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David Johnson

Work experience


IT Consultant

Network Providers

Traveling the Wasatch front fixing problems.  Our customers include law firms,medical and dental clinics, manufacturing plants, and schools. Days include a mixture of onsite repair and remote assistance.  


System Builder

Network Providers

In 2014, NPI hired Byron Sherwood from one of our suppliers.  Byron's talents as a salesman included sales of workstations and servers for small business and home use.  In the same month, NPI bought the office building that the business had been leasing.  I built a shop for building machines, which included purchasing tools, putting in workbenches and storage space, working out the inventory with Byron, and then building machines.  I did while running the NOC.  The hours were very long, but the work was fun.


Head of Managed Services

Network Providers

Oversaw the operation of nearly one thousand workstations and over one hundred servers. Managing antivirus, system updates, backups, and repairs for dozens of customers.

Migrated the entire NOC from GFI RMM to Kaseya RMM.


IT Administrator

Network Providers

Utah Pain Specialists is an NPI customer. It is a growing company that started with very modest equipment. Scalability was the greatest problem. The company's rapid growth required replacement of all the workstations, servers, and networking equipment. While at Utah Pain I built a network and servers that grows with the company.


Companion Corp

Manager - Technical Support & Data Conversion Departments

Improved the Support Department by hiring and training. Established metrics for productivity and rewarded exceptional individuals. Coordinated with the QA Department to add duties to Support Department. Started a Hardware Recycling program in which customers traded old hardware for a discount on new hardware. Created turnkey solutions for new customers through data conversion and installation, by building closer ties between the conversion and support departments.  I was a manager from 2005 to 2007.