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Ameregen is an investment portfolio of post-launch and late stage bio-engineering, nano-tech, and stem cell therapies.

Current main focus of my daily work is in international high-finance/structured finance/VC/SPV/Hedge Funds & banks. The Ameregen Group has exclusive access to assets  that are valued at $29 billion (international accounting) in cancer specialty therapeutics manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution rights for key (non-US minded) nations, in SPVs. Monetizing these assets with exclusive launch partners in state-of-the-art advanced cancer care hospitals is current.

Ameregen is a Venture Philanthropy Corporation. "Doing good while doing good business" is our motto. Presently Ameregen is involved building a state-of-the-art advanced cancer-rescue division at a leading university hospital where patients can self-select not to receive chemotherapies and seek cures via cell therapies as Center of Cancer Excellence.

Successful serial entrepreneur in the emergent stem cell pharmaceuticals industry. Specialties: launch team building, ultra-high-performance life science, personalized medicine, adv. cancer-rescues, intl. high-finance/structured finance, automated cGMP manufacturing of cellular therapeutics with economies of scale, high-tech/high-growth management, disruptive cancer therapeutics: R&D, immune proteomics, cellular cancer immunity,  bench-to-bedside, clinic systems. 

Supporting Media/TV/Health/Cancer-Help Channels, Public Speaker, Public Awareness  - Domain Expert on Stem Cells.

What I love about Ameregen are the people and the cutting edge, state of the art adult stem cell industry. I strongly believe in our field. Occasionally, I  make myself available as Board Member to help other stem cell companies thrive.

I lead by excellence, encouragement, and example solving challenges by win-win state-of-the-art solutions that are typically "out-of-the-box", team and patient centered, and cross-disciplinary approaches. Important to me to stay true to who I am and what I believe - please note that I believe in treating cancer without chemotherapies as there is no data that shows actual cancer cures outside of childhood cancer, blood cancer, and testicular cancer as it relates to the use of chemotherapies - since introduction of the cruel and expensive chemotherapies in the 1950s. Instead, I have seen our fully approved CITA cell therapies acutely and completely destroy advanced stage IV, multi-drug-resistant cancers in as little as 4 hours, and cure patients permanently, without side effects. Even multi-drug-resistant (MDR+) advanced and stage IV cancer patients who were declared "as good as dead" before receiving life-saving CITA cell therapy in our facilities 10 years ago were completely cured to a full and fully functional life, and still remain cured cancer-free. Thus, my mission in life is the 2020 roll-out of the Eradicate Cancer 2020 Project, and we love partnering with pioneering philanthropists, and leaders of industry, society and state-of-the-art medicine. "Doing good while doing good business": Ameregen contributes the much needed CITA cancer rescue technology that is faster, cheaper, better & side-effect free.

Executive Appointments


President & Director

AmeReGen BioPharmaceuticals Inc., SPC - A BWI Segregated Portfolio Company

Notable: AmeReGen is globally the FIRST company chartered as Venture Philanthropy, a concept Dr. Hope pioneered in corporate design creating highly efficient impact investing.

Notable: Dr Hope took a 12-year vow of charity in 2008 and only gets paid 1€ (one Euro, approximately USD1.13$) per year by any of his companies as compensation,  to lead by example that the Eradicate Cancer 2020 Project can be done for its merit, not  for mere profits.

AmeReGen-ImmunoCure SP: The state-of-the-art robotic manufacturer of adult CITA stem cell products to treat cancer without side effects with cancer immune surveillance therapies.

AmeReGen Engineering & Nanotechnology SP: The exclusive turn-key manufacturer of cGMP compliant entire pharmaceutical factories that are highly automated, cost efficient, install in 1/5 of the time and for 1/5 of the cost of conventional cGMP facilities in the industry.

Swiss GI CancerHealth Tourism SP: Acquired assets of the US Cells Force Inc and CCTC Hamburg GmbH and is Swiss-patent-issued exclusive for many years to launch and treat advanced GI as well as Multi Drug Resistant (MDR+) cancers rapidly, effectively, cost-efficiently and with ease a& comfort for the patients. It's side effect free!  Currently in CH launch phase.

Ecclaisia Media SP: Productions company remarkable for its feature films in the new genre of Reality Suspense With Redemption, e media launches, TV shows & The CourageMethod®


Var. Executive Positions General Management • CEO • CTO-US Marketing Director

Ladera Biotech Inc; ImmunoCure Inc; VasoCure Inc; CCTC Hamburg GmbH, ZYMED



General Management, Executive Management: High-Growth Management for HiTech Companies, Advanced Marketing, Business Finance, Stanford SEP Topics

Stanford University Graduate School of Business, GSB

Stanford Law School - Venture Capital Formation

Duke Law School - Corporate Law


M.D., Ph.D. both at: Stanford Medical University; Med Residency: Duke University

Stanford University School of Medicine & Stanford Stem Cell & Bone Marrow Transplantation, Cancer Biology and Immunology Divisions, Harvard MGH/BWH

Rigorous Medical School, MD-PhD 8-year Program. Discovery of new anti-angiogenic T-cells. Post Doc in Stem Cells, Harvard BMT (Brigham's) and MGH professional medical training.

Awards, Firsts-in-Industry & Science, Excellence

Awards for Excellence:

Life-member German Endowment for Excellence (top 0.2%), Life-member International Academy of Arts and Sciences, Direct academic work with three Nobel Laureates: Sir John Eccles, Paul Berg, PhD and Linus Pauling, PhD, Direct work with two Max-Planck Directors Jozef Schell, PhD, Georg Melchers, PhD, Direct work, study, and research with Heads of Bone Marrow Transplant, others.

Stanford "Excellence in Teaching Award", ASCO Award, ASH Award, NIH and NCI Scholar, youngest PhD student in the nation, best GPA in the nation, invented adult stem cells - and the prior never done before and "unthinkable" according to the then prevalent scientific life science doctrine re-embryonalization of differentiated cells in 1988 when but a child ("wunderkind" - die ZEITmagazin'90), published in US, Jp, Korea before age 20 on stem cells, Nick named "Steve Jobs of Stem Cells", one of the three fathers of adult stem cells; inventor of cure for cancer while at Stanford - the 5th generation of stem cell and bone marrow transplantation which needs no chemo, is sheer graft-versus-tumor effect without any GvHD.

FIRST approved non-BMT stem cell therapy on the globe, CITA - in 2004.

Other FIRSTs: Invented the concepts of venture philanthropy in 2007, invented the FIRST membrane bioreactor (JV), the FIRST drawn-vessel bioreactor, the FIRST "mail-order" cGMP facility, the FIRST mass-scalable adult stem cell mfg.

Others: PriceWaterhousCooper-Award "Start-up-for-Start-Ups" Best of Best Youngest exhibitor BIOTechnica, Ntl. Broadcasting show at age 19, inventor of several patent estates spanning stem cells, autoimmunity, nanotechnology.