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I find meaning in life by helping to reduce people's suffering and increase their quality of life. I'm achieving this by thriving to build and collaborate to produce high-quality (scalable, extendable, reliable, available, reusable, secure) software products that have the biggest impact.

I'm developing bioinformatics solutions to help scientists in their drug-discovery workflows. I have also strong background in Machine Learning (developed AI solution for a large telecom company). I collaborate and communicate well with team members and stakeholders. I follow the agile development process (experience in prioritizing tasks, time management, short-term planning, take rapid feedback from users and stakeholders). I strongly adhere to software engineering principles and practices (clean code - OOP design - TTD - SOLID principles - design patterns).

Employment History

Software Engineer


- Design and develop governance and orchestration layer, and a set of complex APIs.
- Communicate with cryptographic modules (HSM), and blockchain interfaces
- Integrate new cryptocurrencies on Vault.
- Work closely with the Product team to define and understand end-user requirements, and translate them into pragmatic technical solutions.
- Work in a cross-team environment such as Frontend and QA engineers, as well as with cross-functional teams such as Core, Firmware, Infrastructure, and Operations.
- Participate in firefighting sessions, and interface with stakeholders.

Feb 2019Present

Software Engineer

Genophore Inc

- Architect, design, and implement bioinformatics workflows and tools.

- Develop advanced bioinformatics visualization and interactive tools.

- Implement unit tests to internal APIs, services, and frontend components.

- Refactor existing code for less bugs and for better readability, extendibility, and performance.

- Build data pipelines to integrate biological data from various third-party sources.

- Thorough code review to ensure high quality and less technical debts.

- Help junior team members in their tasks (in analysis, design, and implementation).

Apr 2018Feb 2019

Data Engineer


- Lead the development team in building machine learning product for predicting subscribers' activity, usage, and their churn scores.

 - Create dashboards for the marketing department, those dashboards would enable to dynamically monitor different key performance metrics from multiple perspectives for different stakeholders.

Sep 2017 Apr 2018

Backend Developer


- Develop backend APIs for various projects using Django/DRF.


Game Developer


 - Develop 2D mobile and online multiplayer games using Unity3D 


Sep 2012Sep 2017

B.Eng in Computer Science

Damascus University

Artificial Intelligence Specialization

Projects at Genophore Inc

  • Visualization: DNA Vector Editor - Antibody Numbering - Restriction Enzymes - Peptide Cutter - Sequence Alignments.
  • Workflows and tools: DNA Cloning - Antibody Engineering - Protein Analysis - Sequence Alignments - BLAST Search -  Sequence Annotation & Prediction.
  • Data: integrated Drugs, Proteins, and DNA from UniProt, ChEMBL, PDB, and more. (I'm responsible for those data migration to the Genophore's evolving Database).
  • I used AWS Lambda function (with SAM deployment) for periodically integrating about 80 G.B data from a third-party service, achieving processing speed (compared to regular data pipeline) from about 1 day to 1 hour. 

Projects at MTN

I helped in the analysis, design, and I worked on the implementation of predicting subscribers' likelihood of leaving the company. A brief description of the system: on a daily basis, the system predicts new churn scores for 6 million subscribers. It fetches the data from the internal warehouse database, Then, it feeds a large 3D array to the deep learning model. A highly optimized operations are developed in order for the pipeline to run in an acceptable time. In fact, all steps (comprised of data fetching, transformation, prediction, evaluating, and publishing the results) take approximately four hours. The model training is also automated.

Projects at College

  • Spoofing and countermeasures for Automatic Speaker Verification using Gaussian Mixture Models with I-vectors.
  • Dialect identification using SVM, Random Forest with Sickit-learn library.
  • Restoring Text Diacritics (End-to-end deep learning).
  • Swarm Robots, Real-Time Adaptive Shape Formation, shapes were fully determined by the user by drawing using Unity3D.
  • Interactive virtual reality game developed with google cardboard SDK and Unity3D.
  • JavaScript compiler using JAVACC library.

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