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Year of The Rat!

Erin Kelly 

Born in the Year, and at the Hour of the Rat in San Francisco, into an Artistic Family and raised on horseback in the Beautiful Tararua's of New Zealand Aotearoa. 

Since having trained in London at Greasepaint, Erin has established herself as a Professional Makeup Artist and Hairstylist/Supervisor and On-Set Standby in Wellington NZ.            Trauma FX Artist.

On-Set  Film or Commercial, behind the scenes of a Fashion runway show / Music Video/ or working on, Editorial Fashion, 




Languages:   English  

 and ever-improving    Te Reo Maori /

Mandarin / Hindi / Korean 





Makeup and Hair for Film and Television

Greaspaint  London   1989-1990

Trained in London at Greasepaint for Makeup for Film/ Television Theatre. Aging, Period hair setting, and styling. Lace front wig work and maintenance.  Trauma FX Makeup Artist

20+ years of experience in the Wellington Film Industry, Television, Theatre and TVC's. 



Special Effects Course

Greaspaint  London   1989-1990

Basic Alginate and plaster casting, sculpting, Laytex Prosthetic design through to application. Hair Laying. Wounds, scars, black eyes, bruising, cutthroats, etc basic Blood and gore. Body Casting with Alginate and Casting in Plaster, Design and sculpting wounds, etc. Trauma FX Makeup Artist

bridal hairstlyist & Make-up Artist


Erin Kelly  /   Hair & Make-up Dept. 

Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

Special Effects Makeup/ FX Trauma Make-up Technician. 


Fully equipped Mobile Makeup Station with lights


Phone:  021 104 3096


Work experience


                                    FILM & TELEVISION CONTRACTOR/ 

               Key Makeup & Hair Artist / FX TraumaMake-up Technician 


Makeup Artist/Hairstylist, lace front wigs/ Period hair design / Trauma FX Make-up Artist

Can provide a FANTASTIC makeup TEAM on request. 

Lord of the Rings    3 ft. 7  Productions     Stone Street   Miramar Wellington   

KING KONG            Big Primate Pictures   Stone Street  Miramar Wellington

HOBBIT                     (Weta workshop)   Miramar Wellington

Saving Grace          Kahukura Productions    Dir/Costa Botes/Prod/Larry Parr                                    

Magik and Rose     Kahukura Productions    



Bread and Roses   1993    M/up assist



SHORT Film: FRIDAY    Dir: Isaac Te Reina

SHORT FILM:   FIRST PEOPLES    Dir: Hiona Henare

Fala Media    Takirua Film Ltd    Producer Whetu Fala

Breaking Barriers

Poetry &Piano recordings  Ingrid & Colin

Producer: Jeremy Macey     DOP Waka Attwell


7 Day's Road Trip ( Palmerston North)

Black Sheep design      HINO  commercial 

Taringa Huruhuru   / Raukatamea Ltd  /  spfx makeup

Levin Little Theatre / Shrek/ fx makeup  Prosthetic Pig & Shrek noses

2018     Deranged Fashions   

Short Film:  EMILY      Director Mark Papalii   

Creature Makeup:     Moth to a Flame  Director  Rich Turner

Short Film: Walk a Mile   Director  Judith Cowley

Short Film: Burst  Director Andrew Gault

2018.   Awa Films.  

Takes a village.

TV series. Director Julian Arohanga   


Candlelit Pictures:  DANIEL   Dir: Claire Van Beek    Prod: Alix Whittaker 

Pelham Films:  BLIND PANIC   Feature film  Producer: Matthew Mawkes 

Four Knights Films Ltd     Short Film: Grow Joe  Dir: Curtis Vowell

KEUNE Hair Cosmetics     The Art Series Trophy 2017

The Fashion Creative  'Deranged' Fashion shoot  Summer 2017   

 Fashion Creative Trentham shoot  2017


SHORT FILM: Laundry    Dir Rebecca Arohaunga  AWA Films   in post

TOA Hunter-Gatherer: AWA Films

NZ Careers  AWA Films:

