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Erica Newport is a dissertating doctoral candidate in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. Additionally, she is a contributing nonfiction humor writer for Elite Daily, an online news publication in New York, New York. Prior to securing ABD status, she was instructing and serving as a writing/editing coach for long-form storytelling at NPR, University of Florida, for WUFT, 89.1, and PBS media. She served as a judge for the 2014 Society of American Travel Writers. Newport is a mentor to graduating seniors pursuing final projects that are research driven, and she was invited to write/present short stories from a magical realism perspective at the highly respected Haystack Institute, in Maine. Newport’s undergraduate degree is from East Carolina University, where she was a news director for the campus radio station and reported for a local affiliated CBS station. Her master’s degree is from American University, Washington, D.C., where she wrote for local print and online newspapers, magazines, and served as media and outreach director and advocate journalist for multiple social justice, public policy think tanks. For five years, she has written for Sarasota Herald Tribune, where she reports on issues affecting marginalized populations and community affairs. Previously, she was a community digital journalist for the Bradenton Times,  a community news site Erica Newport helped to develop and launch.

Erica's ideal appointment post-Ph.D. studies would provide a platform for her continued critical studies research, conferencing and publishing. Ample opportunities to teach and mentor students from diverse backgrounds and interests. Support for creative projects that are applied and purposeful. Space and time to contribute to an institutional village and its public community.    



University of Florida
Aug 2012Present
  • Ph.D.  Candidate, University of Florida, Florida, Mass Communication (and Journalism), and Political Science (outside focus).  Expected date of earned doctoral degree in Fall 2016. ABD Oct. 6, 2015. GPA 3.76.
  • Dissertation: Three Years After Trayvon Martin’s Death: Is Political Alienation Shifting Across Disparate Racial/Ethnic Group Residents of Sanford, Florida?      (Committee: Dr. Wayne Wanta, chair; Dr. Clay Calvert, member; Dr. John Wright, member; Dr. Stephen Craig)


American University
Aug 2001May 2004
  • M.A. American University, Washington, DC, Mass Communication, Journalism, and Public Policy. Graduated with honors.


East Carolina University
Aug 1994May 1998
  • B.Sc East Carolina University, North Carolina, Broadcast Journalism and Media Studies, Minor in Anthropology. Graduated with honors.

Work experience


May 2012Present

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Newport's research focuses on racism, stereotypes, and tenets of inequality portrayed in news media content and the effects of such content on news consumers, specifically with regard to political beliefs and political attitudes. Additionally, she focuses on social change by way of synthesizing historical mass media content in the U.S. and by studying human narratives.


of record via UF Graduate assistantship
Aug 2012Present

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

As a UF graduate student, Newport has taught World Communication Systems (MMC 4302), Magazine and Feature Writing (JOU 4308), and she assisted in teaching writing mechanics. Additionally, she has served as a mentor and a committee member overseeing senior research projects. Currently, instructing/coaching at NPR affiliated media at UF.


New YOrk Times Company sold to Halifax Media Group

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, FL Correspondent, Community and City

Community/minority reporting in adversely affected communities and for groups/individuals within those communities. Responsible for hyper-local news story pitches, sources, photography and feature story submissions that string between community central and city desk. Responsible for shifting community news to metro front-page news, when appropriate. Focused on coverage in neighborhoods that otherwise would not be covered, but very much deserving of continuous quality reporting and a strong media presence. Superior storytelling for print hard news and community news, while maintaining online photo galleries and captions that synchronize with online version of story.

Daily Community Reporter/Digital Journalist

Independent Online News Publication

The Bradenton Times, Bradenton, FL

Covered community, art and culture features. Oversaw a large reporting territory in Manatee County, including Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, Longboat Key, Ellenton, Palmetto, Myakka City and Parrish. Published full-length daily features, managed full, to partial, control over each story’s writing, editing, photography, videography, and news site online postings, hence “digital journalist.” Wrote two weekly columns: “Ask Erica” and “Weekend Adventures in Bradenton.” Adapted story coverage for online video features. Published up to 12 stories a week, writing 1,000 to 3,500 words daily.

co-Founder and Communications Consultant

Newport Osvath Art Heritage, Sarasota, FL

Art and Creative Communications Consulting Business

Wrote, designed, and edited print and online newsletters for small companies and businesses in Florida, Washington, DC, and New York. Developed and implemented public relations strategies for clients. In addition, assisted clients in their graphic design, writing for online and printed publications, marketing, website design and management, creative packaging, general copywriting, and product promotion.

