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Work experience

Talabat/ Delivery Hero

August 2021Present

Senior Engineering Manager and Growth Tribe Lead

Leading the Tribe responsible for technologies to help our partner acquire, and retain customers on the Talabat platform.

My tribe focuses on:
- Advertisement.
- Offers and vouchers.
- Marketing technologies (segmentation, etc).
- and the Talabat Website.

This tribe has around 30 people.

Talabat / Delivery Hero

January 2021August 2021

Senior Engineering Manager: Ad Experience and Web Platform

Leading multiple teams across two tribes:

- Talabat Website (5 engineers): Working as a cross tribe team that collaborates with domain owners to bring value using the Talabat Website. Leveraging the modern web infrastructure we have built.

- Advertising Experience (2 teams, 10 engineers): Build advertising capabilities to help the vendors reach relevant customers with ads, banners, and offers while preserving a great user experience for our customers.

Also, continuing to mentor new managers in our M0 track (Individual contributor to Manager training).

Talabat / Delivery Hero

June 2020December 2020

Senior Engineering Manager: Web Platform, Smart-Lunch & confidential.

I am responsible for :

- The web platformStabilizing and modernizing the web platform. Increasing productivity of the team.

- Smart Lunch: premium and affordable lunch subscription.

- Other initiatives that are not public yet.

I am also part of the tech hiring committee and help, with other managers, to improve the tech culture at Talabat.

I manage two teams (10 positions, only 9 filled so far) and work with 2 product managers.

I also drive some initiatives to test and introduce new technologies to the tech stack that could significantly improve our productivity.

Property Finder

April 2018May 2020

Software Engineering Lead: Mobile Apps, Off-plan market & B2C Web (Dubai, U.A.E.)

I am responsible for:

- The Property Finder B2C presence on the Web in the 7 countries we operate in (U.A.E., Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, K.S.A., Lebanon, Morocco).

- The Property Finder mobile products under the brand Property Finder: B2C Mobile App and the Lead App.

- The Property Finder Off-plan products: B2C and B2B.

This position is a people manager position as much as a technical role:

Technical responsibility:

- Working in collaboration with a product owner and product-focused marketing and sales team to prioritize projects and initiatives.
- Be responsible for the technical planning for every project.
- Be accountable for the execution of the project (sprints planning, retrospectives).

- Organize security hackathons and champion certain security initiatives in collaboration with other leads.

People management:

- Manage two teams of 5 and 12 people (and some ad-hoc teams for temporary initiatives):

- Web team: 3 back-end developers, 6 front-end developers, 2 QA.

- Mobile: 2 IOS developers, 2 Android developers, and 1 QA.
- Mentoring team members, working on performance improvement in the short, mid and long-term.
- Improve and maintain every team member's well-being.

Technologies:  LAMP Stack, Symfony 4,  ElasticSearch,  Redis,  Akamai,  Nginx, Ansible, Docker, RabbitMQ, NodeJS, ReactJS, PreactJS, Redux, Golang.

Methodologies: OKR, Scrum

Property Finder

July 2017March 2018

Software Developer - B2B team (Dubai, U.A.E.)

I was part of the B2B team working on contract management, property upload, user management, etc

Technologies:  LAMP Stack, Zend Framework,  Elasticsearch,  Memcached, Apache2, Docker, RabbitMQ, Ansible

Parallel Software

August 2016Present

Senior Software Developer (Pretoria, South Africa)

  • I was rewriting the system (a 10 years old system) step by step.
  • Bringing new technologies into play (Elastic-search etc)
  • I was maintaining the integration with job portals (PNET, Jobmail etc)
  • Maintaining the old system.
  • Migrating our monolith to micro-services.
  • Putting monitoring in place.

Technologies: LAMP stack, Symfony 2, Silex, ElasticSearch, Memcached, HAProxy, NodeJS, Docker

Dot Slash

February 2016July 2016

Software Developer (Pretoria, South Africa)

Working on the (Junkmail Digital Media was our customer) project
- Maintaining and adding new functionnalities to website
- Developping the REST API
- Performing Code Review and Quality control of other dev's code before deploying it.
- Maintaining and monitoring Cron Jobs

Technologies LAMP stack, Symfony2, ElasticSearch, Memcached, RabbitMQ, Nginx, NodeJS

Junk Mail Digital Media

May 2015February 2016

Software developer (Pretoria, South Africa)

I joined the team in a time of crisis, the project was around for 2 years and  was still too unstable to be launched.

I had to take care of building a data migration tool (around 2 billion records in MySQL).

Then I joined the core developer team, and I brought my knowledge of Symfony to speed up the project and help to launch the new version of the  (one of the top 3 classified websites in South Africa) on November 2015.

