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Public Speaking
Microsoft Office Products Quick Books Pro
70-85 wpm

Work experience




Georgia is the founder and nutrition counselor who services individuals globally.  She is a speaker, teacher and educator whose desire is to help others live in their fullest potential.


Executive Coordinator

SGP & Associates

Along with her husband, she founded an independent contracting agency partnering with an international supplier.  She remains in this role, building a global enterprise.  She is skilled in staff training, development and performance management. She has extensive experience in benefits administration, compensation structuring, training and development, employee communications and workforce diversity.

She has built and continues to build work teams that consistently exceed goals for productivity, efficiency and quality of operations. Her teams are consistently recognized for high achievements in team building and sales.

She has implemented training and incentive programs that delivered improvements in team morale and satisfaction.


She developed innovative programs that significantly increased productivity of the team.



S&G Peters and Son, Inc.

Along with her husband, Georgia co-founded a small business enterprise operating as a residential construction company.  She was President, Treasurer and Administrative Manager for the firm.  

She is skilled at leading cross-functional teams in the planning and execution of special projects. She critically evaluates project requirements and coordinates resource delivery to meet operating demands.


She collaborated with contractors, investors, vendors and homeowners to negotiate final contracts and construction schedules.  

She coordinated and planned special events including meetings and events for up to 350 guests.  

She built cooperative working relationships between staff and management personnel to facilitate project completion on time, within budget and according to operating requirements.






Keelser AFB


Georgia has recently founded a community project called Towns County Project 10,000.  She is volunteering her services in order to help the residents of her county lose a collective 10,000 lbs.  Through encouraging seminars, she imparts information and knowledge that will help each participant learn what it takes to take off excess weight and develop a set of skills that will help people live a healthier lifestyle.


Georgia seeks collaboration with individuals and/or corporations that will utilize her accumulated skills for a win-win-situation.  A perpetual student who is always ready to learn new tasks and take on new projects, she possesses an excellent ability to adapt quickly and comfortably to new situations and environments.


Besides being an entrepreneur, manager and administrative professional, Georgia is a creative woman who excels in anything that she puts her hand to.  She has 40+ years of increasingly responsible experience building and managing administrative operations including small business start-ups.

Georgia has independently managed relationships with clients, vendors, investors and contractors. She serves as the direct liaison to maintain cooperative relationships, resolves billing and operating problems, and outperforms competitive organizations. She is actively involved in developing marketing programs to capture new business opportunities for her organization.