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Eric M. Leiderman

Award-winning nonprofit professional with a decade of global experience.

Professional Experience

StandWithUs | Chicago, IL

IsraelLINK Midwest Regional Director

IsraelLINK is the leading innovator in Israel education, in and out of the classroom. Our programs guide students through their discovery of Israel. Students are encouraged to use their core values as a lens for integrating Israel into the fabric of their identity-building process.

Responsible for client relations, including training and support for 80+ active IsraelLINK partners across the Midwest region; Development of a nationwide network of Israel educators; National IsraelLINK team member for ongoing expansion and innovation of IsraelLINK programs, including the creation of a unified teacher's manual, and overseeing virtual experiences. 

Reporting to the IsraelLINK Executive Director. 

MASORTI X | Chicago, IL

Founder & Executive Creative Director

Masorti X empowers Jewish communal leaders to take ownership of their Jewish identity, explore it, add knowledge and depth to their community's mission. By bringing together a diverse array of young Jewish thinkers from across the world we have created a unique series of forums for sharing experiences and creating new friendships. Each affiliated community provides unique Jewish experiences that explore what it means to be Jewish in today’s world.

The role of the Executive Creative Director is to lead a team of thought leaders, artists, or other creative professionals. I am involved in every aspect of our collaborative work, from the idea phase to the execution. During a project, I supervise and guide community members, artists, and lay leaders in creating the work, such as a website, a program series, or a fundraising campaign.

Hillel Milwaukee | Milwaukee, WI

Jewish Educator & Engagement Specialist, Springboard Ezra Fellow

Responsibilities included supervision of student leaders at 12 colleges and universities in the Milwaukee area, and providing experiential Jewish learning for all Hillel programs. Oversaw new student engagement and mentorship of students for leadership opportunities, including two years of record growth in the undergraduate community at a rate of 20% per year. 

Successfully launched the Jewish Learning Fellowship in Milwaukee, with 150% participation growth year over year. Managed all Shabbat and Jewish holiday services and programming, including facilities and catering requirements. Representative on interfaith councils at Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

Worked closely with the Assistant Director and Israel Campus Fellow as a programming & engagement team.
Reported to the Executive Director. 

Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center | Jerusalem, Israel

Strategic Communications & Engagement Associate

Worked alongside the Director of Engagement and closely with the Executive Director to craft external messaging for both long and short-term programs. Developed flexible template-based promotional materials to recruit program participants and demonstrate programmatic success to donors. Shared news, events, and educational materials with USCJ affiliated congregations, alumni groups, Hillel campus centers, and the global Jewish community via newsletters, social media, dynamic web platforms, and press releases. 

The Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center (FJC) is a hub for transformative encounters with Torah and Israel powered by a commitment to intellectual honesty, egalitarian values, spiritual growth, and lifelong engagement in the Jewish world.

The Lookstein Center at Bar-Ilan University | Ramat Gan, Israel

Facilitator, WhatsUp Israel

"WhatsUp Israel" was a social-media-driven pilot program aimed to engage Jewish high schoolers in discussions about Israel, with the goal for students to learn about Israel through peer engagement. As a facilitator, my role was to encourage collaboration and interactions, as well as moderate forums. The topics were chosen by the students as they developed their relationship with Israel.

The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education at Bar-Ilan University provides instructional resources, training, and support to help Jewish educators learn, teach, and lead.

Camp Ramah in the Berkshires | Englewood, NJ | Wingdale, NY

1. Off-Season Operations & Retreats Manager

Oversaw camp-side operations and logistics during postseason use of the property. Supervised a staff of 12 whose diverse responsibilities included lifeguarding, facilities, and office tasks. Functioned as liaison between guests and kitchen staff. 

2. Communications Coordinator

Worked with staff photographers and videographers for content creation and cataloging. Headed the Digital Arts Group, centralizing the photography, video, and radio education programs. Collaborated with the Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications to craft promotional materials in both digital and print formats. Maintained social media.

3. Kashrut Supervisor / Mashgiach

On-site supervisor and inspector, representing the Rav Hamachshir (certifying rabbi); ensured all food products that arrive at the facility have reliable Kosher certification before they are accepted, and monitored that on-site food preparation was done in accordance with Jewish dietary guidelines. In addition to the technical role, the mashgiach plays a social role in explaining the rules of Kashrut to the Jewish and non-Jewish community and forging relationships with the entire kitchen staff.

