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Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.

Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, Blogger, White Paper Author


Ghostwriter, helping businesses and individuals write any size book on any topic. Also writes technical and non-techinical content, including white papers, blog entries, and web content.  Worked 20 years for NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 6 years with Microsoft Research, researching future trends and discussing them with executives and leaders from around the world, and 25 years teaching at various colleges and universities. Have published two books and written over 550 articles on a variety of topics. Also teach speed reading programs that has students reading and remembering thousands of words per minute.

Ghostwrites blogs for Fortune 25 company executives. Can take highly technical and non-technical subjects and craft them in any voice for any audience.

My 20-year career in the space program for NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 6 years at Microsoft Research,  and  over 2 decades of teaching experience adds a depth of knowledge and experience to my writing that few can match.

Work experience

2003August 2016


The Stoke Group

I have ghostwritten over 100 articles which were posted on the Adobe Digital marketing blog, and I have written over 450 articles on a variety of topics, many of which have been posted at websites around the world and on social media platforms.

Jan 1996August 2016

Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Content Writer, White Paper Writer


Assist various individuals and companies around the world with writing, speaking, and teaching projects of all kinds. Write blog posts, online articles, technical articles, marketing pieces, and press releases. Can take any subject and make it understandable, so "translating" work into teachable terms for any age or background is a specialty.

Nov 2004Present


Center for Lifelong Learning

Owner/President of company providing professional development workshops to executives, staff, students, and the general public in speed reading, advanced study skills, and writing. Prepared business, financial, and marketing plans, conceived and managed media campaign. Marketed professional development programs to CEO and Chief Learning Officer level managers in Fortune 500 companies.

Developed marketing approaches to overcome the competition for corporate professional development training programs. Marketing efforts resulted in major clients including Alaska Airlines and Archer, Daniel, Midlands.

May 2010August 2016

Seattle Green Business Examiner

Report on sustainable and "green" businesses in and around Seattle.

Jun 2008Jul 2014

Tour Presenter - Microsoft Envisioning Center

Microsoft Corporate Headquarters (Randstad)

For the Strategic Prototyping Team at Microsoft, gave tours of the "Microsoft Envisioning Center" in the Executive Briefing Center. In a simulated office and home environment, C-level executives, high-level staff, and visiting dignitaries who are pursuing contracts and partnerships with Microsoft can experience possible consumer technology innovations that are likely to emerge over the next five to ten years. Facilitated discussions that allowed for innovative thinking about future possibilities for including technology in the workplace, on the go, at home and in their lives. Work with the team to research future technology trends and develop scenarios for future versions of the Center. Served over 50,000 guests and conducted over 2,700 tours.

Jan 2008Jan 2009


Education Week Online

Wrote monthly column on education issues, processes, and techniques for this nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C whose primary mission is to help raise the level of awareness and understanding among professionals and the public of important issues in American education. (

Jan 1989Jun 2008

Adjunct Professor

Various Colleges and Universities

Adjunct professor at a number of educational institutions. Created and taught over 30 courses in education, ecology, humanities, advanced learning techniques, the sciences, astronomy, learning theory, and more. Designed, taught, and evaluated distance learning and online courses. Created interesting and innovative classes to help adults returning to school to finish degrees or change careers. Followed diverse guidelines from many different educational institutions.

Created discovery-based learning experiences that helped students discover their full potential. Worked asadjunct professor at the following institutions:

  • UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX, WA and Southern CA, 1993 – 1999, Los Angeles; 2000-2007, Seattle
  • ARGOSY UNIVERSITY, Seattle, WA, 2004 - 2006
  • ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY, Seattle, WA, 2003-2004; Los Angeles, CA, 1989 - 1998
Jan 1997Aug 2004

Commentary Columnist

Environment News Service

Wrote cutting edge weekly commentary column on environmental, social, and child advocacy issues of global concern. Respond to a global online readership, aiding their quest to become activists and advocates for change in their communities. Over 350 articles were written, many of which have been published on hundreds of websites and many magazines internationally.


Manager of Discovery Park

Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation

Managed all aspects of Discovery Park, Seattle’s largest city park, with oversight for 534-acre grounds, education programs, visitor’s center and exhibits, and multi-million dollar annual budget.

  • Bridged gaps between the myriad of interest groups affiliated with the park that had adversarial relationships.
  • Optimized visibility of the park, increasing utilization of park facilities by citizens citywide. Created cooperative public programs with the Daybreak Star Native American Cultural Center, located in Discovery Park. Turned what was an adversarial relationship with the City of Seattle into a successful cooperative venture. In a program I created, Discovery Park rangers would co-lead a nature walk with a member of the Native American community, interweaving the native stories with the natural history of the area.
  • Coordinated effective and diverse community advisory board representing all interest groups. Rejuvenated interagency community task force spanning many different municipal agencies, the Native American community, the U.S. Army, and residents.
  • Designed and implemented a groundskeeping plan for the park that embraced environmentally sound practices including limited machine use in the park, phase-out of all 2-cycle engines, and prohibiting the use of pesticides. Developed innovative techniques for managing invasive plants in the park.
Jan 1993Jan 1998

Manager, Outer Planets Educational Outreach Program

California Institute of Technology / Jet Propulsion Laboratory /NASA

Conceived, designed, and managed a $3.5 million Earth and space science educational outreach program that served thousands of K-12 and college teachers through innovative workshops, in-service programs, and audio-visual materials that wove together concepts in critical thinking, multiple intelligence theory, discovery-based learning and creative arts. Successfully marketed the programs to public and private schools in Southern California.