Communications Coordinator and Multimedia Specialist/Outreach Coordinator/Media Specialist

The Churches Center for Theology and Public Policy, Washington, DC

National Nonprofit Organization focused on public policy and social justice issues

Edited articles, grants and publications. Created and wrote newsletter,”Center Circles.” Developed, produced and managed four user-friendly websites. Executed multimedia additions and enhancements to sites. Photographed, audio and video taped events and synchronized mediums for interactive use. Researched grants and assisted in writing and editing grants for core funding, general operating, and specialized program fundraising. Assisted in program and event planning. Managed finance and budget reports, and supported overall administrative and communication responsibilities of the Center. Assisted in leading educational workshops and public programming.

co-Founder and University Public Policy Workshop Facilitator

Shape Your World, Washington, DC

National Nonprofit Organization focused on educating students on public policy

Co-founder and workshop leader to national youth/young adult social action Initiative. Consultant for Initiative’s website, and designed logo and publicity for program. Coordinated and scheduled professional leadership and speakers for events. Created and implemented press strategies around public events and academic colloquiums. Wrote press alerts and press releases. Prepared media packets and worked with media relations. Acted as ambassador to social justice organizations in the Greater Washington Area and generated efforts to collaborate forces.

Congregational Outreach Assistant

The Nuclear reduction disarmament initiative, Washington, dc

International Nonprofit Organization focused on educating interfaith leaders about nuclear arms policy

Conducted outreach to over 5000 religious leaders in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith groups. Assisted in youth and adult workshops. Created and edited educational packets and tools. Wrote Initiative’s reports and interviewed participants. Coordinated speakers and resource materials for events. Facilitated interfaith workshops around the program’s educational materials and policy changes/alerts.



CBS News, Greenville, NC

News Broadcast Reporter, Intern. Wrote and edited news for anchors. Reported and interviewed for news features. Conducted research for daily news.

News Director and Reporter

WZMB Radio

WZMB Radio, Greenville, NC

News Director. Hired, trained and supervised news staff of eight. Reported campus and community events. Hosted weekly call-in radio show, “Insight.” Created and cut promotions for “Insight.” Conducted on-air interviews and edited/reported wired morning news.



Routledge Press (2016), Chapter in Ellis & Bochner's Evocative Autoethnography, "Restoring Harmony" by Osvath & Newport.

Under Review

Mallicoat, M., De Maio, M., &  Newport, E. (2013). President 2.0: A Content Analysis of Barack Obama’s Use of Twitter During the Campaign for his Reelection. The Journal of Social Media in Society.

Accepted into International/National Conference 

Placed first for poster competition:

De Maio, M., &  Newport, E. (2013). Social Media: Messages that Give Life. VIII Iberoamerican Cooperative Group of Tranfusion Medicine Congress, Antigua, Guatemala, April 24-26, 2013.

Newport, E. (2013). Animated agenda-setting influence in the 1930s and 1940s: How two cartoons produced by Warner Bros. Pictures conveyed turbulent race-relations and impudent stereotypes during an era of historical advancement for black Americans. American Journalism Historians Association’s 2013 Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, September 26-28, 2013.

De Maio, M., &  Newport, E. (2013). Tweet to Change: Social Media Messages for Life. Bridging Culture and Behavior Conference: Hispanic Marketing Communication conference at Florida International University, Miami, Florida, November 7-9, 2013.

De Maio, M., &  Newport, E. (2013). REDES SOCIALES: MENSAJES DE VIDA. Congreso del Grupo Cooperativo Iberoamericano de Medicina Transfusional, Antigua, Guatemala, April 24-26, 2013.

Mallicoat, M., De Maio, M., &  Newport, E. (2013). President 2.0: A Content Analysis of Barack Obama’s Use of Twitter During the Campaign for his Reelection. AEJMC Southeast Colloquium, Mar. 2014.

Mallicoat, M., De Maio, M., &  Newport, E. (2013). President 2.0: A Content Analysis of Barack Obama’s Use of Twitter During the Campaign for his Reelection. AEJMC Montreal, Aug. 2014.

Newport, E. (2014). Black Power Revisited: How Racialized Violence in Media Coverage Affects Political External Efficacy. American Journalism Historians Association’s 2014 Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2014.

Newport, E., & Mallicoat, M.  (2014). Poor Minorities in the News: A Content Analysis of Poverty and Race in Florida Newspaper Coverage. University of Florida’s Graduate Research Day, October 2014.

In the works: expected completion for 2016

Osvath, C., Newport, E. (2016). Ready Player Two: What Now? A Virtual Reality Call to Stories. International Communication Association 2016.

