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The visual arts and events industry is my passion in which I embrace  my career as a visual artist and technician. Talented and professional in all facets of corporate and live theatre production, including, scenic artist, staging, sound, AV and logistics. Exhibit high organisational skills with great amount of attention to detail.

Work History

2013 - Current   Haycom                                                              Audio Visual and Staging Techician

2011 - Current  Microhire                                                             Audio Visual and Staging Technician

2011 - Current  RAVE Audio Visual                                           Audio Visual Technician

2011 - Current  Queensland Symphony Orchestra           Mechanism Crew

2011 - Current  QPAC                                                                    Audio Visual and Staging Technician

2010 - Current  Fairchild Multimedia                                      Audio Visual Technician

2010 - 2012  Styled Events                                                          Styling Technician

2005 - 2007  Staging Connections                                           Creative Services Coordinator

2003 - 2007  Staging Connections                                           Audio Visual Technician

2001 - 2003  Whitelight Film & Video Productions            Technical Crew

2000 - 2003  ProGear                                                                    Audio Visual and Staging Technician

2000 - 2002  Explore Productions                                           Film and Shop Assistance

1999 - 2003  Cairns Civic Theatre                                            Staging Technician

Work experience


Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Audio Visual and Staging Technician

Mechanist - Set up / Pack down

    • Mechanist for all four live theatre venues including two outdoor stages, on local and international shows.
    • Team leader working for a period of two months on four international ballet seasons, including the Bolshoi, American Ballet Theatre, Hamburg and Australian Ballet.
    • Competent in analysing and following floor plan layout as demonstrated in setting up and packing down the Queensland Symphony Orchestra space, and transporting equipment to and from the Concert Hall at QPAC.

Rigger / Dogger

    • Demonstrated knowledge in workplace health and safety procedures by rigging and installing equipment safely, while using ropes to move speakers into ceiling positions.
    • Installed chain motors for truss lines, in approximately 30 hotel venues across Queensland.
    • Assigned rigger in the AV department to change all front film speakers in the Lyric theatre.

Radio Fitter

    • Accountable for monitoring faults, drop outs, interference and battery life, on an average of 50 microphones during each show.
    • Radio fitter for all talent and artist on stage during show seasons.
    • Responsible for general radio microphone maintenance and repairs.

Scenic Artist

    • Repaired and touch up props and set scenery, damaged from travel and storage for four touring international and national ballets companies.
    • Followed production briefs and interpreted small-scale production design ideas into full-scale production pieces on the sow Illusionist for two workable props, 19th century grand piano and an organ.
    • Comprehensive artistic and scenic skills as demonstrated in restoring and repainting all the backdrops for the Queensland ballet, for show Cinderella and Giselle.

Production Runner

    • Sourced extra equipment and props, working with an allocated budget expenditure and successfully stayed under budget for the international American show "The Illusionist".
    • Production runner and truck driver collection and delivering sets from the Queensland Theatre Company, Harvest Rain Theatre, Judith Right Centre and QPAC.

Microhire - Royal International Convention Centre Brisbane (RICC)

Audio Visual and Staging Technician

Follow Spot Operator

    • Able to follow direction from the lighting director and work autonomously when having multiple cues.
    • Create reference notes from the event floor plan, highlighting tables that need to be spotted and followed to the stage area.
    • Working knowledge of five different follow spots models used for all Gala dinners and Award Shows.

Fairchild Mutlimedia

Audio Visual and Events Services Manager

Database Management

    • Managed, maintained and updated daily information and ensured stock and technical equipment orders were derived on time. As demonstrated during my three years managing Fairchild's, Rental Point program at the Novotel Brisbane.

Administration Management

    • Responsible for generating all audio visual invoices billed for each event at the Novotel, Mercure and the Stamford Plaza hotels Brisbane.
    • Consolidated Fairchild's end of month invoice accounts at the Novotel Hotel between 2007 - 2010 by generating report summaries for each billed event for equipment and additional labour.

Communications & Relationship Management 

    • Worked closely with clients, hotel events sales and banquets personal, in accessing specific AV requirements for each planned event, to include IT support, AV and lighting.
    • Communicated daily with clients via email, phone and organised one on one meetings, to discuss technical equipment needed on the day of the scheduled event.
    • Built strong working relationships with internal hotel staff by assisting the events sales department in understanding the most used technical equipment during a function, be creating a visual reference guide in 2008.
    • On call technician for all technical difficulties during scheduled events.

Resource Allocations

    • Allocated all technical equipment and freelance crew for 15 function rooms spilt across 3 levels at the Novotel.
    • Reviewed conference day package order on week in advance, to plan and source additional AV equipment, book additional crew and allocate resources between 15 function rooms.

Time Management

    • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines by juggling multiple functions room through out the day with as estimated average of 10 functions per day.
    • Coordinated and delegated tasks to additional crew, audited schedules daily to track any amendments made to technical equipment for function requirements.


