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Leadership is an art, talent and years of hard experiences that need to be demonstrated and approved by success stories. I have established markets, companies and innovated products. Nowadays, I am a general manager for two sister companies that I have established myself over the last 5 years. 

I am a certified sales manager with 4 years experience in sales management. I have a master degree from Robert Kennedy College / University of Cumbria (MBA / LS).

I have excellent conceptual, human and technical skills. I am a talented manager in leading teams, Launching pharmaceutical products, creating healthy culture and analyzing situations. I have good experience in Jordan and Lebanon markets. Recently, 

Work Experience:


General Manager

Top Pharma Program

TPP is an online learning management system specialized in developing HCPs specially the pharmacists in MENA region. 

April 2016

General Manager

Pharmacure everest Company

Pharmacure Everest is a new chain pharmacy that was established in 2016. I am leading Pharmacure sustainably to be the pioneer in providing new sustainable pharmaceutical service to patients. 

Nov 2011Aug 2015

Sales Manger

Pharma International Company / Lebanon
  1. Responsible for obtaining profitable results
  2. Responsible for managing the sales team, developing a business plan covering sales, revenue, and expense controls, meeting agreed targets, and promoting the organization’s presence throughout the country.
  3. Assist in the development of the annual marketing plan.
  4. Ensure that all sales representative activities are in accordance with the guidelines of the country we are presence in.
  5. Responsible for the planning, recruitment, direction, organization and control sales representatives to accomplish specific objectives.
  6. Responsible for monitoring the performance of the sales team.
  7. Plan and implement a specific appraisal system that describes the responsibilities and performance standards for each member of the sales team, set individual territory sales and commission targets and administer the commission plan.
  8. Personally observe the performance of medical representatives in the field on a regular basis.
  9. Provide high standards of ongoing training for the medical representatives so that they possess sufficient medical and technical knowledge to present information on the company’s products in an accurate and balanced manner.
Jan 2010Oct 2011

Medical Representative

Pharma International Company / Jordan

Jan 2006Dec 2006

Medical Representative

Calderma Company / Abu Sharif Drug Store / Jordan

Oct 2002Oct 2004


King Khalid University Hospital / KSA


Sep 2012Aug 2015


Robert Kennedy College / University of Cumbria / UK

Sep 1997Sep 2001

Bachelor degree in Pharmacy

Philadelphia University / Jordan



Dot academy

Social Media Marketing and design

Prince Sumaya University for Technology

Video content Creation

Dot academy
Oct 2011Oct 2011

Business writing and Presentation skills

American ESL
Sep 2011Sep 2011

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2007


Apr 2011Apr 2011

Strategic Selling Skills

Oct 2010Oct 2010

Certified Sales Manger

CPE sponsors
May 2007May 2007


Cambridge / Sight and sound center