  • Began the transformation of the nationwide perception of NASA educational outreach efforts to one of a proactive professional development program provider. Program was used as a model for other programs throughout NASA.
  • Used marketing, promotion, and fundraising techniques from business and industry to promote programs to school boards, gaining access to K-12 teachers throughout California. Developed innovative fundraising opportunities and secured coverage of programs in the print, broadcast, and online media.
Jan 1993Nov 1977

Team Chief, Voyager, Galileo, Topex, Space Station, Outer Planets Projects

California Institute of Technology / Jet Propulsion Laboratory /NASA

Conceived, designed, and managed an innovative design for a $6 million computer software and hardware system to provide the daily operations planning environment for the Ocean Topography Experiment satellite, a joint mission between the United States (NASA) and France (Centre Nationale Etudies Spaciale - CNES). Led a team of programmers in the development of hundreds of thousands of lines of custom code.

  • With tight budgets using hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, launch window and planetary encounter schedules that do not move, technological challenges, 24-hour schedules, creating systems to control spacecraft around other planets where you can’t send a repair crew, coordinating tracking stations around the world, and with national public opinion at stake, each spacecraft development project is a collaboration among many. I learned a myriad of techniques that have made me a top performer in all my roles.
  • Kept operations within budgets and ahead of schedule. Led a team of programmers and engineers to create innovative software and hardware designs that dramatically increased efficiency and accuracy of spacecraft operations. Created new ways of controlling spacecraft, resulting in increased science return. Instituted oversight and review program that reduced errors and increased employee satisfaction.
  • Restructuring of software requirements for an Earth-orbiting satellite mission resulted in creation of 2 programmer positions instead of 4, saving at least $500,000 in staffing costs over 2-years. Developed a plan for modifying existing software created by the University of Colorado for scheduling the Tracking and Data Relay System satellites, saving over $250,000 in programming costs over 2-years and at least $100,000 in testing costs. Redesign of operations team requirements resulted in $600,000 savings over the 8-year life of the mission.
  • For the Voyager and Galileo deep space missions, created processes and developed software that tested spacecraft mission planning sequences prior to delivery, saving over $1 million of staff and computer resources over the 10-year life of the mission.
Jan 1993Jun 1997


Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

Taught advanced speed reading and learning techniques as a contract teacher in this nationwide organization. Over the course of a 2-day program, students with reading speeds from 100 to 400 words per minute would increase to 2,000 to 2,500 words per minute.


Preserve Monitor Coordinator

The Nature Conservancy

Recruited, trained, coordinated, and motivated a network of 50 volunteers who visited and reported on conditions of lands given by The Nature Conservancy to federal, state, and local agencies to insure compliance with lease agreements. Received The Nature Conservancy Service Award in 1983 for work.



Humane Civic Association

Identified and vetted promising opportunities for giving grants to individuals and non-profits working on children’s rights, animal welfare, and environmental issues. Managed a pipeline, collaborated and consulted with grantees.

  • Reviewed letters of inquiry and grant proposals and decided who would get funding. 
  • Managed internal processes and portfolio progress, documentation, grant budgeting and reporting. 
  • Served as a point of contact on portfolio-related issues for grantees.
May 1973Jun 1977

Griffith Observatory Museum Guide Supervisior

City of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation

Managed staff of museum guides, gift shop personnel, telescope demonstrators, and information desk personnel at the internationally renowned Griffith Observatory and Planetarium in Los Angeles, California. The museum and planetarium had over 4 million visitors per year. 

Hire, manage, train, retain, schedule a staff comprised entirely of part-time employees, all who were college students with a passion for astronomy, public education, and the sciences.

Developed systems, policies, and procedures to create a quality family museum experience. Created innovative crowd control and safety strategies to accommodate the thousands who came up just for the laser light show in the planetarium. Coordinated an Exhibit Renovation and Development Plan. Created an environment of enthusiasm and commitment among the staff, creating the delicate balance between education, entertainment, and public safety.


Jan 1992May 1998


Union Institute

Dissertation: "Teaching As If Your Life Depended on It: Environmental Studies Curricula as a Vehicle for Societal Change"

Sep 1981Jun 1983


California State University, Dominguez Hills

Thesis: Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Relocation of Southern Sea Otters to San Nicolas Island, California from Central California.

Sep 1972Jul 1977


University of Southern California


Courses Taught

Writing Sample - Social Justice Article - 900 words