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I'm a Full Stack Web Developer from Brazil, and I have 15+ years of experience in web development. I can be a strong driving force for improving the performance, scalability, usability, and reliability of development projects.

In 2003, I founded my own company (Mastop). I led that company until 2013 when I closed my office in São Paulo, and I've worked from Home Office since then.

I've worked with the Xoops CMS in the past. In 2007, I developed an open-source Content Module (which is used by a lot of sites until today) named “Mastop Publish” and a Spotlights Management Module named “Mastop Go2".
In 2009, I developed an e-commerce application for Small Businesses from scratch, and we started to sell it as a service.

I'm interested in entrepreneurship and creating scalable web apps with UI/UX that don't suck. I also love working to improve the performance and usability of web apps.

Currently, I work as an Independent IT Contractor/Consultant.

You can see my published work on

I study all the time. I read a lot, I work hard, and I love to learn new stuff.

Work experience

SEPTEMBER 2016Current

Independent IT Contractor/Consultant


I am working closely with clients from all over the world to create both Backend and Frontend solutions, building fast, accessible, modular, and responsive websites.

  • Provide Cross-Browser Front-End Technical Solutions
  • Respond to support tickets and provide solutions to different issues on websites and servers. 
  • WordPress Custom Themes and Plugin Development
  • Drupal Custom Themes and Plugins Development
  • Collaborate with creative and development teams on the execution of ideas and projects.
  • Write maintainable, scalable, responsive, and cross-browser code.
  • Work with non-profit organizations to create custom templates and solutions for CRMs like Engaging Networks and Blackbaud Luminate.
JULY 2015JULY 2016

Software Engineer

Lev Interactive

Working as a remote contractor, my main focus at Lev Interactive was to help create new web apps and customer websites.

  • WordPress Custom Themes development using Javascript/jQuery, HTML5/CSS3 and CSS preprocessors (SASS/SCSS/Stylus/Less).
  • Wordpress Custom plugins development
  • UI/UX Development
  • Collaborated closely with designers, developers, and project managers.
  • Created maintainable, scalable, and responsive user interfaces for web applications that work in a variety of devices, using both plain HTML5/CSS3/Javascript and different frameworks/template engines like Twig and Blade.
MARCH 2003JULY 2015

Founder & Web Developer

Mastop Internet Development

As Owner and CEO, provide services as a Web Developer, Database Administrator, SysAdmin and Project Manager to clients in a wide variety of business applications of all sizes. Develop websites for dozens of satisfied clients. Services include project management, custom development, CMS integration, e-commerce, and more.

We developed websites for dozens of satisfied clients. Our services included project management, custom development, CMS integration, e-commerce, and more.

  • Created and maintained advanced server-side applications and websites that met customer requirements in a variety of CMS (Drupal, Xoops, Wordpress) and custom PHP Frameworks like Laravel and Symfony.
  • Developed custom plugins and themes for Wordpress, Drupal, and Xoops CMS.
  • Collaborated with developers and operational teams to create and prioritize user requirements.
  • Performed daily maintenance updates for existing sites and applications, responding to support tickets and addressing customer questions and concerns.
  • I have worked with development teams and Application Services Group to resolve issues facing applications running in the cloud.
  • Improved design and usability on existing user interfaces, creating cross-browser front-end technical solutions using HTML5, CSS3, and the most popular javascript frameworks (jQuery, Vue, React, Angular, Node).
  • Prepared and scheduled HTML e-mails for third-party clients using externally designed content with the most popular e-mail marketing solutions like MailChimp and Sendgrid.
  • Built and configured Linux servers for multi-user web hosting
  • DNS configuration.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) specialist.



More than 10 years working with HTML5 FrontEnd development.


More than 10 years working with plain CSS and CSS preprocessors tools, like SASS/SCSS/LESS/STYLUS.


I have a really strong foundation in Javascript, with more than 15 years dealing with various libraries and frameworks, like Node.JS, Angular, Vue.JS, React and jQuery to create maintainable and scalable client-side interfaces.


I started working with PHP on version 3. More than 15 years later, I still write OOP PHP code almost daily. I love Laravel and Symfony frameworks. Wordpress Expert.


I started working with MySQL at the same time I started coding with PHP. I like the Doctrine ORM and Eloquent to help me deal with MySQL databases.


I've worked with MongoDB on 2 different projects. I've used Doctrine ODM on both projects.

Código Falado

In 2019 I started a channel to do Live Coding sessions twice a week as @CodigoFalado (Portuguese for Spoken Code). In 2020 my channel became the first Twitch Partner doing exclusively Live Coding in Brazil. My goal is not to sell anything but to create a developer community where we can all learn together. And it's growing pretty fast.

During the Live Coding sessions, I study about lots of different technologies while interacting with the audience. It has been a great experience, and I plan to keep doing it.

You can check me out on Twitch:

Most of the code I create Live is hosted on Github:

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