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Visual story teller who incorporates all forms of media and styles. I can cut footage like a surgeon and shoot pictures like a sniper. My aim is to create stories that challenge people to think, and realize that when it comes to telling a story visually, less is more. My greatest communication tools are a keyboard and a camera. With a "bleeding edge" editing style, I know how to make Final Cut Pro and my camera sing and dance as "The Boss" does with his guitar. I readily embrace new production technologies.


Work experience

Sep 1994Present

Creative and Visionary DP/Cameraman & Editor

Dr.Zoom Productions

A dynamic Production company which focuses on visual strategies. Run by Swiss-born Alberto Engeli who's professional career began in Milan, Italy, 1980. A man of vision, fire and know-how, whose camera work and direction is always artistic and technically outstanding. If you want your camera work and direction to look like the real Hollywood deal, you hire Alberto and it will look as good as it gets. Alberto has shot out of helicopters, trains and cars all while keeping the steadiest of shots. With his "work different" motto and can do attitude, he is a miracle worker.

This is a selection out of a much longer list of projects I did for Dr.Zoom Productions.

Director, Camera, Editor & Color-grader for a 80 minutes documentary "A Suitcase Full of Dreams" (2020)

Conceiver, Director, Camera, Editor & Color-grader for a 45 minutes documentary "Swiss Immigrant in Canada" for Swiss TV (2019)

Conceiver, Director, Camera, Editor & Color-grader for a 62 minutes documentary "Looking back: Woodstock 50 years ago" (2019)

Cameraman & Editor during the Academy Awards-Oscar 2015/2019

Conceiver, Director, Camera, Editor & Color-grader for a 45 minutes documentary "Swiss Immigrant in Australia" for Swiss TV (2018)

Director, Camera & Editor Corporate videos, Mercedes-Italy (2008-2018)

Conceiver, Director, Camera, Editor & Color-grader for a 48 minutes documentary "Swiss Immigrant in the US" for Swiss TV (2017)

Conceiver, Director, Camera, Editor & Color-grader for a 38 minutes documentary "Swiss Immigrant in the US" for Swiss TV (2016)

Co-director, DP, Editor & Color-grader for a 7 minutes story about Douglas Kirkland "A Photo Story" for Swiss TV (2014)

Conceiver, Director, Camera, Editor & Color-grader for a 52 minutes documentary "Swiss Immigrant in California" for Swiss TV (2015)

Director, Camera & Editor for a 20 minutes documentary "US School" for Swiss TV (2015)

Co-director, DP, Editor & Color-grader for a 7 minutes story about Moby "Moby Land" for Swiss TV (2014)

Cameraman & Editor for a documentary "Atlantic - Pacific, The Last Train for Obama" dir. A. Salvadore (2012)

DP for the American part of a documentary “The Glance of Soul” dir. Andrea Canetta, RSI-Swiss TV (2011)

Cameraman Documentary, "The Visual Language Of Herbert Matter", dir. Reto Caduff (2010)

DP TV series documentary, a segment of the “Independents Lens”, PBS (2008)

Director, Cameraman & Editor Film, "Al Maniero di Montebello - Medieval Reenactment", Associazione Spada nella Rocca-Switzerland (2006)

Rerecording Sound Mix Documentary, "Lovebugs – Taiwan Jetlag", dir. Reto Caduff (2006)

DP & sound for 4 documentaries, “Bounty Hunters”, “American Cop”, “Sexy Missionaries”, “2365 Reali Regina C”, for RSI-Swiss TV (2005-2007)

Editor Music Documentary, "Krokus-As Long As We Live", dir. Reto Caduff (2004)

DP & Editor Music EPK, Gotthard “Human Zoo”, BMG Ariola Switzerland (2003)

Cameraman Live Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland (2000-2001)

DP 16 mm Music Video, Gotthard "He ain't heavy, he's my brother", BMG Ariola Switzerland (1997)

DP 2 documentaries, “Lowrider” and “Navajo-Malcom Benally”, DRS-Swiss TV (1996-1997)

Co-Director, DP & Editor 2 documentaries, “Hollywood, CH” and “Los Angeles, Switzerland”, Swiss TV (‘95-’96)

Jun 2008Present

Creative and Visionary DP/Cameraman, Editor & Color-grading

Global Vision Group

Global Vision Group is shaping the way we see images and deliver ideas. Founded 20 years ago and has evolved from a news gathering organization into a multi-faceted media company - all the while staying true to its core mission: to communicate ideas in a purposeful, creative and meaningful way.

Organized the technical aspect of the first production filmed and edited entirely in HD for RAI-TV Italy. A two hour Travel show filmed in Turkey.

Camera & Editor for RAI-Italian TV (2015 to present)

Camera & Editor during 2015 Venezia Film Festival - Italy for Eurovision

Cameraman using LiveU during the 2012 “Election Night” in Chicago 

Editor & Colorist for 2 documentaries (56 minutes), produced by RAI Educational (10/2011)

DP, Editor & Colorist 96 minutes documentary, "Welcome to Detroit", produced by RAI-Cinema (2010)

DP, Editor & Co-Director, On location segments of a travel show, “Alle falde del Kilimangiaro”, RAI3-Italy (2010)

Cameraman, Technical Supervisor (2) Two hours Agricultural/travel show shot in Peru and Turkey, "Linea Verde", RAI1-Italy (2009)

DP Motorcycle segments of travel car/motorcycle show (11 episodes) "Easy Driver", produced in the US and GB, RAI1 (2008)

Jul 2011May 2018

Creative and Visionary DP/Cameraman

Bader TV

With more than 65 dedicated broadcast professionals working in more than 12 countries, Bader TV News has a production team at the major events. No other independent news network has more domestic and international bureaus than Bader TV.