Staging Connections

Creative Services Coordinator

Logistic Coordinator

    • Qualifies truck driver and productions runner proficient in receiving and dispatching equipment to and from venues throughout South East Queensland.
    • Communicated with account managers to determine function themeing requirements and coordinated the creative services department props, linen and centrepieces.
    • Point of contact for all crew during events setup, amended floor plan layouts and consistently relaying any changes onsite, to the team.
    • Trained crew on the correct assembling and dissembling of centrepieces, chair cover fittings and themeing design.
    • Monitored and quality controlled stock levels, accurate dispatch details and ensured the safe transportation of equipment and stock to and from venues.

Scheduling Events

    • Analysed stock sheets, stock transfers and laundry transfers, to forecast stock and equipment needed for each scheduled event.
    • Synchronise equipment and stock transfers between hotels to coincide with scheduled events.
    • Allocated resources and crew teams during function room turnarounds.
    • Prioritised and managed workflow to achieve set deadlines for various functions and events, by communicating with key stakeholders such as account managers, banquet staff and clients.

Stock Controller

    • Monitored and controlled all inventory set and display stock at Staging Connections and prepared laundry orders for collections.
    • Quality controlled stock movement during transportation for damaged and missing items.
    • Maintained and cleaned stock room, ensuring safe storage of equipment and safe work practises were upheld.


    • Communicated with clients to determine event theme before generating production briefs.
    • Generated innovative concepts and decorative briefs before presenting ideas to clients, via design sketched and prototype designs. As demonstrated in my themeing designs for the launch of the Virgin Hanger at the Brisbane Airport, with an estimated 4000 guests.
    • Supervised crew in all thumbing setup and pack downs for all major function and events.


Computer Technical Skills

Microsoft Office Suit

Creative Software

  • Publisher
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • Prezzi
  • Room Viewer
  • CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting)

Equipment Invoicing Software

  • Retail Point
  • Hire Tracker
  • Retain

Audio Visual Allocation Systems

  • Digital Recall Management System
  • Q System Designer
  • Media Matrix
  • MATV

Hotel Computer System

  • Respac


Driver's License - Manual  (Medium Ridged Truck)

Positive Notice Blue Card 

Dogging License

Rigging Basic License

Forklift Truck License

Elevated Work Platform (EWP)

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)



Graduate Certificate - Arts and Entertainment Management

Deakin University

Melbourne VIC


Diploma of Business - Marketing & Advertising

Martin College

Cairns QLD


Bachelor of Theatre (Technical)

James Cook University

Townsville QLD


Advanced Certificate in Visual Arts

Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE

Townsville QLD


Completed Year 12

St Mary's College

Cairns QLD

Production Resume

Award Shows

Walkley Awards  2013-2014                                                  Mircohire                                 Followspot Operator

UDIA  2013-2014                                                                         Mircohire                                 Followspot Operator 

Royal QLD Food & Wine Awards 2013-2014                  Mircohire                                 Followspot Operator

QLD Tourism Awards 2012-2014                                        Mircohire                                  Followspot Operator

QLD Cricket Award Gala 2012-2014                                  Fairchild                                   AV Operator

International Events

Illusionist 2014-2013-2012                                                   QPAC                                    Production Runner

G20 Summit 2014                                                                    Mircohire                            2nd Assistant Technican

Aston Stones  2014                                                                 QPAC                                    AV Operator

American Ballet Theatre 2014                                          QPAC                                    Scenic Artist

Lions Australian Tour 2013                                                 Haycom                              AV Operator

Hamburg Ballet 2012                                                            QPAC                                    Scenic Artist

Cirque DuSoleil - Tapi Rouge 2011                                  ShowBiz                             Event Host

Sanctuary Cove Inter. Boat Show 2005-2004             Staging Connections     AV Operator

Rugby World Cup 2003                                                         Staging Connections      AV Operator

CHOGM 2002                                                                              Staging Connections     AV Operator

World on Ice 3D 1995                                                             Company Solutions       Staging Mechanist

Major Outdoor Events

Green Jam 2015-2014-2013-2012                                            QPAC                              Audio Set Up

Green Jam 2015-2014-2013-2012                                            QPAC                             Staging Mechanist

Out of the Box 2014                                                                      QPAC                             Audio Operator

Out of the Box 2012                                                                      QPAC                             Radio Fitter

Buddha Birthday Festival                                                         C Gallery                      Assistant Stage Manager

Riverfire Brisbane 2014                                                              Fairchild                       AV Operator

Under Bar 2014-2013-2012                                                         QPAC                            Staging Mechanist

Riverfire Brisbane 2013-2012-2011                                        QPAC                             AV Operator

Symphony Under the Stars 2013                                            QSO                             Staging Mechanist

Riverfire Brisbane 2007-2006-2005-2004-2003                  Staging Connections      Event Stylist

Race Week Hamilton Island 2007                                          Staging Connections       AV Operator

Queens Street Plaza Opening 2007                                      Staging Connections       Event Stylist

QLD Caravan Camping Boating Expo 2006-2005-2004Staging Connections        AV Operator

Oaks Aurora Tower Brisbane Launch 2006                       Staging Connections       Event Stylist

Virgin Aircraft Hanger Launch 2005                                     Staging Connections        Event Stylist

