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Ehab TAREQ ALkoOhon

Administration & Materials Management, Logistics , Operations, Pre-sales (Sales & Marketing).


Ehab is a skilled communicator; able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with members of diverse groups, and promote team cohesiveness. Also, highly organized and independent; able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish events and objectives  with timeliness and creativity.

High-energy, confident professional with an infectious enthusiasm for technology.

An organized and detail-oriented manager, able to prioritize and delegate tasks effectively to ensure timely events completion within a team environment.

career objective

To be able to convey and put into action the acquired knowledge and experiences, performing it professionally and heartily thereby contributing to the success of the organization and at the same time aiming for learning that requires acquiring the desired related competencies.



Bachelor of Arts Degree in MARKETING

Applied Science University Amman, Jordan


Courses included: e-Marketing, Market Research, Customer Service, and Project Management and offline marketing.



Al Imam Ali Highschool

Ministry of Education Amman, Jordan High School Certificate, Information Technology.

Work experience

August, 2018To present

Manger, Administration & Materials Management

Mashal Chemical Industry

Under the turf of the current Administration & Materials Management, the following points are rationally mapped to ensure the success of business flow:


Administration: -Manpower-


Checking Manpower current status and planning the below:

  • Arranged training and development plans that include commissions and prizes as well as monthly, yearly or planned events for office Staff and Factory Workers;
  • Designed monthly KPI’s and comparisons of all members in the organization starting with the sales and ending with the delivery & feedback teams to ensure the above is strictly and diligently performed correctly;
  • Granting of annual leaves / sick leaves and business travels for all personals;
  • Maintaining a fleet Administration, Sales, Delivery and other Vehicles for a timely Registration and insurance renewals and service;
  • Ensuring of ‘’the right man in the right place’’;
  • Renewing the expat's permits and paying their monthly and yearly fees to maintain their current status in our organization;
  • Managing personnel adherence and ensuring strict compliance of organizational policies and procedures of the organization across all levels;


Administration: -Operation/PR/Logistics-


  • Initiated communication with all government entities to ensure that the organization is following all the rules and regulation;
  • Strict compliance of the full process of obtaining chemical approvals, Import/Export Permits as well as yearly permits and other relevant chemical procedures;
  • Communicated with all of the customers outside the kingdom of Bahrain to ensure a smooth boarder-cross;
  • Accuracy in preparing all export documents and other relevant or required approvals ahead of time;
  • Ensuring safety packing corresponding to the type of transport, thereby following the rules and regulations of the importers (country-wise) to ensure that demurrage will be avoided and any other complications for organizations;
  • Representing the company in various events and meetings with customers and suppliers locally and internationally;
  • Planning the correct harmonized international codes in order to succeed in releasing products from any borders;
  • Taking places in repacking, lunching. Re-launching, positioning, designing, packaging decisions;
  • Authorized in all of the above decisions;




  • Preparing a yearly purchase plan referring to the customer buying behavior as well as annual sales reports and sales heads division advisory;
  • Ensuring purchasing values are in line with budget and not exceeding limits given by the Financial Department;
  • Obtaining good faculties from suppliers when it comes to Payment, Price, and Logistics;
  • Seeking new suppliers all over the world to re-confirm the quality and price of the market and for checking the latest trends and ideas in the field;
  • Dealing with agents and shipping companies to ensure all of our purchased materials are delivered safely and following further the required or standard speed;
  • Communicating using all in-co-terms and trade-terms for a better deal at any time;
  • Ensuring that FIFO is being implemented;



Ensuring that the organization has what is required to achieve the manpower fit from required tools as well as all raw materials to operate smoothly without any emergency disconnection in all of the mentioned above.


One of the main keys that I am working on is the scheduling of purchasing any material or planning any future recruitment as well as scheduling maintenance and big repairs for big heavy-duty types of machinery.

April, 2017 August, 2018

Admin & Logistics - Presales Manager (Sales & Marketing) - Operations - Social Media

Al-Khatib Office Services (SHARP-Bahrain) - Tubli, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Planning of sales strategies and making sure that customers are always updated about our recent additions in products and services;
  • Preparing business plans for self-assessments and to expand the company business by attracting financers to the company to invest and take part;
  • Positioning in contrast with the competitors and offering better prices and developing a good relationship with the customers in order to gain their trust thus repeated orders; 
  • Preparing and executing presentations of products and/or services for internal (research and development) and external (business development);
  • Creating marketing concepts to dominate and have a bigger market by promotional offers and rewarding techniques as well as redemptions;
  • Coordinating and organizing customers' demand. Generating
  • activities like trade shows, company events or customer workshops;
  • Engaging with the customers, interpreting their needs and deriving advice for prospective products that are aligned with the customers' demands; 
  • Formulating strategies for tackling prospects and processes in gaining sales deals.


