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Gilarie Vale Figueroa

Director of Operations / Director of Academic Affairs

Executive Summary

Director of Operations and Director of Academic Affairs with more than 10 years of experience in higher education. Focused on contributing my experiences and academic knowledge in the teaching and learning process in a prestigious institution, with the aim of develop competitive citizens in labor market and in society.

  • High experience in project management, operational planning and implementation.
  • High experience in strategic planning, accreditation, and assessment.
  • High experience in working directly with the executive leadership of a
    college or university.
  • High experience in formulating work plans, developing goals and objectives and implementing plans powerful work.
  • High experience in research in educational approaches.
  • High experience in instructional design models, learning technologies in higher education settings and learning consulting.
  • High experience in instructional design, distance education programs
    and data collection and analysis. 



Doctor's Degree in Education

Nova Southeastern University

Major Concentration: Instructional Technology and Distance


Master's Degree in Education

Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Major Concentration: Sport Training


Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Therapist

University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus

Major Concentration: Prevention, Management and
Rehabilitation of Injuries 



Director of Campus

Dewey University
  • Develop strategies and work plans focused on guaranteeing the
    profitability and economic stability of the educational institution.
  • Establish the necessary strategies to achieve the objectives in the
    incorporation of new and continuous population, net income, retention, educational organization, operating cost, placements, among others.
  • Plan, direct the recruitment efforts of new students and ensure
    compliance with the enrollment objectives.
  • Manage the development plans of the institution, as well as the
    institutional goals.
  • Establish the projections of income, expenses and funds of the
    institution and ensure their faithful compliance.
  • Plan, coordinate and supervise the work related to the operations of the institution.
  • Implement and ensure compliance with the regulations that govern the administrative and academic processes of the institution.
  • Guide and support the creation and development of administrative, academic and student committees in the institution.
  • Present statistical data on the progress and behavior of the
    development indicators of the institution.
  • Guide and coordinate the works related to the visits of accrediting agencies, self-studies, audits; as well as any activity or request directly related to the credentials and operation of the Institution.
  • Establish links with the population communities where the institution is geographically located.
  • Promote an active and ethical interrelation with corporate, commercial and community societies.

Academic Associate Director

Dewey University
  • Responsible for the implementation of the educational model of the Institution both at the level of the certified programs and at the level academic.
  • Prepare the academic programming and assign the faculty the courses of their specialty, in accordance with the programming that was prepared for each term.
  • Responsible for the recruitment, selection and hiring process of the faculty.
    Supervise the faculty, including ensuring that they comply with academic policies and procedures, and administrative according to provisions of law, criteria of regulatory agencies and standards of the Institution.
  • Evaluate the performance of the faculty in accordance with the
    established procedure and design corrective action plans, if applicable necessary.
  • Organize and offer training for the Professional Development of the faculty.
  • Responsible for the supervision and evaluation of the Program
    Coordinators, Leading Professors, Registrar's Office, Center of
    Resources for Learning (Library) and Student Affairs of the institution.
  • Develop certificate and undergraduate programs, so that they are in accordance with the goals established by the institution, as well as researching and participating in the creation of new educational products. 
  • Ensure compliance with the objectives of each academic program, monitor that the academic progress of students is in accordance with the academic plan and participate as part of the academic achievement committee.
  • Create a retention plan and develop strategies to ensure a retention level of 75% or higher.
  • Attend, channel and or resolve the situations presented by students and faculty, including referrals from students, identification and determination for the assignment of academic supplements and tutorials, among others. 

Doctoral Committee Chair (Department of Distance Education)

Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus
  • Call official meetings between students-committee to discuss, clarify doubts, make decisions, offer feedback, among other matters related to mentoring.
  • Support the student in the elaboration of the work plan.
  • Resolve disagreements or differences in viewpoints, to achieve consensus of the recommendations, needs and requests presented.
  • Verify throughout the process, from the preparation of the proposal, the development of the investigation and the elaboration of the chapters that compose the doctoral dissertation, that the student meets the academic standards, applicable ethical and legal.
  • Advise the student during the writing of the chapters of the proposal of research and preparation of the final doctoral dissertation document.
  • Actively participate in the process of assessing the capacities and student research skills, during the defense process Oral research proposal or doctoral dissertation.
  • Monitor the process of collection, analysis and management of data or information collected.
  • Coordinate the selection of the reader of the Oral Defense Committee, prior consensus with the members of the Doctoral Dissertation Committee and the student.
  • Notify the academic direction of any matter related to progress student academic.