Bader TV global bureaus are issued media credentials and are onsite at the major events; sports, culture, awards ceremonies, auto shows, political functions, product launches and corporate news.

DP for corporate videos for GM, Cadillac , Chevrolet , Camaro and more

Cameraman behind the scenes commercial Buick with Shaquille O’Neal

Cameraman at the LA Auto Show (2011 - 2018)

Apr 2012Apr 2014

Cameraman & Editor

Associated Press AP

The Associated Press has been breaking news since it was created in 1846.

Cameraman & Editor during the Academy Awards-Oscar 2013/2014

Cameraman & Editor covering different events, like G8/2012 in Camp David, NATO Summit 2012 in Chicago and many more 

Mar 1994Apr 2012

Cameraman & Editor

RAI Corporation

RAI Corporation is the American subsidiary of RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, Italy’s public Television. RAI begun broadcasting in 1954. Its service covers all of Italy and reaches many of the Italian communities abroad. It has been a dominant force in the development, shaping and expansion of Italian culture within Italy and globally for more than 50 years.

I saved the day many times when I was called last minute with crazy requests because of my work style, ethics and professionalism.

This is a small selection out of around 1000 News segments from the US and world main events that I covered during my 17 year tenure.

Cameraman & Editor

Academy Awards-Oscar, 1994 to 2012

Memorial 9/11 2011

Earthquake Haiti, Jan. 2010

Michael Jackson's Funeral, July 2009

Obama Inauguration in Washington, DC Jan. 2009

USA elections:  Phoenix, AZ 2008 - Boston, MA 2004 - Nashville, TN 2000 and Little Rock, AR 1996

9/11, NY 2001 

Oct 2001Jun 2008

Co-Director, DP & Editor

Cinecinema - Paris (Los Angeles bureau)

CineCinema is a set of French thematic television channels focused on movies. A subsidiary of Canal +, a French Cable Network.

Co-Director, DP & Editor Weekly entertainment TV show, "HOLLYWOOD LIVE" - 250 episodes Hosted by Ramzi Malouki 

Mar 1994Sep 2001

Cameraman & Editor

Canal+, Paris (Los Angeles bureau)

A French cable network (like HBO) focused on Sports and Cinema. A subsidiary of Vivendi group.

Cameraman & Editor

Covered around 500 news, sports news and entertainment news stories on the West Coast.

Aug 1980Oct 2000

Cameraman & Editor


for TMC now LA7

I covered News and many Sport's events as the World Cup Soccer in Mexico '86, Italy '90, USA '94 and France '98. 

Jan 1989Dec 1993

Producer, Director, DP & Editor


Created, Director, Camera & Editor the first " Top Model " documentary in Europe, 1992.

Created, Director, Camera & Editor  52 "episodes" for the End Credit Sequence of a fashion Magazine TV show.

Director, Camera & Editor documentary " The (Un)Lucky Man " Civil Protection Bellinzona-Switzerland

As a Director, Camera & Editor I made other multiple projects during that time.

Jan 1985Dec 1988

Director, Editor & Cameraman


Cameraman & Editor for RAI, Telemontecarlo and other Italian & Foreign TV

Editor for TV Commercials (including American Eagles shoes)

Director for TV fashion shows (Armani, Missoni, Ferre', Versace, etc.)

Cameraman & Editor for other clients, most of them in the fashion business.

Jul 1980Dec 1984

Director, Editor & Cameraman

Inter TV

Cameraman for commercials for Swiss Store Migros (supermarket chain)

Cameraman & Editor for the news programs for TMC and RAI

Directed sports programs with Paolo Rossi and Roberto Bettega

in Nov.1983 had the honor of working with the first Betacam destined for the Italian market.

In 1982 created and directed the first TV fashion show for TMC, a private Italian network.


Ivo Mej

“Alberto is a brilliant guy, a good professional, a collaborative crewman that helps a lot your work. I recomend him absolutely as a sensitive and caring tv expert.”

Marco Maccapani

Alberto Engeli, probabilmente il miglior tecnico, montatore, cameraman, insomma il "one man band" della produzione video.

Christian Romitti

“I have known Alberto for several years and I was involved with him during the production of the documentary Chris American Cop. During the production of the documentary, Alberto has always been enthusiastic, skilled, and always had a proper solution to any problems that came along during the event. I was very positively impressed on Alberto's work ethic and I recommend him without hesitation. 

Jon Asher

“I had the great opportunity to work with Alberto on a fantastic documentary about Detroit. The experience I received was priceless and I would recommend him for any job!”

Stefano Ukmar

“I like his work style, ethic and professionality. He saved the day many times when I called last minute with crazy requests.”




Editing supervisor and Softwares
Editing supervisor Software Skills, Compressor – Color - Photoshop  
Shoot and Edit in HD
  Technical supervision includes choosing full HD camera and training four editor on how to manage editing full HD. On location daily capture and trans-coding to Apple ProRes 422 Editing supervisor    
video compression & FTP
Pioneer at compressing video since 2001 and send through the FTP system to various TV stations in Europe and Tahiti.    
One of the first, in California, to use Final Cut Pro In September 1999 to cut a story for the European market.  


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