4. Special Assistant to the Director

Assisted both Director and Associate Director with essential projects, for example, database development for storing sensitive information pertaining to campers and staff, as well as established safety-security protocols for missing camper and intruder scenarios. Worked in an administrative role alongside Registrar, Operations Manager, and Office Manager.

Lay Leadership Experience

MASORTI On Campus | New York, NY

President & Co-Founder

Responsible for steering of long-term vision and goals, development of fundraising, and strategic plans. Manages scalable multi-campus projects and annual national student leadership conference. Oversight of campus and community outreach as well as the development of strategic partnerships within the global Masorti (Conservative) Movement.

The mission of MASORTI On Campus is to provide for the needs of traditional-egalitarian Jewish campus communities.

MERCAZ USA, Inc. | New York, NY

Vice President

Executive Committee • Nominating Committee • Representative to the Conference of Presidents

Member of The Zionist General Council • Member of the American Zionist Movement Board of Directors

Delegate to 38th World Zionist Congress (2020) • Alternate Delegate to 37th World Zionist Congress (2015)

The mission of MERCAZ USA is to further the cause for true religious pluralism in Israel and strengthen the connection between, and create engagement opportunities for, the people of Israel and Jews living in the Diaspora. MERCAZ USA is proud to be the fiscal sponsor of Masorti On Campus, supporting Masorti activities on North American college campuses.

American Zionist Movement | New York, NY

Board of Directors

JamJews, Ltd. | Fayetteville, WV

Board of Directors • Executive Committee

Milwaukee Jewish Federation | Milwaukee, WI

Young Leadership Division Council

Hillel at Binghamton | Binghamton, NY

Beit Midrash Committee Head • Pluralism Council Member

Committee for Social Justice

Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey | Paramus, NJ

Jewish Community Relations Council • Israel and World Affairs Committee

Radio Broadcast Experience

WHRW 90.5 FM | Binghamton, NY

On-Air Talent, Producer

Moderated and produced The Religious Panel, a weekly talk radio show where members of the Abrahamic traditions discussed comparative religious practices, issues of faith, and current events.

Kol Ramah 102.3 FM | Wingdale, NY

Radio Station Manager, On-Air Talent, Producer

Developed curriculum and taught radio broadcasting to children and teens, ages 8-16. Oversaw production of live broadcasts and podcasts, brand development, and website traffic growth with social media integration. 

WSAM 105.3 FM | West Hartford, CT

On-Air Talent, Producer

Education, Degree Programs

Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions (ATID) | Jerusalem, Israel

Mastery in Halacha & Semicha Ordination Program

Binghamton University | Binghamton, NY

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Sociology and Religious Studies

University of Hartford | West Hartford, CT

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Judaic Studies

Education, Additional Coursework

JOIN for Justice | Boston, MA

Don’t Kvetch, Organize!: Conservative Movement Cohort

This six-week course examined how community organizing can be used to build a more just world and strengthen our communities. Participants delved deeply into the fundamentals of social justice and community organizing and grappled with how they relate to Jewish traditions and values. Most importantly, we learned how to make a real difference on the issues we care about. The Conservative Movement Cohort was co-sponsored by the Hendel Center for Ethics and Justice at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), the Rabbinical Assembly (RA), and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ), with the support of the Cardin Family Foundation.

American Jewish University | Los Angeles, CA

Ziering Brandeis Collegiate Institute (BCI)

BCI is an immersive experience in Jewish learning, arts, culture, and community offered every summer to Jewish young adults from around the world, ages 20 to 29.  Through experiential learning, participants explore who they are, what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century, and what kind of community they want to help build. 

Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem | Jerusalem, Israel

Fellowship, Talmud and Jewish Philosophy

The Lishma (lit. for its own sake) study program provides an immersive experience in the world of Torah study and day-to-day Jewish life. Courses at the Conservative Yeshiva focus on traditional texts such as Talmud, Tanach, and Midrash as well as Jewish philosophy and prayer while maintaining openness to modern scholarship and a focus on contemporary applicability.

