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Gary Phillips has made a commitment to working with found and recycled objects, transforming them into new and beautiful objects. As an artist and urban archeologist, his pieces can reflect over 1,000 years of London history; from Roman occupation through the great plagues and fires that have blighted London, through empire building and brisk commerce, right up to the present day. Whether working with objects directly or incorporating them more subtly as textures and tones to paintings, Gary's pieces tell stories that are both seen and unseen. 

Gary was born and raised in Stepney in London's East End; his family history can be traced back for at least 200 hundred years in London, probably longer. Over the past several years Gary has had his work exhibited both in London and in New York City. He has conducted public art workshops and given talks about his work, and his work has been featured in several publications and websites. 

Featured Shows



                                     Islington Urban Space 2021 

                                     Canterbury House 2020: (Jury Prize Winner)

                                     East London Gallery 2020

                                     Kent Painters 2019

                                     Candid Gallery Islington 2019

                                     Open Studios 2018

                                     Kent Painters society Show 2018

                                     Conquest House Gallery, (Juried Prize Winner 2017 & Resident Artist)

                                     South East Open Studios 2017

                                      Canary Wharf, London 2017 (featured Artist)

                                      What If Gallery 2017 (Featured Artist)

                                      East London Design Centre 2017 (Featured Artist)

                                      Blue Water Gallery 2017

                                      Byard Art Gallery, Cambridge  2017

                                     Macon Gallery, Hoxton 2016

                                     Urban Gallery, 46th & Broadway NYC

                                     Soho PS4 Gallery, NYC





Featured Paintings

Websites and Publications

Featured Artist in Period Living Magazine as well as a number of art and lifestyle websites, including, The Londonist and  BoingBoing.