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"The world is full of opportunities & people that help make that happen. Living life to my full potential by always over achieving!"


Eight years of experience in the telecommunications field. I have been blessed with people that taught me the value in the word, "Team." Who have showed me morals and to hold on to my integrity. Have had the opportunity to learn that people have choices to their actions and what happens when they hold themselves Accountable life both in my work/ personal, the sky is my limit but the goal is the stars and if possible beyond the stars. Life happens and you will see me fall and you will see me fly but you have never seen me glide. All success comes with good and bad and their highs and lows, but it’s how one challenges themselves to resolve the problem and the feedback that is given that matters. Our daily routes weather its work or day-to-day life, shouldn't be about who is right nor being right. It’s about the service you bring to your customers and accomplishments that matter. I have been able to learn, train, and be trained by enjoying and willing to help others. Admire and appreciate the people in my life for my current knowledge that has been shared and live to learn more for it.
Believe with success there is happiness and I live to be successful and will continue being that fisherman on their boat that has an open

Professional Experience

June 2019Current Employed

Administrative Assistant

Allen's Pool Service & Supply

Creating Estimates & Invoices for equipment & projects.  Some of my duties have me answering phones, handling billing, sale transactions, and assist with customer service calls.

July 2015Dec. 2018

Administrative /Office Manager

All Purpose Plumbing

Serving as reception desk person for Facilities Management Division, and announcing visitors to appropriate personnel. Perform routine and complex administrative and logistical duties such as extensive calendaring, answering phones, copying, faxing and expense reports. Maintained courteous and timely communication with customers. Processed/researched/resolved complex problems regarding invoices, billing, quotes, shipments/ packages, catering, meetings, phone calls. Prioritized tasks to reflect first all resolution

Oct 2015Nov 2015

Office Specialist at City of San Jose

Trendtec, Inc

Received all fields calls for general information and calls for various emergencies, repairs or improvement projects from citywide facility personnel. Received email, voice messages, handwritten and verbal Work Order requests. Creating WOs or making immediate calls to Trades and Contract staff depending on critical nature of the call. Contacted vendors directly to respond to concerns. Using FMS to verify visible codes for a project or non-funded work. Tracking and distributing of PW Duty each week. July. Cross referenced invoices that include verifying inputs to WOs for each section of Facilities Mgt. Division. Ordering office supplies for staff/team. Accepted and forwarded access control requests to programming person. Received and distributed parking permit requests. Coordinated with City Hall Security for back up when away from the desk for extended of their time.

Aug 2015Sept 2015

Facility Coordinator at Equinix

Connexion Systems & Engineering, Inc.

Covered Reception coverage as needed. Signing packages that arrive, answer phones, food deliveries, check in visitors, and conference room booking. Supported the business need at HQ that including moving of staff, ergo, re-configuring offices and cubicles, and ticketing system. Managing internal department communication; The HUB, share point, monthly newsletter. Supported and Managed an office temp badges for visitors & guest using DNAFusion. Coordinated weekly breakfast, and daily fruit delivery, and track food service. Continuously improve processes in the systems and overall client satisfaction and ensures appropriate follow-up with customers.

Jul 2015Aug 2015

Admin Assistant @ Tigo Energy, Virtual Instruments, & Strategy Law

AppleOne Employment Services

Assisted by cover front desk, answer phones, filing, and greeting clients then walking them over to conference room prior to the meeting starting. Placing orders, running errands overlooking inventory and stocking: Costco, Office Depot, and coffee items on a weekly basis. Assisted with picking-up/ drop off deliveries for drawings to clients/consultants. Assisted with MS word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software programs to complete projects assigned. Assisted travel arrangements from renting a vehicle, reserving hotel room, reserving dinner arrangements, and plane arrangements to locations and back.
Searching for quotes for services that TDS may need. Scheduling daily: FedEx and UPS pick-ups, deliveries, overnight, looking for the status of package. Checked and following up on payment status for past due invoices. Updating contact information when needed for contractors and consultants. Assisted with website searches for finishes or other information for projects. Updating the weekly staff mtg. agenda spreadsheet in our newsletter.

Mar 2007Apr 2015

Admin Service Clerk I, II, & III

Qualcomm, Inc.

