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Increasing the efficiency of work
All instruments provided by the manufacturers coming with unnecessary to some extend complications. I am always working on finding the simple and most secure way of operating with a device or software tool.
When in a work-flow there are 10 different items involved, the differences can cause confusion and complications that will impede the work process and make any problem recovery process slower.
I am working on unifying all those in order to eliminate confusion and to provide repetitiveness in a new node implementation.
✔ Ease of use
Through the first two, I am making sure my colleagues are not be overwhelmed by using those otherwise complex systems, thus also decrease the need of highly educated operators.

Creating financially optimized design
When I design an implementation, I am always taking in account that the node/block could be upgradeable at the lowest cost possible, or simply fully compatible with the potential new improvements.
✔ Cost-effective solutions
Always trying to make the perfect balance between price and quality, or price and efficiency. Investing time into research and test all possible solutions before taking decision.

Hardening and securing installations
✔ Effective monitoring
Everyone prefers to know the status of their entire workflow, so the monitoring and alarming systems are  key points to keep everything in line.
Preventive protection is the best approach, and as there is no perfect design, knowing all weaknesses and address their likelihood and further hardening is important.
✔ Self-healing solutions
Creating a monitoring system that not only sends alarms, but does indeed send correcting commands, having the fault node backed up without intervention.

Work experience

Technical Director

Oct 2013Present

Technical Director


• Overseeing and managing all technical aspects of the company, including coordinating the activities between the departments, such as postproduction, Playout and delivery.
• Scheduling tasks; Tracking dependencies; Managing change requests; Guaranteeing quality of deliveries; Educating the  team on technical practices 
• Creating automated recovery methods for system features.

Key Achievements:

• Simplified the workflow by optimizing and removing surplus steps and repetitions.
• Hardened all remote installations and implemented monitoring system with feedback control.
• Unified all remote installation in order to decrease the work needed to maintain them.
• Established Centralized Playout System using Internet for remote stream delivery.

Senior Support Engineer

PlayBox Technology USA LLC
Oct 2009Oct 2013

Senior Support Engineer


• Providing clients with training and Specific Design implementations.
• Preparing documentation of  the client's work-flow.
• Third-party integration documentation and implementation.
 Broadcast servers assembling and configuration.
 Rack Design and cabling.
 Second line support, documenting and organizing the support procedures. Software modules testing and evaluating and further documenting and reports.


• Successful and productive communication with the HQ
• Optimized clients work-flows
• Reliable designs and installations
• Numerous bug-fixes and new software features implementations

Support Engineer

PlayBox Technology LLC
Jun 2008Oct 2009

QA and Support Engineer


 Testing and bug-reporting of the new releases of variety of the company's products.
 Helping clients with better implementation of the proper for their work-flow features and setup.


 Optimizing the test processes and creating documentation templates
Increased number of satisfied clients

Project Designer

Preventive Security Systems
Sep 2007Jun 2008

Design and implementation of CCTV networks


• Designing LAN and video coaxial network installations. Access control systems evaluation and implementation at different locations.
• Installation of loss prevention and CCTV systems.
• Maintenance and monitoring.

Key Achievements:

• Optimization of the work process and increasing production.

Senior Expert

State Communications Commission
Sep 2004Aug 2007

Radio Frequency Spectrum Monitoring


• Monitoring of the RF Spectrum for the Capital City Area. Following protocols for detecting and registering and documenting unauthorized users, and users out of band, or out of compliance standards.
• Strictly led documentation was helping with the spectrum management. Many times have worked on tracking violators, including the compilation of documentation for further investigation.

Key Achievements:

• Optimization of the work process by creating simple processes for registering  problems.
• Educating other colleagues and helping them to better understand the Radio-waves propagation and behavior.
• Successfully completed large scale operations via mutual work with the State Police.

Repair Technician

K&K Electronics
Oct 2003Jul 2004

PC monitors and Small Consumer Electronics repair

I had the opportunity to work as a repair service associate for the biggest importer of electronics in the country.



Technical University Sofia

Major in Digital Radio Communications
Thesis Subject: Mathematical apparatus for expressing the BER dependency from the propagation fluctuations of the laser beam in transatmospheric communication system


Technical University Varna

Major in Radio and Television Technologies

Thesis Subject: Atmospheric Optical Communications, General Applications


cloud computing

Implementing IPTV Broadcast components and monitoring.
Content and Stream Delivery to customers


Ingest, Postprocessing, Encoding and Storage.
Playout and DVB implementations.


Local Networks implementations with VPN and remote access. Multicast organization. VLANs and ACL implementations


RTSP, RTMP, HLS streaming formation, transcoding, DVB handling. Publishing and Delivery.


Virtualized IPTV systems, Storage and Networks


Internet Delivery Proxies, Network Servers, Firewalls and Routing, Traffic Engineering.


  Virtualization    Containerization    DevOps     Cloud Computing    Software Defined Networks

  Network Security  • Cloud Security  •  SysOps