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As an accomplished professional, I've embarked on a journey driven by scientific curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit. With a strong foundation in plant biology, I've navigated the realms of molecular research, biophysics, and biotechnology. My trajectory spans from pioneering biofuel engineering using cyanobacteria to unraveling the intricacies of protein complexes in photosynthesis.

Alongside research, I've ventured into coaching, harnessing brain-based methodologies to optimize human potential. Co-founder of innovative ventures, I've championed plant-based food technology and antimicrobial advancements. My dynamic career reflects a commitment to innovation, multidisciplinary collaboration, and translating research into real-world impact.

Work experience


Cofounder, science lead

Molt FoodTech

Entrepreneurial adventure developing plant-based nut-free mould cheese products. 


R&D Manager / Laboratory manager

Nolla Antimicrobial

Nolla Antimicrobial owns a disruptive technology based on a silver polymer to kill germs effectively and safely. My role was to improve the available products, keep the quality control and help develop new applications, while keeping the lab running efficiently.


Founder and head coach at Soturi Coaching

Entrepreneurial adventure where I combine the Results coaching structure with my scientific background and brain training techniques to help individuals and businesses to level-up their potentialI combine brain-based coaching with modern meditation techniques and biohacking to reduce stress and optimise performance. 


Postdoctoral researcher

University of Helsinki. Institute of Biotechnology. Biomolecular NMR and Protein Engineering group

I participated in projects targeting to learn about the biophysical and structural properties of several proteins with biomedical applications. I worked also with inteins, which are autocatalytic protein splicing elements with biotechnological applications. Research supervisor: Dr. Hideo Iwai.


Postdoctoral researcher

University of Turku. Molecular Plant Biology unit, BioEnergy group

 I developed new molecular tools and engineered cyanobacteria as biotechnological hosts for the production of carbon-based biofuels. I participated in the EU FP7 collaborative project DirectFuel. Research supervisors: Prof. Eva-Mari Aro, Dr. Patrik R. Jones.


PhD studies and research

University of Seville. IBVF Institute of Plant Biochemistry and Photosynthesis

My PhD topic was the study of the cytochromes attached to cyanobacterial Photosystem II. Half of the time I was working in Seville, where I performed mainly the biophysics experiments (redox potentiometry, thermoluminescence.). Research supervisor: Dr. José María Ortega.


PhD studies and research

CEA Centre for Nuclear Studies, Institute of Biology and Technologies

In France I performed the construction of cytochrome mutants, the PSII protein complex purification, and part of the biophysical characterization (PAM fluorescence) in vitro and in vivo. I kept the collection of 20+ mutant cyanobacteria. Supervisor: Dr. Diana Kirilovsky.



Agricultural Research Centre C.I.F. A. Las Torres y Tomejil. Dept of Plant Physiology

Research on the molecular basis of the legume-Rhizobium symbiosis within the PETRI project Validation by means of Field Assays of new Chickpea Varieties Associated with Multifunctional Biofertilizers, in Andalucía and Castilla y León. 



PhD in Biology

University of Seville

Title: Cytochromes associated to the Photosystem II in the thermophilic cyanobacterium
Thermosynechococcus elongatus. Study of point mutants in the cytochrome b559 and redox analysis of the cytochrome c550.


Master’s Degree in Environmental Management

Andalusian Confederation of Businessmen (CEA). Seville (Spain)

Included 3 months of work in practice in a photovoltaic energy company: GAMESA solar.


Honours Degree in Biology

University of Seville

Degree in general biology.



Spanish: mother tongue.
English: fluent.
French: fluent.
Finnish: intermediate.


Board member at Espoo Sinfonia.

At Slush 2018 I was part of the Leadership Team of OASIS.

In 2016 I joined SeaLife Helsinki as a volunteer aquarist.


Driving license type B, and car owner.
Diver 2 stars CMAS (World Underwater Activities Fed.).

Drone operator, open sub-categories A1/A3.

Other interests

Music: I play trumpet in Espoo Sinfonia, and ukulele.
Sports: football, martial arts (karate, Kali Majapahit).
Biohacking: Wim Hof method, the Silva Method.


My publications list can be found in:

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