Accountable to schedule meetings and mileage expenses. Ordered and tracked supplies, equipment maintenance, updated signage/bulletin boards, created posters for events. Delivered/ ordered catering, business cards, vendor support exchanges/resources/ fulfillment, delivered mail, maintained areas tidy and organized. Assisted with MS word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software programs to complete projects assigned. Able to acquire skills quickly and successfully taking on new challenges with very little training. Innovative, enthusiastic and uncompromising work ethic. Maintained cleanliness in the office premises including break room area, lobbies, conference room, copier areas, cubical/ office, storage room, etc. Prepared for company meetings by setting up projectors, seating arrangements, ordering beverages, catering, etc. Managed common areas management, monitored Salesforce and assigned to team members, notaries, equipment maintenance: testing AV equipment, toner replacement, inventory stocks rooms, reported facility needs. Assisted in schedules, organized travel arrangements, coordinator and supervisor in monitoring team member productivity, preparing new buildings for opening FF&E's, and in implementation of new processes and procedures team wide & provide training to new team members as needed. Involved as a Member in Volunteer Committee/Event Planning as well as being an Ambassador for several non-profit organizations. Organized events for regarding these non-profit activities & events for Qualcomm. Confirmed and reservations via email & phone to customers regarding reservations, confirming & dispatching to drivers, & coordinating driver’s schedules if needed. Evaluated employee’s office/cubicles to help fit their needs weather it was adjusting their chairs, changing their chair, suggesting a footrest, monitor risers, keyboard tray, headset for office phone, etc. Successfully complete assignment and employer desired to hire as permanent employee from Manpower Staff Agency.



Medical Administrative Assistant

Everest College

Special assistants and personal secretaries for practicing physicians and nurses, health care facilities and services administrators, and other health-care professionals. Includes instruction in business and medical communications, medical terminology, principles of health care operations, public relations and interpersonal communications, software applications, record-keeping and filing systems, scheduling and meeting planning, applicable policy and regulations, and professional standards and ethics.

Diplomas generally take 61 semester hours to complete, so expect 4 – 5 semesters to finish your education. Depending on how heavy your load is you may be able to finish quicker, but at full time, you will already be working a great deal. Also, discuss externship options as they are often offered at this level.  Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Accrediting Council for Independent College and Schools you can rest assured that your education will be highly respected nationwide.


High School Diploma

Central High (Continuation) School

Four years, from Grade 9 to Grade 12. The diploma is typically they include a combination of selected coursework meeting specified criteria for a particular stream and acceptable passing grades earned on the state exit examination.

Continuation education is an alternative high school diploma program. It is for students who are sixteen years of age or older, have not graduated from high school, are still required to attend school, and who are at risk of not graduating. Many students in continuation education are behind in high school credits.

Jul 2010Jul 2018

Notary Public

National Notary Association

Reviewing and approving course curriculum and issuing certificates of approval to notary public education vendors. Appointing and commissioning qualified persons as notaries public for four-year terms. Certifying to the authenticity of notaries public and public officials' signatures. Issuing permits to authorized seal manufacturers to produce notary public seals. Maintaining and distributing a list of all authorized seal manufacturers to newly commissioned notaries public. Enforcing laws related to the Child Support Enforcement Program, which provides for the suspension or revocation of commissions for noncompliance with child or family support orders; and investigating violations of notary public law and taking appropriate administrative or criminal disciplinary actions.

Becoming A Leader

                      As you grow up you are taught values, morals, integrity, the difference between right and wrong and that every individual has choices. You have your parents, extended family such as cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents, teacher, and you have friends throughout your life. Inspiring leaders do not always know their gift in the way they lead.  Their are different types of leaders; the leader that expect you to do as you're told, the leader that has to micromanage everything, and the inspiring leaders. Spiritual leaders are the ones that have attracted my attention. I have observed and practiced on how to be that type of leader. Spiritual leaders have the ability to listen and understand an individual they are approaching regarding a problem, task, or project.
                     What makes this possible is by communication to make sure they have a good understanding where the individual is coming. Also, by investigating what is communicated only to give back proper and accurate feedback. All leaders should practice and remember to be selfless and care about others.  That is type of leader I am, my road is not always clear, a bit bumpy, and that is okay. I was given choices in life and I choose to motivate and be motivated. Since motivation doesn't last, and neither does bathing. "That's why its recommended daily!"  Do not worry about who's to blame or being right. Do what is right and make sure that you remember to over achieve.

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