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Executive Director, Senior Scientific Officer

At a Glance

I am passionate about using scientific evidence to improve health outcomes and healthcare delivery. I have more than twenty years experience in health technology assessment, health outcomes research, and  preclinical laboratory research encompassing the areas of virology, gene therapy, and cancer medicine. I am well-versed in a wide range of health technologies including drugs, medical devices, surgical procedures, medical tests (including genetic testing).

Specialties: Health Technology Assessment, Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, study design, critical appraisal methodology (GRADE), health outcomes research, molecular medicine, product Innovation, team and program management


February 2011present


HTA Expertise
  • Providing HTA and Scientific Management Services
May 2019October 2021

Executive Director, Senior Scientific Officer

Hayes Inc., a symplr company
  • Providing methodological and scientific direction for horizon scanning and evidence products
  • Accountable for scientific content and quality of 140 health technology assessments per year
May 2017April 2019

Senior Director of Evidence Solutions

Hayes Inc.
  • Provided leadership for the digital transformation of the Hayes publication process
  • Managed a large team of scientific directors and scientific research analysts
  • Provided methodological and scientific direction for horizon scanning, precision medicine, and standard and comparative effectiveness health technology assessments
  • Accountable for scientific content and quality of 140 health technology assessments per year
Feb 2016April 2017

Director of Research, Innovation, and Quality

Hayes Inc.
  • Managed the Stage Gate innovation process to develop evidence products and services
  • Provided methodological and scientific direction for horizon scanning and genetic test evaluation programs
  • Implemented and managed the Hayes Quality Assurance Program
Apr 2015Jan 2016

Director of Research and Innovation

Hayes Inc.
  • Implemented and managed the Stage Gate innovation process to develop evidence products and services
  • Provided methodological and scientific direction for horizon scanning and genetic test evaluation programs
Nov 2013Mar 2015

Managing Editor

Hayes Inc
  • Managed a team of senior research analysts
  • Accountable for scientific content and quality of 60 health technology assessments per year
  • Created and implemented product enhancements
  • Developed methodology for patient safety practices assessments
  • Provided change management during executive leadership transition
Mar 2003Oct 2013

Senior Research Analyst/Scientific Content Editor

Hayes Inc.

Health Technology Assessment

  • Provided evidence-based recommendations regarding the efficacy and safety of new health technologies
  • Improved and validated company-internal scientific evidence grading tools
  • Provided scientific leadership for projects involving government organizations

Decision analysis

  •  Developed decision trees to guide clinical decision making

Editorial management

  • Reviewed health technology assessments of research analysts for complete and correct scientific content and evidence grading
  • Managed custom work and production workflow

Business development

  • Prepared proposals and budgets for custom projects
  • Established international business relationships
  • Interfaced with clients
Jan 2000Feb 2003


Johns Hopkins University
  • Managed research laboratory
  • Wrote grant proposals
  • Advised students and research fellows
Sep 1997Dec 1999

Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins University


  • Directed students and research fellows
  • Managed and ordered supplies


  • Independently designed research protocols and analyzed data
  • Developed plasmid constructs expressing growth factors to promote wound healing
  • Developed appropriate immunoassays to measure growth factor levels in serum and in cell culture
  • Developed measures of wound healing including digital wound tracing methodology
  • Maintained cell cultures of esophageal cancer cell lines
Jul 1995Aug 1997

Postdoctoral Fellow

Food and Drug Administration
  • Independently designed experiments to develop and test plasmid constructs for gene therapy for genital herpes simplex virus infection
  • Developed three plasmid constructs for herpes simplex virus gene therapy
  • Developed appropriate immune assays to detect and measure viral proteins in serum
  • Maintained cell cultures and virus stock
  • Presented research results at conferences
Jul 1989Jun 1990


Bayer AG
  • Independently developed a staining method for pathogenic wheat fungi to diagnose and predict disease development in the field
  • Interfaced with collaborators to design and manage field studies


Sep 1990Jun 1995


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Plant Pathology (Virology)

Sep 1987May 1989

Postgraduate Education

Nanjing University

Chinese language and culture

Oct 1981May 1987


University of Konstanz


Continuing Education

Oct 2015Present

Genomic Data Science Certificate

Johns Hopkins University (Verified Coursera Specialization)

Concepts and tools to understand, analyze, and interpret data from next generation sequencing experiments.
Module 1: Introduction to Genomic Technologies (completed with  distinction)
Module 2: Genomic Data Science with Galaxy (completed)
Module 3: Python for Genomic Data Science (completed with distinction)

Dec 2015Jan 2016

Executive Data Science

Johns Hopkins University (Verified Coursera Certificate)

Assembling and leading a data science enterprise.

Module 1: A Crash Course in Data Science

Module 2: Building a Data Science Team

Module 3: Managing Data Analysis

Module 4: Data Science in Real Life

Sep 2015Oct 2015

Bioinformatics Methods I Certificate

University of Toronto (Verified Coursera Certificate)

Topics covered in this course: comparative genomics, multiple sequence alignments, phylogenetics, selection analysis, next generation sequencing, metagenomics.

Apr 2013Mar 2014

University Certificate in Public Policy and Management

University of York

Theory and methods in public management and public policy

Oct 2011May 2013

University Certificate in Cross-Cultural Training, Engagement, and Management

Heidelberg University of Education

The course included modules on methods for cultural sensitivity training, moderating diverse groups, and cross-cultural project management and consulting.

Mar 2011Jun 2011

Project Leadership Certificate

eCornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA

The course included modules on project management methods, managing diversity, earned value management, influence without authority, and conflict resolution.

Dec 2010Jan 2011

Regulatory Affairs Certificate: Pharmaceuticals

RAPS, Maryland, USA

The course included modules on ethics, global regulatory strategy, pharmaceutical definition & lifecycle, regulation of pharmaceuticals and combined products, project management, effecitve communication & negotiation,  and medical writing.


Social Network Analysis - University of Michigan via Coursera

Introduction to Pharmacoeconomics - ISPOR Distance Learning Program

Health technology assessments

Prepared and content edited over 200 proprietary health technology assessments published in the Hayes Inc. knowledge library.

Scientific Publications

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