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Dietmar von Polenz is an independent interim manager and consultant for international manufacturing industries with leadership experience through the entire value chain. He offers with his firm INTERIM[4]AUTOMOTIVE interim management & consulting services to create, optimize, manage or restructure complete business systems as plants, facilities or new product development on individual worldwide base. Clients benefit from leadership experience since 1980 at global OEM vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 systems suppliers and SME family business on four continents with ICE and electric drivetrains.


EXECUTIVE with proven success to generate new business in automotive industry on 4 continents:

Project Management Program Management Business Development Business Planning Plant Management

Turn key plants Corporate Strategy Mergers & Acquisitions Vehicle Technology

CREATOR - invents, structures and realizes complete new business systems (plants, new products)

·managed new green field turn-key plant projects up to US$ 0,5 billion capital investment

·        installed joint manufacturing, global sourcing and supply chains over several continents

·launched new all wheel drive generation as program manager power train & chassis to market in target costs, time and budget

STRATEGIST-restructures and directs manufacturing and product technology to new potentials

·restructured complete worldwide OEM transmission business of US$ 5 billion turnover

·        integrated axle differential business of 3 OEM brands on 2 continents

·transformed an OEM powertrain plant to a system supplier with industrialization overseas

·transferred technology on worldwide scale to gain synergies and scale effects

LEADER-directs complex organizations over continents and corporations to success

·led project organizations of up to 800 people to realize complete greenfield plants overseas

·integrated corporations, suppliers, service providers and consultantsto worldwide achievements

·        achieved ambitious cost-, time-, budget-, volume- and quality-targets in automotive projects

Leistungsbeispiele Deutsch

Performance Footprints




Diplom Volkswirt

University Heidelberg


Intercultural management
Managed complex cross-border projects on four continents as greenfield plants, product development, technology transfers and supply chains
Operative and project leadership of complex organisation up to 800 people, somestimes also cross borders, with budget and cost responsibility on directors and senior management levels
Program management
Leadership of complex new product development and manufacturing projects as leadership power train & chassis as system supplier for new cars or the new four wheel drive generation Mercedes-Benz 4 matic in the launch years 2006 in S-class (see visualCV portfolio "performance footprints" in english, "Leistungsbeispiele" in german or "exemples professionelles" in french
Project management
Responsible leader of complex projects on four continents. Comprehensive information see "performance footprints" (english), Leistungsbeispiele (deutsch) or "exemples professionelles" (francais) on visual CV portfolio.
Spanish (Espagnol)

Good base

Francais (french language)

negotiation level

Deutsch (german language)
Mother language, experienced speaker and writer
MS Office

Work experience


Interim launch manager aluminium structural parts green field plant China

Constellium Nanjing plant

Leadersphip & qualification of launch team for battery box, electric motor subframe and engine siderails

bring manufacturing processes to a volume-ready status and safeguard launch


Interim Manager Launch transmission parts

hGears Herzog GmbH

organization and leadership of project & program to scale up steep launch of gear set for new BOSCH e-bike drivetrain

solving of launch problems and de-escalate OEM delivery status

Implementation of automotive standards (VDA 6.3)


Interim Program Manager new electric vehicle drive train module

NIDEC Motors & Actuators, Germany

external leadership of the project to enter new business field integrated traction module as system supplier for global OEM

commercial and technical evaluations and updates of business plan

improve PMO functions and bring expertise for manufacturing, product development, testing and vehicle integration


Operational improvement manager pressure sensor manufacturing

Robert Bosch GmbH, Automotive electronics plant Reutlingen, Germany

Line management to improve yield, deliveries, uptime, quality and throughput of 4 lines in clean room

systematic elimination of failure events, finding potentials and tracking of execution


Interim production manager dual clutch transmissions

BorgWarner Transmission Systems Arnstadt GmbH, Germany

manage the manufacturing of dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) with focus on 2 productions and equipment launches, capacity increase and process improvement


Interim improvement manager new launch processes for sensors

Continental Automotive Hungary Kft, Veszprem, Hungary

develop systematic approch to accelerate with more efficiency launch processes, variety management and releases of new equipment and sensors for chassis, engines and transmissions


Management support green field casting and machining plant in USA

Fritz Winter Iron Casting GmbH, Stadtallendorf, Germany

structuring, acceleration and management for the build-up of a green field casting and machining plant for brake rotors in Kentucky