Stockland Building Opening 2005                                        Staging Connections        Event Stylist

Lion Nathan 2004                                                                          Staging Connections        Scenic Designer

Holden SX Launch 2000                                                              Progear                                 Event Stylist

Fun in the Sun Festival 1999-1998-1997-1996                   Progear                                 Event Stylist


QLD Guv Alcohol & Drug Campaign 2003-2002-2001     Whitelight Production         Camera Operator

QLD Child Safety Campaign 2003-2002-2001                    Whitlelight Production        Camera Operator

Tourism Documentaries 2002                                                  Explorer Production             Camera Operator

Corporate Events

51st QLD Labour Party Conference 2014                            Fairchild                                 AV Operator

Landforce 2014-2013-2012                                                          Mircohire                               AV Supervisor

Footlocker Team Week 2014-2013-2012                               Fairchild                                AV Supervisor

Lions Quest 2014-2013-2012                                                      Fairchild                                AV Operator

Melbourne Cup BNE 2012-2011-2010-2009-2008              Fairchild                                AV Operator

Melbourne Cup BNE 2012-2011                                               Styled Events                       Event Stylist

Elton John & His Band 2011                                                     ShowBiz                                 Event Host

Cricket Test Series 2011-2010-2009-2008-2007                 Fairchild                                 AV Operator

Bridal Expo 2012-2011                                                                 Styled Events                       Event Stylist

Butterfly Ball 2012-2011                                                             Styled Events                       Event Stylist

ACCOR Aust. GM Conference 2010-2009-2008-2007       Fairchild                                 Technical Manager

Intel Leap Ahead 2007                                                                 Staging Connections        AV Operator

Microsoft Tech Ed 2006-2005-2004-2003                              Staging Connections        Ass. Stage Manager

HP Technology 2006                                                                     Staging Connections        AV Operator

Golder Associates Product Launch 2006                           Staging Connections         AV Operator

Staging Connections Rebranding 2006                              Staging Connections        Event Stylist

Melbourne Cup BNE 2006-2005-2004-2003                        Staging Connections         Event Stylist

Brisbane Truck Show 2006-2005-2004-2003                      Staging Connections         Event Stylist

Bug Island Hawaii 2005                                                              Staging Connections         Event Stylist

Meyer Sound 2005                                                                        Staging Connections          Audio Set up

Girlfriend Magazine 2004-2003-2002                                    Staging Connections         Event Stylist

PriceWaterHouseCoopers 2004                                             Staging Connections          AV Operator

Asia Pacific Military Medicine Conference 2004             Staging Connections         AV Operator

Telstra 2004                                                                                      Staging Connections         Event Stylist

Girl in a Million 2003                                                                    Staging Connections          Stage Manager

Bracco Launch 2003                                                                     Staging Connections         AV Operator

Xbox 360 Launch 2003                                                                Staging Connections         AV Operator

Hookers Ball 2003-2002-2001                                                   Progear                                   Camera Operator

Live Theatre

Wicked 2015                                                                           QPAC                                               Audio Setup

Rocky Horror Picture Show 2014                                QPAC                                               Radio Technician

It's Our Turn  2014                                                              QPAC                                               AV Operator  

Lion King 2014                                                                      QPAC                                               Audio Setup

Ten Tenors 2014                                                                   Microhire                                       Followspot Operator    

Earth's Dinosaur 2013                                                      QPAC                                               Staging Mechanist

Grease 2013                                                                           QPAC                                               Radio Technician

Legally Blonde the Musical  2013                                QPAC                                               Staging Technician

TEDx Kurilpa 2013                                                              QPAC                                               Radio Technician

A Chorus Line 2012                                                            QPAC                                               Radio Technician

Annie 2012                                                                             QPAC                                               Radio Technician

The Wizard of OZ 2012                                                     QPAC                                               Radio Technician

Tina Tunner 2011                                                                Progear                                          Followspot Operator

Santiago Sierra 2010                                                        GOMA                                              Artist Model

Pirates of Penzance 2002                                               Progear                                           Followspot Operator

Hot Shoe Shuffle 2002                                                     CNS Civic Theatre                       Followspot Operator

Phantom of the Opera 1999                                          QPAC                                               Audio Setup

Le Miserable 1999                                                               QPAC                                               Audio Setup

Wolf Lullaby 1999                                                               Theatre Up North                       Set Designer

The Wiggles 1999                                                                T'VILE Civic Theatre                  Stage Mechanist

Custard 1999                                                                         Company Solutions                  Followspot Operator

Cold Chisel - Last Wave of Summer 1998                Mix Crewing                                  Followspot Operator

Reguritator 1999                                                                 Mix Crewing                                  Followspot Operator

Lacey Vandal 1998                                                             Company Solutions                   Followspot Operator

Match Box 20 1996                                                             Company Solutions                   Followspot Operator

Chris Isaak 1996                                                                  Progear                                           Followspot Operator

Hooley Dooleys 1996                                                        CNS Civic Theatre                       Staging Mechanist

Radio Head 1995                                                                 Mix Crewing                                  Followspot Operator