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Customer Care
Gary coaches leaders and their staff using the internationally acclaimed WE CARE® training processes as well as trademarked processes he develops or customizes for his clients.
HR Development & HR Consulting
I hold the record for the longest serving member of the Board of Directors of the Human Resources Professionals Association, (HRPAO), one of the largest in the world.   I'm also an active member and contributor to the online, specialist network HRM Today.   I have sucessfully served my clients in generalist HR areas for 20+ years including pioneering in Pay Equity as a creative reward management tool for staff achievers, not a govenrnment legal requirement, in Ontario, Canada.   Patton Associates has over 25 talented specialists in all areas of HR development I can call on.
Developded and taught over 30 programs as Managing Partner for Patton Associates.   Currently, serves as part of the Adjunct HR Business Faculty at York University in Toronto.
Business leaders and his peers praise Gary for his mentoring work with them. See the sidebar section "What Other's Say About Gary".   Gary specializes in working with Jesus Followers to become better in their areas of gifting.



Binne Youn

"Gary is the one whom I think about when I have challenges at work, at home or at the store. He was my teacher for ‘Human Resources’ and ‘Customer Service’ at Seneca college in the Ontario Management Development Program. "He always listens and has time for people whom are seeking for answers. "He speaks and listens though his heart with his great knowledge and that is what differentiate Gary from others.

"It has been 6 years since I finished courses with him but he is still the passionate teacher and a coach that I respect and use regularly."

Bruce McAlpine

"I have personally used and recommended Gary to other organizations on several occasions. He is passionalte about service excellence, and he really works at transference of knowledge, not just at entertaining his audience."

He's a professional who produces great results  ...a real expert having high integrity."

Craig Bissett

"Gary Patton is a professional I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to "partner with" or to be "mentored". Gary has a deep conviction to doing what is right and providing value to the ones he serves."

Tony Simons

"I have had many conversations with Gary over the years. He has always been thoughtful and constructive in his comments and his coaching.

I like Gary a lot, and I believe that any life he touches will be the better for his influence.

Listen to this man, and, if you are willing to push yourself, ask him to coach you. You will not regret it."

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Gary's Core Stuff

Gary's Interests

Gary's Interest in Health & Wellness Is Life-Enhancing

My wife & life partner, Karen, and I are live (raw) food vegans. We've followed what we call our "S-M-A-R-TLifestyle™" since late 1997.

We changed from our "Standard American Diet (SAD)" after Karen was diagnosed with severe colon cancer. When she was diagnosed, I already had been unable to work for about 31/2 years because of Chronic Fatigue & Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS).

We were desperate because we were both very sick with life-threatening diseases!

Karen's large cancerous tumour turned benign within four months of our lifestyle change. I was healed shortly after her.

You can read about our miracles of healing and discover why we continue our S-M-A-R-TLifestyle™ here.

Samples of Gary's Courseware

Ontario Learn - 'Customer Service Excellence' - (Written by Gary for the Ontario Ministery of Training, Colleges, & Universities for use in all 27 Colleges in the Province.)

GFP Program: Coaching Leaders

GFP Program: Stress Optimization


Gary's Blogs

Videos of Gary Teaching

Gary instructing Executives in Customer Service at Shoppers Drug Mart University by satellite

Gary instructing Managers in Leadership during an organizational client's 5-day workshop.



Hi! I'm called: 'The People Development Guy'. "I specialize in assisting people to flourish and organizations to prosper using individual coaching and team training."

I am a human resources professional who coaches leaders and professionals, one-on-one, in becoming better at what they do. You can work with me as a part of a corporate program in which you participate or, personally, as an individual. I normally coach via the telephone with e-mail follow-up as needed. You can discover how I might assist you to be better at what you do work here.

I also facilitate customer service-related human relations / people skills training programs that are powerfully effective cross-culturally and cross-generationally and consult to organizations in the people development field. I train client's staff on site or via Webinars.

The term 'multipreneur' fits me well because I consult to and train in organizations, coach individuals, speak to associations and other groups, write e-books and courseware, plus instruct adult learners in the specialty areas of:

  • customer/people relations mastery ...using the internationally acclaimed WE CARE® training processes that have improved over 400,000 professionals since 1987, and
  • interpersonal skills mastery having taught about 3,000 learners since 2000 alone in communications, goal setting and planning, team building, leadership, stress, time, and presentation mastery plus related customer service skills.

I also have taught as an Adjunct Professor in the Business Faculties at York University, Ryerson UniversitySchulich University, and Seneca College in Toronto as well.

To re-create, I love to hike, ride my bike, and explore good books.

In grocery stores, you'll catch me avidly reading health labels. Both my wife and I were miraculously healed following separate near-death experiences. We now lead a special lifestyle you can read about here.


Gary graduated from the University of Toronto, Summa Cum Laude, standing First in his MA class

Gary was selected by his Faculty colleagues as 'Teacher of Excellence' at Seneca College, in Toronto.

Gary is a past VP and member of the Board of Directors of the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra in Scarborough.

Gary was a long-serving Director and Vice-president of the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPAO). He holds the record as the most re-elected Director and was a participant in designing HRPAO's Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) learning program.


  • Owns and has operated a thriving coaching and management consulting practice specializing in coaching leaders to success in the people side of multi-cultural and trans-generational personal and team customer service.
  • Teaches professionals and managers, part-time, as a member of the Adjunct Faculty at York University's Atkinson College, and Schulich's Schools of Business. (Previously also taught at  Ryerson University  and was selected 'Teacher of Excellence' while instructing part-time at Seneca College.)
  • Developed and managed a diverse, staff reward systems consulting practice for three, global consulting organizations dealing with client contacts at all levels.
  • Established a proven track record as a member of senior management HR teams in the energy, distribution and manufacturing sectors with experience in designing and implementing overall HR philosophies and strategies to assist in the accomplishment of long-term business plan objectives.
    • Participated in management rights enhancing negotiations for numerous union agreements with a variety of bargaining agents as well as preparing and presenting arbitrations in the manufacturing sector. Also, designed and effectively implemented work environment enhancing strategies and management training to maintain union-free environments.
    • Designed and implemented numerous compensation, benefits and performance appraisal programs for a wide variety of occupational groups.
    • Developed and implemented effective resourcing, training, reward and appraisal programmes to assist line managers in attracting, motivating, developing and retaining qualified personnel in competitive markets.
    • Directed a staff of eighteen in the administration and communication of a complex benefits program for 18,000 employees for a major oil company. This included the implementation of creative, cutting-edge programs and changes to prior programs with an emphasis on computer administration applications and multimedia communication techniques.


1987 - Present

PATTON ASSOCIATES, People Development Coaches & Consultants

Managing Partner

2005 - 2010

YORK UNIVERSITY's, Atkinson College and Schulich School of Business School

Adjunct Business School Faculty (part-time)

2001 & 2003

RYERSON UNIVERSITY School of Retail Management

Adjunct Business School Faculty (part-time)

2000 - 2003


Adjunct Business School Faculty (part-time)

SOBECO LIMITED - Management Consultants

Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant


Coordinator, Benefits Administration

WILLIAM MERCER LIMITED - Management Consultants

Assistant Vice-president

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