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Work experience

Aug 2000Present

President, Social Media Optimizer

Yurikon LLC

Find Your Audience - Engage Your Audience - Reward Your Market

Pioneering vision for a global organization

·Leader in online communications for targeted audience ("Microniche    Marketing,") Social Media and Web Content Optimization

·Management of multi-tiered, multi-functional organization with international  reach

·Sales, marketing and networking in volatile new markets

·Editor-in-chief of publications, writer of on and offline content

·Creation of new products and services

·Publisher of bilingual publications

·Education through publications, lectures and interviews

·Client contact internationally

Feb 2010Present

Information Analyst

PharmIntell Consulting

  • Specialized Information Research for Fortune 100 Company
  • Competitive Pipelines, Clinical Trials, Business Intelligence
  • Research Targeted to Therapeutic Areas
  • Business Development and Promotion

Information Scientist

Bring expert business intelligence and analysis to multi-function teams

·Provide competitive landscape, business intelligence and biomedical support for cross-divisional new business teams

·Analysis of pipeline, competitive and business intelligence for clients

·Ad hoc projects for internal and external clients, research and support for worldwide clientele

·Lead marketing and communications projects to promote internal products and services

·Present training to colleagues on external products and services

·Educate users on Information Center resources through orientations and one-on-one training

Jul 2003Apr 2007

Information Analyst

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Provide expert competitive and business intelligence and analysis

·Provide competitive intelligence, business intelligence and biomedical  support for large pharmaceutical firm leadership and business development  group

·Lead marketing and communications projects to promote internal products  and services

·Responsible for monthly Category Overviews in key industries

·Present training to colleagues on external products and services

·Educate users on Information Center resources through orientations and  one-on-one training

·Ad hoc projects for internal and external clients, research and support for  worldwide clientele

·Primary publisher of daily consumer news report for worldwide consumer  healthcare audience


Manager, Information Center


Directed online research and analysis

·Management of online research support for large, multifaceted communications company

·Research and analysis of online space, including product and company websites

·Participate on teams to develop online communication strategies

·Provided advertising, marketing and communications support to product teams

·Analysis of data for internal clients


Social Media
Innovative, unique and powerful use of social media for the promotion of products, services and individuals.
Online Community Creation
10+ years of online community creation, moderation and management
Writing and Editing
10+ years experience in writing off- and online content, fiction, nonfiction for business and entertainment.
Online Marketing
15 years in Online Marketing and Communications, SEO and SMO and eCommerce
Business and Competitive Intelligence
20+ years as specialist in Business and Competitive Intelligence, research and analysis



Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick

Business Development

Social Media

Publishing Services

Customized Marketing Plans


Social Media Marketing, Niche Marketing, Web Content and Search Engine Optimization. Writing, Editing and Proofreading.

President of Online Promotions and Marketing Company and developer of "Microniche Marketing" social media marketing process

-  Business and Competitive Intelligence for Fortune 200 Companies

-  Online Community Development and Management

-  Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing

-  Manager of Information and Research Services

-  Publishing, Editing and Writing

-  Business Development and Partnering


January 2010 - "Social Media Without Delusion," Presented at ArtsCap, Asbury, NJ

November 2009 - "Social Media Without Delusion," Presented at AsburyPop, Asbury NJ

December 2009 - "The Nitty-Gritty of Social Media," Presented to Tradittional2Digital Media, New York, NYC

Articles By and About Yurikon LLC


"Erica Friedman excels at finding and facilitating social media connections to interesting people and resources" Mari Kurisato, Illustrator was with another company when working with Erica at Yurikon LLC “Many people take for granted what good, targeted internet marketing can do, but once this potential is realised, Erica is the person to ring if your product is up her alley. Erica is driven for success, and it is her drive that brings results. It is always a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to working with her again!” August 15, 2009

Rob Pereyda, VP, Licensing, Crunchyroll K.K.was with another company when working with Erica at Yurikon LLC

“Erica as an really excellent international online media expert, with highly acumen insight in business analysis and problem probing, abundant social media marketing knowledge and capability, deep and comprehensive understanding of online market trend and various consumer insight, amazingly outlined critical part of issues in accuracy and efficiency during the providing of consulting advices, more importantly, Erica is very helpful and decent in academic guidance, and very willing to educate young people. I have learned a lot from Erica.” July 19, 2009

Rauyang Wang, Brand Marketing Executive, The Coca-Cola Companywas with another company when working with Erica at Yurikon LLC

"Erica is a Social Media maven from Morristown, NJ! Good advice for those seeking a presence via such means as blogs. Jargon-free!" Bill Nigh, Experienced, productive, and affable IT professional, New York

“Erica is a brilliant manager and excellent recruiter who gets her team to perform at the highest levels consistently. Her business savvy and marketing expertise are top notch.” February 5, 2009

Sergio Aviles, Systems Administrator, Springboard Mediareported to Erica at Yurikon LLC

“Erica knows her stuff. She's been promoting her own niche market online for over nine years, so she knows the ins and outs of internet marketing as that has evolved to include social media. In addition to her experience and knowledge, Erica's attention to detail and dedication to each project would benefit any industry. She is incredibly organized and also can help you plan for the future. Erica's a pleasure to work with.” July 5, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Bonnie Wasielewskihired Erica as a Writing, marketing, social media in 2009

“I've worked with Erica on events that Yurikon has hosted. She has been an independent publisher for a number of years, and makes great efforts to stay abreast of the changes in her industry. Erica is a fantastic organizer, as well. I have come across no one more knowledgeable of small press and events.” January 15, 2009

Pat Moniz, Geo-Spatial Intelligence Specialist, DHS/FEMA R2was with another company when working with Erica at Yurikon LLC

“A wonderful manger of people and resources, Erica is one of the few people I've worked with that I totally respect. She has the ability to make something great with little. Erica is always a strong force whenever she enters a room, and always carries a commanding and energetic presence.” June 3, 2008

Michael Hayes, Producer, Haze Studios, LLCreported to Erica at Yurikon LLC

“Erica is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field, but very organized and on top of her projects. She knows exactly what she wants and communicates it clearly within a reasonable timetable. It was a pleasure working for and with her.” June 3, 2008

Ann Kottner, Editor, Ink inc.was a consultant or contractor to Erica at Yurikon LLC

“Erica challenges the status quo by asking the right questions and by being informed about alternatives. She is curious and intelligent and applies those qualities to everything she does. Her knowledge of social media is second-to-none, which strengthens her capabilities in the areas of information sharing and knowledge-management.” June 20, 2008

Christine Bates, Manager, Commercial Information, Wyethworked with Erica at Wyeth

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