Main tasks:

  • Developing the new version of the
  • Developing the API for mobile apps
  • Reviewing other developers code before deployment
  • Developing and monitoring big crons jobs.

Technologies LAMP stack, Symfony 2, ElasticSearch, Memcached, RabbitMQ, Nginx


Jan 2015april 2015

PHP Developer (remote)

Daniweb-expert is a startup that needed an experienced developer to guide the company in launch process of their main project (a job portal).

Main tasks:

  • Developing the a job, in Swahili) website and advising on the job matching algorithm
  • Preparing a proper work environment for the new developer team.

Technologies: LAMP stack

Musal Communication

Sep 2013Dec 2014

Web developer (Lubumbashi, DR Congo)

I worked mainly on two important projects for the country (DRC), the Katanga business Meeting (biggest economic forum in DRC), Eshop RDC (first eCommerce in DRC):

Main tasks:

  • Katanga Business Meeting systems intended to automate most of the interaction between exhibitor and visitor. I built an Appointment manager online, ticket generator(print ticket online and validate ticket at the gate), exhibitor catalogue, CMS, Newsletter system and more.
  • E-Shop RDC: we used PrestaShop to manage the shop. around hundred thousand product from many big retailers in DRC. (the project has stopped in mid-2015)

Technologies: LAMP stack, Silex, PrestaShop (e-commerce solution)

Boss Mining SPRL

April 2013June 2013

Trainee in IT (required by the university: Lubumbashi, DR Congo)

- Network administration.

- User troubleshooting.

- Small software development.

Boss Mining SPRL

August 2012October 2012

Trainee in I.T (required by the university: Lubumbashi, DR Congo)

This was for me a great occasion to grow my knowledge in network and maintance.

- Network management company

- User troubleshooting.

- Equipment maintenance.

- Modification of open source software for adaptation.(web based file sharing system)


Dec 2011jun 2013

Junior PHP Developer (contractor: Lubumbashi, DR Congo)

Main tasks:

  • Creation of website for customers (LAMP)
  • Creation of applications using (invoicing, hotel management systems, etc)
  • IT support for the company and customers

Technologies: LAMP stack, C#, Java

as freelancer

Oct 2011present

Web and Mobile developer (Lubumbashi, DR Congo)

Main tasks:

  • Creation of websites (like a restaurant website).
  • Creation of web apps 
  • Creation of desktop applications (like shop management software)
  • Creation of mobile apps (eg, Metro Home Centre Reward -
  • SEO (SEO advice, improvement, and Facebook Ads campaign management)
  • IT support

Technologies: LAMP stack, Docker, NodeJS, MongoDB,, Apache Cordova, CakePHP, Symfony 2, Silex, C#, Java, Memcached


Ecole Supérieur d'Informatique Salama

Sep 2010Aug 2013

National Diploma: Software engineering and Information system

Top Skills

People Management

Helping in career plan, coaching, reviews & feedbacks, maintaining accountability, motivation.

Leading Cross-functional Teams and projects

Ensuring the communication flows, being able to guide people that do things you are not good at, creating a common understanding of the end goal.

Communication skills

Presentations, negotiation, conflict resolution, story telling, managing expectations.

Project Management

Collecting requirements, identifying needed resources, planning, execution and go to market with stakeholders.

PHP (LAMP stack)

with frameworks: Symfony, Silex, Zend. Also without framework. 

Javascript & Typescript (browser)

JQuery, AngularJS, ReactJs, PreactJS and Vanilla


My first choice quick prototyping and if the server needs a state.

Kubernetes (with Docker)

preferably using a cloud provider (GCP, AWS or Digital Ocean)

Terraform & Ansible

For cloud and server provisioning, project automation. Useful if you want to have a great disaster recovery plan.

GCP & Digital Ocean

More professional experience with these two. Next on the list: AWS.

Other skills

Git, MVC, OOP, Micro-services, CSS, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, Firebase, Rancher, Longhorn, React Native, etc


  • Akamai Bot Manager Foundations
    • by Akamai Technologies
    • Issued Sep 2019
  • Big Data for Smart Cities
    • By EDX (and the university of Trento and the University of Aalto)
    • Issued July 24, 2016


  • English (Fluent)
  • French (Native)
  • Swahili (Derived dialect, Native)

Other information

  • Linkedin:
  • github:


  • Books, a lot of books.
  • Watching Soccer, playing soccer, talking about soccer.
  • Music, cooking, video games
  • science, space exploration, psychology, sociology, history.
  • Writing a personal finance e-book for emerging countries residents.