Task force manager test field for high pressure fuel injection pumps

Robert Bosch GmbH, gasoline systems, Schwieberdingen, Germany

leadership of root cause analysis and improvements to gain reliability, output and performance


General manager and plant manager high precision turning parts

Reich LLC, Arden-Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Management of fast-growing overseas plant and company for high-precision steering and transmission parts for big three OEMs and ZF.

two digit % improvements of revenues, workforce headcount, machinery implementation, quality sensor and 2 certifications


Interim Program Manager launch engine valvetrain gear set

Koepfer gear and transmission technology GmbH, Furtwangen, Germany

leadership and structuring of the launch processes for major order of gear packages for variable valve timing of a new passenger car Diesel engine generation with SoP 2015


Interim manager improvement and launch of high performance DCT transmission

GETRAG International (today MAGNA-GETRAG), Untergruppenbach, Germany

leader of 12 engineers for design, procurement, manufacturing planning, quality management and controllers to improve features, quality and production capacities for dual clutch transmission for high performance sports cars.


senior consultant Launch processes and equipment semiconductor line

Robert Bosch GmbH, Automotive Electronichs, Kusterdingen plant , Germany

safeguarding and shorten by some weeks the supply and build-up time of a semiconductor manufacturing line in USA for transmission control units


Task force manager spline reinforcement solutions rotor shaft electric motor

Robert Bosch, hybrid and electric vehicle propulsion, Schwieberdingen, Germany

solve root causes after loss of spline in overload endurance testing and manage process improvements and new sample manufacturing

reached tight launch targets of electric vehicle of italian-american OEM


Senior Consultant launch process design oil modules and electric vehicles

INCOVIS project and process consulting, Filderstadt, Germany

created systematic product development process for Hengst filtrations and lead a team of 5 consultants

operative program management of oil module for a new commerical vehicle engine

electric BEV vehicle masterplan and project structure plan including testing and launch


consultant industrialisation of commercial airplane

Dornier Seastar company Ltd, Montreal, Canada and Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

planning assembly of modules, supply chains and purchasing strategy for projected bi-turbo-prop amphibious 16 seater aircraft


Senior manager engineering and project management axle differentials

Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz cars, Stuttgart, Germany

Leadership of 3 project teams with 150 engineers in Detroit and Stuttgart

member of the management committee for a US$ 700 mil axle plant and development


Senior Manager industrialization automatic transmission in USA

DaimlerChrysler passenger car division

Development overall strategy "worldwide transmission scenario" to restructure transmission portfolio with reduced product variety and lower cost

Leader of all Mercedes-Benz activitiers with 800 team members and € 52 Mil CAPEX for the green field Indiana Transmission plant ITP2 and the launch of first american 5-speed automatic transmission (400.000 units/year, 17 years in production)


Senior Manager power train & chassis new vehicle programs

DaimlerChrysler AG, Mercedes-Benz Car Group

Programm leader power train & chassis new 4WD generation S-class, GLK

Project manager industrialization power train & chassis new C-class South Africa and Brazil with budget € 63 mil

Program manager power train & chassis new smart SUV in Brazil


Manager industrialization project overseas

Mercedes-Benz AG, Commercial vehicles division

single responsible project manager for green field passenger car assembly plant Egyptian German Automotive EGA near Cairo since founding of joint venture until full scale running plant (€ 24 mil budget)

leader of product and production planning trucks, buses and engines for licensees in Egypt and Iran


Manager Reporting & Information System at affiliates, mergers & acquisition

Daimler-Benz AG

Leader of the team reporting and informations systems

Development of new evaluation and documentations systems on shareholder value base

Business plan and in-situ implementation of finance functions at new JV MBIndia in Pune


Key account business IT systems and organization foreign sales subsidiaries

Daimler -Benz AG

Leader of IT systems and data center planning  and implementation of new IT systems abroad

key account for IT and data centers of wholesale companies MBUSA, MBFrance, MBBelgium, MBNetherlands and MBJapan


Assistant to the global PR and media director

Daimler-Benz AG

Management of the office of director for global public relations, media and economics

compilation of all corporate statements of official top spokesman

Concept teamwork for big PR-projects as 100 years automobile, new Corporate Identity, restructuring corporate sponsoring


Expert finance & controlling methods, team leader corporate auditing

Daimler -Benz Ag

Development of new methods for budgeting and target costing

elaboration of guidelines for costing and profit accounting

Team leader for audits of data centers and IT systems at plants, sales outlets and administration

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