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An experienced technologist who, while being passionate about technology itself, strongly believes that engineering is about using the right tools (whether technical, organizational, or others) to solve real-world problems, and not on tools for their own sake.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, a Certified ScrumMaster and a Sun Certified Java Professional.

Work History

June 2020 (acquired MZ)Present

Principal Software Engineer

Applovin (acquired MZ)

Continuing previous role. Additionally, integrating MZ (the acquired company)'s existing RTB bidder functionality with AppLovin; green-fielding a non-RTB DSP (demand-side platform) for partners use; taking over ETL projects and associated tooling.

Java, Python, NGINX+Lua, AWS, Scala, Spark, Airflow, Lucene, RDBMS (MySQL, Vertica)

September 2019June 2020 (acquired by Applovin)

Staff Software Engineer

MZ (acquired by Applovin)

Taking a lead in maintaining and improving a core functionality of Marketing/Growth Engineering - real-time bidder (RTB). RTB is responsible for millions of qps and tens of millions of $ spend monthly.

  • Hands-on development work
  • Architectural guidance both within the product and across teams, introducing
    • Regression testing
    • Ad hoc AWS querying to supplement on-premise cluster, for both business users and data science
  • Taking on some of the ops role (previously external) to become full owners of the product
    • Migrating from on-premise to cloud (AWS).
    • Adding devops automation
  • Liaising with relevant teams (release engineering, devops, ad operations, data science).

Java, Python, NGINX+Lua, AWS, Hadoop (Hive, Pig), C, RDBMS (MySQL, Vertica)

January 2018August 2019

Senior Software Development Engineer

A9 (Amazon)

Senior Software Development Engineer on the Inventory Forecasting Team, charged with providing forecasts of available advertising inventory for customers who want to run advertising across the Amazon advertising network. Working with Data Science team to operationalize forecasting models.

Java, Python, Scala, Hadoop (Hive, Pig; EMR), AWS, Lucene, MySQL

March 2015January 2018

Founding Principal Engineer

Romana Project (Pani Networks)

Romana is an innovative, open-source cloud-native network and security project, integrating with the likes of OpenStack and Kubernetes. As a founding engineer, produced and shipped editions from PoC/demos to 2.0 (up to date). Worked on prototype to proof-of-concept to shipping 2.0.

Go, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack

June 2014April 2017

Founder and CTO


OpenDSP is a full-stack solution for online advertising in the RTB (real-time bidding) model. It comprises a UI, a bidder (with a pluggable architecture and ability for users to write custom bidding logic in a safe and effective manner) , and a DMP (data management platform, allowing for integration with third-party user information).  It is available as SaaS or as a licensed product. Acquired by Social Reality (SRAX).

Java, Python, Groovy, AWS, Hadoop (EMR), NGINX+Lua, MySQL, Redis

Oct 2010February 2015



CTO of the video advertising ad network, seeing it from zero to:

- profitability

- 150+ people company

- managing 30+ people department (technical operations, IT, product development) 

- acquisition (by Exponential Interactive, currently and subsequently fully met earn-out - tens of millions in revenue and double-digit EBITDA

Java, C, Python, PHP, MySQL, BI tools, AWS

Sep 2007Sep 2010

Founding CTO


CTO (part, then full-time) of the video advertising ad network.

Sep 2006Nov 2010

Founding Engineer, Team Lead


Early employee. Developed the original GUI, shipped releases 0 to 3.0, as well as some experimental features.

Python, Java, AWS, Data (RDBMS, DB, JDBC, ETL, etc.), Adobe Flex. 

Mar 2005Aug 2006

Senior Software Engineer

P&H Solutions (now ACI Worldwide)

Ported the Windows-based (ASP/C++) Web Cash Management system to J2EE. Developed tools to automate porting tasks, such as: 

Working closely with Chief Architect, developed release engineering process for this new product. Also developed a reproducible development environment to allow convenient IDE features to work with production-like deployment, and, as a result, authored MyEclipse and a J2EE-blueprint-based tree. Designed a patch installer. 

Java, JSP, VB, ASP, C++, Oracle

Feb 2004Mar 2005

Architect, Server Team Lead


Server team lead and overall architect in a startup, building an ETL product from scratch. Designed and developed shared libraries and server modules for InfoSight, an ETL (extract-transform-load) product, involving retrieving data from heterogeneous data repositories (disparate RDBMS, spreadsheets, text files, etc.), transforming it according to user-specified rules and loading various other supported repositories (as above). Other responsibilities included tool-smith/release engineer duties (by writing environment, build, test, and other scripts), mentoring junior developers, work on troubleshooting client (Java Swing) module, implementing best practices (patterns, documentation, bug tracking, regression testing, etc.). 

Apr 2003Feb 2004

Software engineer

IBM- Global Services

Worked at IBM Global Services on a project for Peugeot. Designed and developed software for a J2EE-based application for automatic car diagnostic, including framework for parsing and evaluation of logical expressions (with fuzzy logic) for the diagnostic engine, and various database back- end services for session management. Also developed ETL process.

Commendation letter.

Feb 1999Nov 1999

Software engineer


Time0 was a PerotSystems venture to create a B2B web-based procurement system, for vendors such as Grainger, Cintas, etc. Repaired defects, implemented enhancements and performed analysis and priority assessment of defect reports and enhancement requests as member of fast-response Repairs and Enhancements Team. 

November, 1999April, 2003

Software consultant


Consultant. Clients included:

- Genome Therapeutics (bioinformatics) -- developed a Lab Information Management System (LIMS) and automation workflow (Java, AppleScript [1] [2]). 

- Abstract Productions (software) - J2EE-based knowledge base application.

- WebsAreUs (web hosting) -- ported J2EE applications to ASP.

- WebMechanics (web development) -- various Web development projects (Python/Plone, Java, PHP, Informix). Among other projects,

- Commonwealth Research Group (government) -- developed Fiscal Impact Tool, an application for analysis of economic impact of laws and regulations (won an EPA award).

Mar 1998Feb 1999

Software engineer


Developed and maintained software, database and tools for Internet gaming business, related e-commerce activities and Internet advertising program.

Feb 1997Mar 1998

Software engineer


Developed system for facilitating relationship management of design (CAD) work products in a collaborative environment. Ported build process to various platforms (NEC, Hitachi, etc.).



Jun 2013Present

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services
Mar 2003Present

Sun Certified Professional - Java Techniology

Sun Microsystems
Jul 2013Jun 2015

Certified ScrumMaster

Scrum Alliance

Functional Programming Principles in Scala



Amazon Web Services
AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Deploy and keep a production a high-traffic system (ad network) and associate tools (analytics, data warehouse, etc). 
Ability to design the overall system vision as well as implement it at various levels. Build vs. buy recommendations, considerations such as TCO, etc.

Experience in both using the integration tools as well as developing such from the viewpoint of a user (