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Idea machine
  • Thinking creatively and critically to produce new ideas and concepts, all the time.
  • A keen eye for great design which is sensitive to line, shape, value, colour, form and functionality.
Unification of sense and reason
  • Focus on transforming ideas and brand strategies into reality with elements of art, awareness of culture and proper medium.
  • Interested in mixing, recently in the usage of materials. For instance, mixing flowers, stone, metal with liquid PVC, microfibre and vinyl may create a sense of nature but modern.
Cost efficient designer
  • Combine fashion management with cost management in accounting learned to make good use of the mixture.
  • Provide targeted analysis.
  • Together integration with individuality to compare competitive advantages for each success.
Customer driven
  • With an assumption to create special customer-focused and consultative approach to ensure communication and needs to be satisfied. Bring more happiness to others is part of the designer's work.
Team Spirit
  • A great team player, communicating with clear mind, managing projects with plans at the beginning and conclusions at the end.
  • Willing to take any role, either as a leader or a supporter.
  • Support the original.
  • With own judgement not a parrot only.
  • Belief in G's Fashion Code.
Passionate and motivated
  • Even without art foundation but with passion and great potential.
  • For catching up, plan to increase technical knowledge by regularly attending design workshops, reviewing professional publications, collecting multimedia fodders and participating in professional societies.
Miss China
  • Looking forward to a combination of multicultural factors. More friendly Chinese elements to the world.
Lifelong learner
  • Able to learn new skills, technologies and applications, logically and rapidly.
  • Comprehensive understanding of MS Office Programs, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Picasa.
  • Specially, advanced experience with mobile apps for image processing, such as VSCOcam, Darkroom, Union, Camera+, Snapseed, Mextures, LongExpo and so on.
  • Optimist.
  • Playing the flute, taking G's style photos, swimming, fashion designing, dancing jazz, singing, good at cooking.


  • Taking a pro-active role.
  • Having a deep love of good design and typography.
  • Willingness to take direction from senior team members.
  • Willingness to accept artistic criticism but never shying away form changes, challenges or tricky jobs.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Communicate clearly.
  • Willing to cross boundaries, share knowledge, and assist others.
  • Can create in a simple way, or complex one, or both.
  • Attention focusing. Arrange tasks according to the classification of importance.
  • Having a calm and effective approach to difficult jobs and technical glitches.



Sep 2015Oct 2015

Luxury Goods Cleaning & Repairing

Learn to provide professional cleaning and repairing services for Luxury suit, handbags, shoes and other items.

Work experience


Jul 2015Sep 2015

Designer Assistant

  • 1 As a researcher to collect and edit all factors needed for MOOD BOARDS. Find proper suppliers for current and future deliveries.
  • 2 As an assistant during the whole design process to provide designers, pattern-makers and technical designers with sufficient suggestions and inspired ideas.
  • 3 As a salesperson to prepare plans for merchandising, marketing and collect feedbacks from audiences.
  • 4 As an editor to prepare shopping reports.
  • 5 As a learner to gain knowledge of fabrics, physical performance, cost, effects on products, yardage required, sample testing, colour standards, print development, having a pure vision and always have something new.

Vintage Glow

Jun 2014Sep 2014


Be a volunteer to renew second hand furnitures, including cleaning, repairing, decorating and painting.


  • Chair of Department of Communication in QUB CSSA
  • In charge of Costume & Props and General Affairs in QUB CSSA
  • A member from the City of Belfast Photographic Society

G's Fashion Underpinning

The original underpinning defined as ‘Make it my way’.

1 Know the topic well.

2 Feel the content with a heart for beauty. 

3 One moment for simpleness, and the other, is for complexity.

G's Fashion Code

I   Never forget variation when think about harmony.

II  Not all about money, not all about being in the limelight.

III  Time for a revolution.

IV  There is strength in numbers.

V   Every comment on fashion will become fashion itself.

VI  Face your ego, all the time.

VII  May capacity and nature for goodness within, from cradle to grave.

G's Collection (Sample)