The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) | New York, NY

Fellowship, Talmud and Rabbinic Literature

Nishma is an immersive summer program where students cultivate their skills to access the classical Jewish sources:
Talmud, Midrash, Halakhah, and Parshanut (Torah and its commentaries). The program is split into two four-week sessions.

Yale University | New Haven, CT

Open Yale Courses

RLST 145    Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)    Instructor: Christine Hayes
RLST 152    Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature    Instructor: Dale B. Martin

Nativ College Leadership Program in Israel

Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem; Certificate in Jewish Educator Training

Certificates & Awards

AKO Mashgiach Certificate – cRc Edition | August 2021

Kosher Institute of America, Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO) comprehensive course focusing on supervising kosher foodservice kitchens; Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) edition.

Zoom Academy Certificate | August 2020
Zoom Academy demonstrates best practices and innovative methods to teach in remote and blended learning environments. Allowing school leaders, tech support staff, and educators to gain confidence and tools to empower the use of Zoom inside and outside of the classroom to connect with students, staff, parents, and/or a wider community.

Sefaria Educator Certificate | May 2020 
The Sefaria Educator Course is designed to support educator flexibility in accessing and preparing materials, expose students to a wide range of Jewish sources, and contribute to the world of Torah. This course reimagines pedagogy in light of digital technology to build skills for direct application of knowledge and training with students.

Shoshana S. Cardin Leadership Award | 2nd Recipient | November 2015 
USCJ's Cardin Award honors those whose vision or ideas motivate and inspire engagement from others. It celebrates an individual, of any age or career stage, who demonstrates exceptional leadership through dynamism and creativity. Recipients are recognized based on the clarity of their vision as well as the articulation and dissemination of that vision.

Best Social Media Director, Management Award | January 2015
Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for work on Radio Kol Ramah, Camp Ramah in the Berkshires


Sarrae Crane
Executive Director
Phone: +1 (212) 533-2061
Rabbi Dave Siegel
Executive Director
Hofstra University Hillel
Phone: +1 (516) 463-7062
Deb Carneol Fendrich
Executive Director
Hillel Milwaukee
Phone: +1 (414) 961-2010
Dr. Stephen Arnoff
Chief Executive Officer
Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center
Phone: +972 (02) 625-6386


CMS (Weebly,, WordPress) • CRM (Constant Contact, Little Green Light, MailChimp, Salesforce) • Graphic design (Adobe Creative Suite, Canva) • Office suites (Apple iWork, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office) Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube) Audio/video editing (Audacity, Final Cut Pro) Video conferencing (Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom) 


Graphic design work includes logos and branding, website design, brochures, merchandise, print and digital advertisements.
Samples are available upon request. 

Invited Presentations

  1. Panelist. "Roundtable with the Israel Government on a World Jewry Consultation Body."
    Israel Ministry of Diaspora Affairs & American Zionist Movement. New York, NY. 21 Dec 2020.
  2. Invited Speaker. "Witches In Judaism, Where Are They?"
    Beth Jacob Synagogue. Hamilton, ON. 27 Oct 2020.
  3. Panelist. "Don't Let Anti-Semitism Raise Its Head." 
    38th World Zionist Congress. Jerusalem, Israel. 21 Oct 2020. 
  4.  Invited Speaker. "Sukkot Reflection: Indigenous Peoples Day."
    Lakeview Beit Midrash. Chicago, IL. 8 Oct 2020.
  5. Guest Lecturer. "An Intro. to the Torah: Using Ancient Texts."
    History of Books & Printing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI. 13 Feb 2020.
  6. Guest Lecturer. "What Is a Torah, and How Do We Use It?" 
    History of Books & Printing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI. 24 Oct 2019.
  7. Guest Lecturer. "The Torah: Using an Ancient Book." 
    History of Books & Printing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI. 14 Mar 2019.
  8. Invited Speaker. "Report: Masorti On Campus." 
    MERCAZ USA General Council Meeting. New York, NY. 11 Nov 2018.
  9. Guest Lecturer. "The Torah: Using an Ancient Book." 
    History of Books & Printing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI. 25 Oct 2018.
  10. Invited Speaker. "Report: Status of Conservative Judaism on Campus" 
    General Assembly of Kehillot Meeting, USCJ Convention: Shape the Center. Schaumburg, IL. 15 Nov 2015. 


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