Making sure that process that I have created for the company is being followed with no mistakes to ensure accuracy in reports and forecasting for the future.

 Keep an open channel with the clients to understand their new interests and make sure to fulfill those needs by offering the best choices with the most convenient way's possible.

Always looking for the new trends of the market to ready ourselves to ride the waves of change to adapt and adjust. 

JUNE 2016April 2017

Sales Executive

Continental Office Equipment and Systems (TOSHIBA-Bahrain) - Mina Salman, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Creating leads and transforming them into opportunities;
  • Handling tasks in a specific time frame;
  • Cold calling for new leads, preparing proposals and quotations;
  • Scanning new prospects in designated areas as bases in creating new groups of clients;
  • Daily reporting to the Management as to sales inflow, sales plan, sales activities, etc);
  • Time-managing for optimal results.
  • Leveraging social networks to get a special spot and position a in the market. 
  • Renewing the company website in a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -based techniques for best search results. 
  • Making the company visible across search engines such as WIKIPEDIA, GOOGLE, & GOOGLE MAPS  and social networks such as FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and creating a company mobile friendly website.
  • Coordinating in various companies' events for MASS ads;
  • Presetting the company in meetings and gatherings to create and expand business
Aug 2013Sep 2015

Operational Assistant

Stickhouse- Italian Hand Crafted Jelato - Amman, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Managed a team of 28 sales reps during the critical phase oflaunching Stick-House-Gelato franchise in its inception in Jordan country. Stick-House-Gelato started from a single branch in Amman, Jordan, eventually grow and franchised into four (4) branches:

  • Enhancing customer service procedures;
  • Maintaining regular contact with customers and distributing and analyzing surveys;
  • Managing supplies and shop sales;
  • Running a separated factory for Stickhouse  mainly for distribution of products across all branches on a specified strict timelines;
  • Maintaining availability of all resources for branches' needs to operate optimally;
  • Formulating a recovery plan for the brand itself;
  • Training employees and developing the process;
  • Rebuilding a new system synced with the brand name, rules and regulations;
  • Building an open friendly channel with suppliers and  constant considering communication benefits;
  • Handling outdoor events and special occasions;
  • Arranging final deals with customers;
  • Preparing schedules for employees on a daily bases because of part timers
Dec 2012May 2013

e-Marketing Intern

StartAppz; an Investment Arm of n2v - Amman, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

e-Marketing Intern StartAppz; an Investment Arm of n2v, Jordan With StarApps internship. I was introduced to the real-world marketing technologies.

  • Developing and enhancing the company's website in a Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques, online ad campaigns, affiliate marketing, and other marketing strategies;
  • Customizing of marketing plan;
  • Monitoring on-time delivery of products;
  • Maintaining and developing the company's presence across all social networks;
  • Upholding a strategic internal communications towards effective communication with customers;
  • Performing other tasks as instructed (B2B in the field of APPS works and how do buyers buy and sellers sell);
  • Delivering on time a new website content and SEO;
  • Effective handling social networks;
  • Editing content of the company website.


Team Player
  • Effectively works independently and as a team member;
  • Effective coordination skills;
  • Focused approach in delegating tasks;
  • Organized and detail-oriented Leader;
  • Ability to handle diverse groups and to promote team cohesiveness.
  • Effectively works in Offline and online communications;
  • Maintaining internal and external affairs;
  • Excellently work with Manager to provide excellent customer service.
Business Management
  • Team building and leadership.
  • Act as back-up to Manager in performing business operations duties.
  • Distinguished approach in prioritizing tasks;
  • Effective sales techniques;
  • Maintain logs and spreadsheets for all office activities.
  • Support the Manager in managing and resolving operational issues;
  • Effective time management;
  • Cultural sensitivity approach;
Problem Solving
  • Fast in solving problems and taking responsibility for actions in hard times.
The ability of achievement
  • Work effectiviely both as a team member and independantley 
Tech Savvy
  • Ability to work, fill in data and design using Microsoft Office apps, Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
  • Energetic, confident professional with an infectious enthusiasm for technology;


Speaking Reading Writing
Arabic (Native) Fluent Fluent Excellent
English Fluent Fluent Excellent