Research Professor

Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon Campus
  • Develop an analysis of the academic system of the educational
    institution to be able to execute the design, implementation and
    management of the conversion of traditional courses towards the
    modality of hybrid or online courses.
  • Analyze and evaluate the implementation of an Instructional Design Models to develop the conversion of traditional courses to the modality of hybrid or online courses.
  • Design, develop and establish a macro-design (Standard Core) for the instructional design of hybrid or online courses of the educational institution.
  • Design, develop and implement an institutional certification focused on the design and management of hybrid or online courses according to the needs of the faculty and educational community.
  • Develop research methods and assessments that identify if the
    instructional designs of the hybrid or online courses comply with all the requirements established by the educational philosophy and theoretical foundations of the institution.
  • Analyze and evaluate the content management provided by the faculty staff in the hybrid or online courses.
  • Develop and execute research methods and assessments on the
    courses that have been offered with hybrid or online modality.
  • Establish parameters to measure variables such as: structure of the instructional design of the course, academic achievement, satisfaction levels, level of execution of the faculty staffs, retention, among others.
  • Submitting recommendations to improve the practices of the online learning programs of the Department of Distance Education and educational institution.
  • Implementing and executing action plans to work with the weaknesses and needs of the academic system of the Department of Distance Education to improve the educational quality of the hybrid or online courses.
  • Suggesting institutional regulations for the design and development of hybrid/online courses.
  • Develop cumulative documents and offer reports on possible conflict solutions to improve some of the problems or complaints that occur in the design and management of hybrid or online courses of the educational institution.
  • Participate as a speaker in educational seminars and conferences.

Curriculum Development and Multimedia Specialist

Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon Campus
  • Supervise and participate together with the faculty staff in the design, curricular revision and development of the conversion of traditional courses towards hybrid or online courses.
  • Evaluate that the instructional content of the hybrid or online courses comply with the syllabus, rules and curriculum of the different department of the educational institution.
  • Evaluate that the hybrid or online courses comply with federal, state and institutional regulations (Copyright, Copyleft, ADA Law, ABET Accreditation).
  • Verify that the hybrid and online courses comply with the “Guide for the Creation and Evaluation of Online Courses” to then submit them to the evaluation committee for begin the institutional process of course certification.
  • Design and offer training programs to faculty staffs on: (a) instructional design of online courses, (b) multimedia education tools (c) learning management system and (d) online course management.
  • Offer technical and instructional support to faculty staffs
    that offer hybrid or online courses.
  • Collaborate in the selection and training of new educational software and multimedia programs.
  • Create and develop appropriate instructional materials for training workshops and institutional certification courses. 

Academic Professor/ Curriculum and Instruction Specialist

MBTI Business Training Institute
  • Recommend and design syllabus and curriculum for different courses implemented in the School of Health of the educational institution.
  • Design and develop classes according to the rules established by the educational institution.
  • Offer different lectures and courses implemented in the School of
    Health of the educational institution.
  • Design assessment tools according to the instructional objectives
    established in the courses.
  • Employ the procedures established in the Curriculum Retention Plan according to the educational agencies of higher education (Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, ACICS).
  • Develop strategies to improve retention and teaching methodology in the classroom.
  • Keep a group retention greater than 70% according to the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).
  • Create and develop different academic reports and weekly educational work plans.
  • Attend to meetings, seminars, and training of the educational institution. 


Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German Campus
  • Design and develop course syllabus before the beginning of the
    academic semesters.
  • Plan and develop the course schedule according to the course syllabus .
  • Choose the appropriate teaching strategies according to the standards of the academic department.
  • Design and offer learning activities to achieve the educational objectives of the courses.
  • Supervise clinical practices offered by the educational institution of various academic programs focused on the Department of Health.
  • Offer special guidance and counseling to help students achieve their academic and personal goals.
  • Know the student needs according to personal problems and learning disabilities and refer students to institutional resources available for them to receive help.
  • Establish assessment methods to determine and evaluate students according to the course requirements.
  • Help first-term students expand and improve the quality of their
    academic experiences within the educational institution.
  • Help the students to increase their technology skills to improve their learning strategies.
  • Help improve student learning strategies, rates, student retention
    according with the policies of the academic programs of the educational institution.
  • Direct and guide students for the development of their research
  • Offer seminars and conferences about the adaptation of university life.


  • Students Motivation and Achievement Based to Their Learning Style According to the Used of Electronic Portfolio
  • Implementation and Adaptation of an Instructional Model in the Academic Programs of Online Courses of the School of Engineering
  • Experiences Of Adult Students Enrolled Online with the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Learning in a Higher Education Institution 


  • AD HOC Committe:  Institutional Committee of the Deparment of Distance Education
  • AD HOC Committe: Evaluation of Certificate of Distance Courses of
    the Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Curricular Activities

  • Speaker: PEAFAL, 2019: Best Practices in Distance Education. Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • PEAFAL, 2017: Best Practices in Distance Education. Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • NOVA, 2015: Summer Conference: Research, Learning and Global Leadership. Fort Lauderdale, Florida