'THE FASHION CREATIVE'  2016 Collaborative Group of Photographer/ Makeup Artists/Models and Fashion Designers

Te Wiki O Te Reo      Awa Films Ltd    Prod/Director Julian Arahanga  

Salvation Army RED Shield Appeal 2016      Black Productions

Short Film: STRANGER    

Short Film: Coffee Book Story 

Director Tania Walsh  DOP Waka Attewell

Commercial: Astra Jewelry Shoot    

Godwit Films Director Nikki Parlane Prod: Jeremy Macey



SHORT FILM:  Tomorrow's Dream    5# AWARDS 

David Gould Studios     Dir/Writ/David Gould Tropfest Award Winning  Short Film

TVC: Lipton Iced Tea      Godwit Films    Dir.  Nikki Parlane


TVC: Cure Kids /All Blacks Shoot

 Augusto Productions   Trish Phelan Auckland

SHORT FILM: Gravy Train       Godwit Films   Dir. Nikki Parlane          Award-winning

SHORT FILM:  CORRIDORS          Dir:  Dan Urlich    (not yet released)        

SHORT FILM: HOTEL.COM         HOD  M-up/hair  Comedy  2015        (not yet released)

SHORT FILM:  The Great Maiden's Blush  2015     Torchlight Films Andrea Bosshard      Jeremy Macey      (Stunt/fx sequences pickups only) 

MUSIC VIDEO:  Fala Media   Music Video   'SIVA'      Prod/ Dir  Whetu fala

WEB/VIDEO:   Borderless Productions  Auck   

WEB/ VIDEO:  Sass Management   Australia    Ryan Verbruggen

SHORT FILM: Six Dollar Fifty Man   2009   Sticky Pictures                       Won over 19 Awards Worldwide                                                         

SHORT FILM: The Collector

SHORT FILM:  Dying Light


SHORT FILM:  Snap   1993-94  Independent and General

MAP   Film Prod.   

and many more...

  • Television Series:

SERIES:  Twist in the Tail

SERIES:  Treasure Island

SERIES:  Swiss Family Robinson

SERIES:  Mirror Mirror

SERIES:  Cover Story

SERIES:  Swimming lessons    1995   Top shelf Productions    

  • Television Commercials Production Companies
  • David Gould Studios   Dir David Gould
  • GODWIT FILMS           Dir  Nikki Parlane
  • Torchlight Films        Andrea Bosshard and Jeremy Macey
  • Fala Media      Whetu Fala
  • Sass Management     Ryan Ver Bruggen
  • Cranbrook    Roger Tompkins
  • Black Stump   Fayne Flaws   'ETA Peanut Butter Nutter'  Sanitarium  1993
  • Valhalla       Waka and Pip Attewell
  • Silver Screen
  • Air date
  • Motion Pictures      Nigel Hutchinson
  • Krafthaus       David Stubbs
  • Flying Fish      Brian Kassler
  • First Light     Sydney Film Company 

  • THEATRE:  Wellington City Opera Company  (10 yrs )


Don Giovanni


La Boheme

Marriage of Figaro  and many more...


FALA Media      'SIVA'    Whetu Fala


THE tfc

The Fashion Creative


The Fashion Creative

Collaborative Group of Model's Makeup Artist's and Photographer's

The Fashion Creative


A Collaborative Group of Talented Wellington Creatives, photographers, Hair & Makeup Artists, Models and Fashion Designers

Skill Set


Highly Experienced Key Makeup Artist for Film and Television Comercials

Prosthetic Technician Trauma FX Artist

Trained in Body casting and Character Sculpting

Prosthetic facial & Wound  Trauma FX Artist

Highly Experienced 

Professional On-set Standby Makeup and Hair

  You have to know what you, and those about you are doing at all times. Safety On Set ! 

I love being on set with my Actors. It's a fantastic thing to be apart of when Film Crews come together and do their magic! Each Crew Member with their specific place to be and a job to be doing. 

Hair Stylist/Period/Bridal

Love of Hairstyling, a constant learning never stops. The Creative Brain just gets to keep inventing and developing their ideas! 

Deranged Fashions