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Results focused and with 1.5 years of experience in a competitive sales environment. Hardworking, focused and experienced at working efficiently to achieve objectives in both individual and team environments. Competent and reliable with a proven track record of applying comprehensive and effective sales techniques to maintain and develop successful relationships with clients. 

Work experience


Kingston ASC

Assistant Head Coach

Overseen the creation and successful implementation of new swimming framework. Disseminated transitional information to colleagues and customers. Supervised and provided training to coaches. Developed new internal and external communication pathways.

  • Scripted using Excel/Google Sheets producing automatic progression updates to customers and relevant colleagues.
  • Direct contact for any operational, child protection, admin or progressional queries.
  • Enhanced customer progression through application of statistical techniques on qualitative data to obtain credible information and apply this to programme enhancement.
  • Innovated automatic dynamic session plans, crafted from class requirements and framework the first and only of its kind in the world.
  • Raised customer retention rate from 65% to 78% in one year.
  • Identified CPD requirements of staff and provided on job training in addition to external upskilling.
  • Managed, motivated and retained a team of 10 comprising of employees and volunteers.

Student Helper

University of Glasgow

Represented and promoted the University of Glasgow to prospective students during events. Communicate enthusiastically the merits of studying at the university and living in Glasgow.

  • Maintained a professional and courteous manner at all time.
  • Strong preparation allowed efficient answering of queries.

Swimming Coach

SwimWell Ltd

Attracted, maintained and developed a client base by providing an excellent customer orientated service in a professional manner. Balancing customer and company interests to reach a positive experience for every client. Plan and deliver effective session plans to enhance the swimming capabilities of clients.

  • Within 6 months the active client base had increased from 31 to 40.
  • Customer feedback is highly positive.
  • The optimisation of class sizes has resulted in higher profitability for SwimWell without compromising quality of service.
  • Implementation of "Self Registration Scheme" increasing lesson efficiency by up to 10%

Level 2 Swimming coach

Making Waves Ltd

Learn, prepare and deliver a pre-determined set of plans to participants whilst ensuring the safety of clients. Creating a positive, team-orientated atmosphere to conjunctively set and achieve, realistic yet substantial goals.

  • Developed a structured competitive environment which was well received by participants.
  • Engaged with parents who appreciated the additional communication they received.
  • Led and encouraged all participants by providing positive guidance, promoting better performance.

Operations Manager


Maintain the daily running of an online retailer whilst developing and implementing systems to allow for a growing customer base. Demonstrated adaptability as my role covered telesales, warehouse management, web design and any other role required of me.

  • Development of warehouse management systems from pen and paper to a software based stock management system which integrated with all sales channels.
  • Overseen same day dispatch procedure with a 100% success rate.
  • Provided excellent customer service dealing with up to 10 customer queries per day.
  • In conjunction with co-workers developed a healthy relationship with distributors resulting in efficient stock management and lower stock fees.
  • Spearheaded "Post Order Review Scheme" which provided vital data for company progression.
  • Conceptualised, implemented and tracked monthly promotional programs.
  • Created and generated monthly sales reports for the Finance Management team.
  • Coordinated the decommissioning of the old website whilst ensuring successful integration of its replacement resulting in less than one minute of downtime.

Swimming Teacher

Glasgow Sport

Responsible for rejuvenating and improving a depleted swimming programme to provide a successful athletic atmosphere for clients from diverse backgrounds.

  • Implemented a coaching philosophy which encouraged hardwork and commitment from athletes.
  • Analysed and monitored a variety of performance metrics for each athlete and provided detailed bi-monthly reports for 100 athletes.
  • Lead self-development days teaching athletes how to create personal development plans and critically review their progress




University of Glasgow

Final Grade: 2:1

Enhanced Skills:

  • Thinking logically
  • Maintaining motivation and commitment
  • Creating clear and concise presentations
  • Working independently and part of a team
  • To prioritise and overcome key issues.

Exploring Science

Open University

Final Grade: 75% Merit

Enhanced Skills:

  • How to accurately assess, evaluate and interpret data.
  • Time management and organisation
  • Communication, written and verbal.
  • Working independently and part of a team

Volunteer Work

  • Kingston Swim Team - 6 months assistant coach
  • Splash - 1.5 Years disability swimming coach
  • Whitehill Swimming Club - 1 Year Assistant coach
  • Nano Sciences presenter - Student Helper (ongoing)