Newport, E., De Maio, M., Mallicoat, M. (2016). Hashtag Uprising: Big Data on Twitter When #Protest Turns to #Riot. International Communication Association 2016.

Newport, E. (2014). How Media Coverage of Racially-tinged Violence Perpetuates an Individual’s Acceptance of Inequality: A Model of Violence, Desensitization, and Apathy. International Communication Association 2015.

Newport, E., & Mallicoat, M. (2014). Agenda to End Sexual Violence: A Content Analysis of Social Change, News Blogs, and India Gang Rapes. International Communication Association 2015.

Mallicoat, M., &  Newport, E. (2014). Feeding Racial Stereotypes: News Comments that Hurt.  (working title). International Communication Association 2015.

Newport, E. (2014). Behind the Story: A Journey through the Narratives of Emerging Black Journalists and their Digital Lives. AEJMC Southeast Colloquium, Mar. 2015.

Newport, E. (2014). Agendas in the News: A Content Analysis of "Stand Your Ground" Policy and President Barack Obama’s Campaign for his Reelection in Florida Newspaper Coverage. In works.



Courses Taught

Fall 2012  
Writing Mechanics JOU 2005 Teaching Assistant for Dr. Norm Lewis

Spring 2013  World Communication Systems MMC 4302 Sole Instructor

Summer 2013  Magazine and Feature Writing JOU 4308 Sole Instructor

Fall 2013  World Communication Systems MMC 4302 Sole Instructor

Spring 2014  World Communication Systems MMC 4302 Sole Instructor

Summer 2014  Magazine and Feature Writing JOU 4308 Sole Instructor

Fall 2014  Magazine and Feature Writing JOU 4308 Sole Instructor

Spring 2015  Magazine and Feature Writing JOU 4308 Sole Instructor

Summer 2015  Writing/editing and long-form storytelling coach for NPR affiliated media at UF (WUFT,89.1, PBS)

Fall 2016  Interpersonal Communications  COM3131 Sole Instructor


Reviewer, CJC Research Symposium, University of Florida, 2016  Served in a peer-review process reviewing papers

Social Media Promotion, Florida Creativity Conference, University of South Florida, 2016. Assisted in on-site marketing efforts during conference week.

Undergraduate Senior Project Advisor / Mentor Spring, started in Fall 2013-2015  Oversaw nine senior projects related to racism, social change, new media, journalism, feminism, stereotypes, media messages, broad range autism in the news, and international news prisms

Judge, Summer 2014  2014 Society of American Travel Writers

Dean's conference funding award, 2013 and 2014  2013 New Orleans, 2014 St. Paul

Undergraduate Senior Project Advisor/Mentor, Fall 2013  Filed student project for Lewis Neill Titled: The U.S. 2012 Presidential Election: An Analysis of British News Coverage

Graduate Colloquium, Fall 2013  Instructed by Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Dr. Debbie Treise. Spoke on doctoral degree plan, choosing classes, and committee formation

New Student Orientation for Incoming Graduate Students, Fall 2013  Organized by Graduate Admissions Coordinator, Sarah Lee Assisted in meeting and greeting new graduate students

How to Give an Effective Presentation at a Conference Workshop, Spring 2013  Organized by UF Graduate School Attended

CJC Distance Learning Workshop, Spring 2013  Organized by CJC at UF Attended

History of Journalism, Spring 2013  Instructed by Dr. Bernell Tripp Spoke on the stain of racism in historic media content

Membership  National Education Association from Fall 2014  //  Graduate Student Union from Fall 2013  //  American Journalism Historians Association from Summer 2013  //   Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication from Spring 2013  //  International Communication Association from Fall 2013  //  Florida Press Club from Fall 2011  // Society of Professional Journalism from Fall 2010


2002-2010  A c c o l a d e s  //  Single-handedly, with help of trusted sources, brought to public’s attention news occurring in adversely affected communities through regular community news features in print and online for local and regional news outlets  //  Collaborated with a team of three to launch and maintain online news outlet; created community of news sources and daily news; implemented online applications to digital news website  //  Launched creative communications consulting business, managing multiple clients and student interns  //  Co-creator of national young adult Initiative, Shape Your World  //  Created interactive element of Iraq Briefing Book for Congress  //  Published news for AP at Online News Association Conference  //  Trained in both conventional print, digital journalism and broadcast journalism  //  Served as news director for college campus radio station, while interning as student reporter at CBS

Academic/Media References

1.        Ted Spiker

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  2.      Dr. Wayne Wanta

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  3.      Gary Green

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