shareholders Letters.

To name some books: “Snowball”, “Warren Buffet’s way” and “Buffettology” by M. Buffett

Peter Lynch - every single book and interview.“Learn to Earn”, ”Beating the Street”, “One up on Wall Street” and all the videos.

Ray Dalio’s - “Principles”, all the interviews and all of the BridgeWater Materials. How the Economic Machine Works.

Principles should get a Nobel Prize...

George Soros – “Alchemy of Finance” “General Theory of Reflexivity – Open Society Foundations” and all of the interviews. One of my favourites:

Jim Rogers – everything...

some of the interviews i like the most: “Go into an airport in Asia and then fly to NY.”...”I can’t live my life in denial” 8.00. They really don’t listen...You can tell. 1:04:00 “Finding one’s passion”. 5:08 “if you see the world from the ground up you will understand it better”. 6:40 “I tried to be somebody i wasn’t...”

Henry Kravis - The Founding of KKR, the Private Equity Industry, and the Financial Crisis of 2008 

Chris Gardner - “Start Where you Are”

Rose Wilder Lane - "Henry Ford in His own Words" 

Grant Cardone’s  “10x Rule”, “Sell or Be Sold”, “If you are not first, you are last”. Sales University, and all of his materials.

Napoleon Hill - “Think and Grow Rich”

Og Mandino’s - “The Greatest Salesman in The World”

Belmiro de Azevedo’s – “História de uma vida” – Magalhães Pinto

Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography

Dale Carnegie – “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Carlos Slim - “The World’s richest man”

B. Graham - “Security Analysis” and “The Intelligent Investor” "The Interpretation of Financial Statements"

Michael Gerber – “EMyth”

Robert Cialdini – “Influence” 

Steve Job’s Biography

Carl Icahn’s Biography

H. Schultz  - “Pour your heart into it”

Tyrese  - “How to get out of you own way” – 

Will & Ariel Durant - “The Lessons of History”

R. Herjavec - “Driven”

K O’Leary - “Cold Hard Truth”

Bill Ackman - “Confidence Game”

R. Branson - “Losing My Virginity”

Thomas Ittelson - “Financial Statements”

Oprah’s -  “What i know for sure”

K. Fischer - “Bargain Hunters”, “The only three questions that count”,”The ten roads to riches”

R. Greene - “33 strategies of war”

John C. Bogle - “Common sense on mutual funds”

T. Robbins - “Personal Power II” , “Time of your Life”

T. Turner - “Call me TED”

Dean Karnazes - “Ultra Marathon Man"


I am a marathon runner. Did last EDP 2015 Marathon in 3:40

I am currently working to compete in Ironman


Speak and write Portuguese and English Fluently


"Develop the habits of success"

Warren Buffett

"Know what you don't know"

Ray Dalio

"Have a vision and be consistent, because nothing is impossible"

Aliko Dangote